Why the lack of Customization?

So, you think, after everything that’s been happening the past few months, that THIS of all things is gonna trigger a massive sub loss of the same caliber?

Lol okay


absolutely, because it shows that they STILL have no idea what their priorities are.

What are Blood Elves getting in return for losing basically all of our visual distinction?

The fact we aren’t getting scars or tattoos to compensate is an abortion of justice and a slap in the face.


Adding another hair color to the system is a matter of minutes.

Probably longer than minutes…

Plus they have to get it approved and go through whatever processes…

It’s a matter of minutes. You even engaged in the other topics related to the person who changed hair colors and body shapes in the past. This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a value changed.

Still bet its more than minutes with blizzards designs and setup. Like actual time involved.

Add in those processes I’m told they likely have that lead up to it being approved and whatnot and it could be a potentially longer timeframe.

To be fair I do think they should have a team dedicated to this sort of thing pumping out new stuff often.

They really should. I do hope they spice the NB a bit up but we’re talking about a very infamous company who only dish out requested wishes when the sub numbers are down.

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Still tempering my hopes here.

But… heres hoping.

I’m glad that the bickering about the Alliance High Elves can stop for now. The next logical step will be when they add a sub-race system which changes your race according some rules (Bronzebeard, Wildhammer Dwarf).

I think we can now focus on Blood Elf rune markings and Farstrider tattoos for both elf races. Perhaps it’s also time to release the heritage weapons for every race.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, it’ll be get rid of EE, give us Paladins, get rid of blood elves, it’s never enough.


I’m pretty sure that a High Elf-blue EE is still in the cards - but for the rest the train has already left the station.

You’d think that.

Definitely not holding my breath for that. lol. It wont stop its just going to shift like last time.

I wont lie, subrace options are becoming more interesting now that they’re doing this… I still want lore to solidify Void Elves… offer some protection for our continued existence so to speak. Plus I might actually get real Wildhammer out of it… a big win for me…

I was never actually (excepting for about a month) against high elf options I just don’t have much interest in them. I can see a subrace option helping where I think Blizzard made a mistake making some races “customization”.

I dont know really yet though how I feel.

Think I’d still only like to see Farstrider really cross over…

And nowadays I support it more of a Alleria style for Void Elves and a more braveheart style (like WCII) style for blood elves…

Let the Belves have their arcane tattoos and void elves have N’zoth runes instead.

This should have happened with Heritage armor.

Yeah this is kinda what I expect… Though like with Skin tones, I expect less and less to keep upholding it.

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You will be fine. In the end it’s just a game about some polygons and colors we do not own but have leased on a monthly price.

Its not that I think I wont be fine or something.

I’ve always known it was just polygons.

Just not sure if I really want to see that in wow? Its a major undertaking for them to implement and theres a lot of questions around it… No way everyone is gonna be happy with it either.

Some of my previous reservations are that it would end up just diluting the races too much… but thats happening with customization anyways. Now I’m starting to think it’ll do the opposite… bring back some more specificity. But also it means that some options would be locked to some people limiting customization options for Rpers who might have interesting story ideas if they could just have that one option…

Things like that.

It’s actually not such a big “undertaking” as you might think. The character creation is based on simple numeric switches, like when you sit in the barber shop and change the skin color. You likely have realized that the game gates some aesthetics behind them, especially the eyes and nose options (Stormwind Afro and Asian).

This would be just a very simply add-on to the system.
If any of value x-y-z are set, change race title to 2.

I’m also pretty sure it wouldn’t cause any real conflicts with the engine. In the end, it’s just a text string added to some values. But they do have to define the basic values (Human, Troll, …) anew - but it shouldn’t be a big issue.

The bigger undertaking was to split up the cosmetic parts on each character before SL.

I dont know my goblin friend… I’ve had all of one class involved in that sort of work… such things are never so simple and given Blizzards oldish engine here I bet theres a lot of hiccups to work out in such a change.

Making it look pretty probably not an issue but getting it all working properly is probably gonna take some effort.

Then you add in the cosmetic options themselves and pairing them down.

How many options would a Wildhammer have compared to a Bronzebeard?

Theres a lot of questions I’ll have on that system.

Any chance you can add a way to remove a learned form? I have the doe travel form and I really don’t like it, but I do like the random travel form option and I can’t get rid of the doe currently.

I’m just linking you a topic from reddit about the mentioned easy customization options and how they don’t require much time, apparently.