Why the lack of Customization?

Some people have a tendency to scan for things to be outraged about, it’s just what they do. I knew as soon I heard about the update that some people on the forums were going to find a reason to be outraged about it. Maybe they’re addicted to outrage? Who knows?


Yeah, and in the end, that’s a major downfall and why I doubt I’ll be enticed back again. As for FFXIV, I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me hardcore. Especially due to the lore. I wish there was more variety, but eh. It feels better now than WoW. It sucks, and I don’t want to see it die, but the company itself needs to make major changes and show it (in terms of recent allegations) & listen to the entire community before I consider it again.

Yeah for sure. If it could actually be customized, it’d be different. Sadly that never became the case. I haven’t touched Korthia myself, I will admit (haven’t played in game since Feb, sub runs out soon) but it’s good to hear there might be something okay.


Yeah man we’re all burning up losing sleep over Blizzard ignoring the actual problems of WoW and adding new ears to fix the game.

You got it bud.

God forbid we roleplay in a massively multiplayer online role playing game, eh?


Now you’re just feigning ignorance.

You have just been told multiple times, in detail, why a blue-post about hair colors is bad during a time like this, and instead you decide to trivialize all that into “THEY MAD LOL”

smooth-brain bud, real smooth.

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Yeah. Condescending attitudes are why I pointed out the nonsense. Gods forbid people enjoy different aspects of the game.

We’re all playing cartoon characters in a fantasy world, I don’t know why some are acting high and mighty. “Oh I get certain numbers in a video game, look at me! I’m better than people who DON’T Get these numbers!”


It’s actually quite comical.


Get ready for the red hot post about how you’re just mad.

Tunic option for nightborne heritage armor set please! Nightborne hunter looks stupid in a dress.


The way you’re going off tells me that something is wrong with you and it’s likely not something that I can fix by attempting to be logical. Good luck with that I guess.

Welcome to half of the hunters’ sets in like, the entire game lol.

Same issue with Paladins.

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“LOL aco mad”
“LOL aco trolling”
“thats bait from Aco”
“LOL russian bot”

See, the people being like “CUSTOMIZATION!?! HOW DARE YOU NOT BALANCE THE SYSTEMS!! WE DONT WANT THIS HIGH ELF CRAP WE WANT BALANCE!!” don’t seem to realize that I think the guy giving the elves funny colors isn’t the same guy programming the night fae to be the top covenant for like every single class. Like… there are different departments, it’s not all one guy wearing different hats.


The best thing about this thread is Blizzard have still yet to make a single comment about the raid server lag for the raiders who only want to raid. I’ve done my rank 6 codex and got my sockets.

All i want to do from this terrible company is raid 3 nights a week and sell bosses, but they’re such fumbling incompetent employees they can’t even get that right. This is what raiding mythic looks like on reset night.

Like, guys, I pay you money per month for literally one thing and you can’t even get that right. I wish Blizz was a company that fired people who can’t do their job like other companies do.


The issue is the person in charge of the other systems locked up his twitter, made all his tweets protected because he couldn’t handle the barrage of desperate people asking for any kind of roadmap or plan for whats going on with our once beloved game.

When the entire factory is on fire and the only person saying anything is the security guard reassuring you that the parking is fine, where else can people lob their feedback?

Great. Don’t forget to give the Nightborne heritage armor a Tunic option. I mean the blood elves heritage set has the option for tunics, and void elves have Tunics. immersion breaking my Nightborne hunter running around in a dress.


This, forever. You can tell they are all made and modeled on human males, then slightly adjusted for female and other races.


you’re not enjoying your Sylvanas lag? I just embrace it like its a mechanic

Right?! You’d think they’d be able to put two and two together if they’re so ‘oh man I’m so smart with my higher numbers’. That clearly isn’t the case though, lol. We’ll just keep asking for what we want, and they’re free to do so as well. And celebrate when we actually get what we want.

GRANTED they’ll need to add a whole lot more before I even consider hopping in again.


I’m just gonna reiterate the two descriptors I used to characterize people like yourself:

  1. Delusional
  2. Bad priorities

Thank you proving my point.

Right, you made your point: “Only what I want matters, everyone else can leave”.

That’s plain and simple right there. You didn’t even acknowledge they’re two separate teams either. But keep screaming that people like me are the problem for asking for what we want. :+1:

Also, with that, I’m the trolls on ignore, I don’t have time to argue with people like this.