Why the lack of Customization?

Idk this post is kinda dumb. They brought a lot of customization in the pre patch. And if you genuinely thought allied races were gonna get any idk what your thought process was. Give it another expansion

I’m sure for someone not in Blizzard they’d be easy enough… And I want to be clear the initial bit where we started interacting was meant to pull your leg more than anything, dithering about minutes or more minutes.

I do expect theres more to it in Blizzard internally for various reasons. Not saying it should be that way, or that doing such things is entirely difficult.

Though this person is talking mostly about modeling and we were talking about some programming for the back end involved in the modification of the Creation screen and adding in a subrace setup where it has to change things like the race moniker and this or that while barring customization options. I’m sure individually most of that would be pretty simple to a minor inconvenience.

Theres just more involved in the long run.

Though I thank you for adding context through sources.

Can Nightborne get some new faces without all the wrinkles please?


No new Shaman Ghost Wolf forms, at least to suit the non-Orc and Troll races? Like a Talbuk for Draenei, Ram for Dwarves, Tallstrider (or small Kodo) for Tauren, and so on. Shaman players have asked for this for over a decade, and we haven’t gotten any new forms that entire time.

To go the extra mile, maybe we could get different Spirit Wolves forms, too?


This is an RPG.


This is an RPG.

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Thanks, guys! :heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart:

My LF Draenei is getting a makeover first, but I’m really looking forward to the future Highmountain changes. And the new Travel forms.

Love the deer, but they don’t fit every race and variety is the spice of life!

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  1. Blizz devs are incomepent
  2. For the longest time Blizz did not have competition they had to Cate about, so they did not invest in to the game.
  3. Blizzard devs are lazy. See also point 1.
  4. I am sure they will use customization as a carrot for the next trash expansion to generate hype and denn the game withouth improving it. I bet it will be used to fool players that way.

How can you Tell us such a bold ly and not get red?
Have you ever Seen a male Night elf? Nightbornes, or Gnomes?
Also Zandalari males are looking like Nelves.

Did you miss the 10 years of the Female Worgen model? Have you played the game since Cata? Do you wish to explain why Blizzard allowed one of the worst models to ever go live in the games history?

Feel free to explain how something like that ever went live let alone we were stuck with for 10 years.


Wow… that is just terrible. Feel bad for Worgen

Thankfully that model was scrapped and the new model fixes alot of those issues. There are still a number of issues with the Worgen model but Blizzard made a start when they redid the model. Only gripe I have currently is Worgen are to small. In game Worgen are 6’11" while in lore they are 8’ tall. Worgen females to this day use female Tauren sized shoulders on a model that isn’t female Tauren sized and the shoulders are almost comically over sized. If we were scaled to the right size the shoulders wouldn’t look so oddly large.


I hope more than just what you’ve mentioned or are allowed to mention is coming. Lots of the main races missed out on the plethora of customizations orcs, humans, dwarves, tauren, trolls, and night elves received. So I’m hopeful we’ll see more than just void elves, nightborne, and lightforged.

Also blood elf druids… I’m forever waiting. :heart_eyes:


I just don’t get why Blizzard has been so stubborn about updating and adding to models. This seems like it shouldn’t be a massive undertaking and a very important element to peoples immersion. Like I just can’t grasp that given the enormity of the game.

I am relatively new to the game and when I rolled my first toon I couldn’t believe the lack of customizations and it was really a LET Down to be honest.


what about red eyes and dead skin color for blood elves that is way overdue, i wanted it long ago before you guys made sylvanas a villain i mean if she is given a renewal thing there may still be people that want to be able to have dark ranger and the red eyes and dead skin color on a blood elf would achieve that


If they give you everything at launch how they gonna convince you to get a 6 month sub? The illusion of content is to gate said content over a 24 month period

More customization always good. good job.

This is really exciting news.

Looking forward to Zandalari Troll customization (eventually).

This image alone should speak volumes about Worgen:


You don’t know how many race changes you just got from me now :heart:.

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