Why the lack of Customization?

Why is what we want ‘bad priorities’ though? I never told you to stop asking for what you want. You come barging in screaming casuals are the problem. We’re an unhappy community too, especially since they announced no more customization. You say ‘your little bubble’ but you’re demonstrating that yourself. You’re free to ask for changes and give recommendations.

But you’re under the impression that what you want is more important than everyone else - and that’s why I’m calling you out.


Girl idk, if it was me I’d have generalized hair styles you have to unlock via reputations or long quest chain. Idk why they didn’t take the hint on utilizing the Night Warrior campaign as a new unlock style for races/customizations.

Pls onyx skintone Blizzard.

I would do M0 if we could queue for it.

From what everybody tells me, M0 is just barely harder than Heroics, if it’s harder at all.

So … why… can’t we Q up for M0 again? I understand needing to manually form groups for keys, but could we at least get M0 queues?

I would do M0 as a queue. Gladly. I’d just not use the keys and be on my way.

I’d even consider LFR if they had improved it some and made it a little more meaningful and if the wait times weren’t an hour+.


Thank you soooo much!! <3! Where are the girls for the celebration Lann, Starla etc…!!! <33 :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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just like everyone else?


Yes. That would be nice.

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Thank you guys so much!


The sad thing of it is…

It isn’t just WoW That has this problem.

I see the same stinking thing in a LOT of games, not even MMOs necessarily. Even games like Fallout. Heck, Fallout has to be one of the biggest offenders. The longest hair you can get in any Fallout3+ game is like… shoulder length.

They think it’s because Ion(Gurgthock) raids that he keeps making content that fits his bill. The hilarious reality is every single system that has come in since BFA Gurgthock/Ion has not done. He didn’t level his neck in BFA, He didn’t level his cloak, he didn’t grind essences, he didn’t touch the maw, he hasn’t touched Korthia and he hasn’t even recrafted his legendary.

He would have been kicked from any reasonable raiding guild for how lazy and uninterested he in the systems that he greenlights.

Then why do you keep thinking we are the problem? I’m having a blast in FFXIV at the moment because how much care they have put into the story and lore. I’ve played FFXIV for three weeks and I care more about the characters in the story more than any characters in WoW which i’ve played for 17 years.

Ahh was wondering how long it would take before the forums get thrown under the bus. Yes, let’s all ignore the forums that were dedicated for Beta feedback that was absolutely ignored and never replied to by anyone from Blizzard.

No, it’s the forums fault guys!

some of you guys are absolutely delusional

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You’re incredibly wrong lol.

You make the cake first; make it good and delicious. Then you add the cherry on top.

Stop asking blizzard to put cherries on a pile of manure.

Worry about “casual content” AFTER the core game is fixed, not before. Customizing your void elf in the character creation screen is not the core game of WOW, and never freakin has been.

Remember Warlocks :slight_smile:


Right, worry about the casual content after the majority of the players (IE, casuals) have left the game.

Such a great strategy there, lol.

Also, let’s not forget that WoW was founded as being “the game for casuals” because at the time, WoW’s main competition was the likes of Everquest.


Yeah, like in Legion I actually cared enough about the lore to do the content. I worked on heroic raiding and it was fun. PuGged it, since I ran a roleplay guild and primarily care about story building, but it was when I felt the game was fun. It definitely had its flaws - like the random legendary drop issue. I wish we kept our artifact weapons.

I tried to get into Shadowlands, but the lore tanked hard. I did try to learn and do M+ as well, but timed content is just not fun for me. Stepped into the first raid maybe once, but didn’t down the boss, because there’s just such a disconnect to the lore for me, I really dislike it. If the story isn’t fun… eh, why bother. Also why I didn’t TOUCH anything in BfA.

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Not you, but the people who say “Stop asking for what you want” and “What I want is more important”. I’m just tired of M+ being the focus (again, from what it feels like from what I said). Yes, obviously many of us hate systemlands. There’s legit nothing about it I like. Not the story, covenants, systems, whatever. But we’re allowed to focus/ask for things we’re interested, like customization, for example. It’s not the end of the world.

And no, I don’t think this customization brushes even the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I’m hoping for. But asking for things like this isn’t a “problem” like some make it out to be.

Edit: AKA the mentality of the person below me.


the majority of players who are still playing this game are casual. Everyone who has left was semi-casual or higher. Why? Its because most of the problems with SL are ENDGAME in nature, and thus a casual player isn’t bothered by them

this is why in most threads, the copium-chugging WOW loyalists who defend the game are all casual-supreme 101; they just dont do the content that is flawed, so they think its all a conspiracy.

You’re jumping to conclusions bud. I can tell that you’re red hot mad because you’re posting some pretty ridiculous stuff. Secondly, these forums are the waste paper basket of the internet, everyone knows that. People only come here to complain, it’s non-stop negativity and alot of the stuff posted here is ignorant by definition of the word.

Well, from what I understand wow made it harder on themselves since their stuff just doesn’t have the features baked in to make them easily changed. Not set up to allow easy color swaps or for the model proportions to be adjustable. I just get a little picky and like it when a game has its own look, and in bad for them way, the look Square came up with for FF stuff has sort of become so highly copied to be generic, plus, I wish they’d work more to bring stuff like the character designs they’ve had into their in game models rather than just trying to get a mostly realistic looking human.

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Yeah, I feel a lot of the same issues.

I went from having extreme fun in Timeless Isle to “eeeh wtf is this!?” when WoD came out. It was all hype hype hype and then when the thing finally came out, even if you could forgive the first week+ that it was utterly unplayable, the game was so shallow.

Garrisons were neat for about 5 minutes, and then it was obvious it was just a chore, the lore stunk, obvious shoehorning of orc fanboy stuff, AUs, blah blah blah. They were just trying to cash in on the “WE WANT MORE TBC!” crowd, but they forgot to put actual content in the game for people to do, and what was there was “meh” at best.

I quit during .0 of WoD and came back a week or two before Argus was due to be released, and I arrived at Legion endgame just as Legion was winding down so sadly I missed a lot of Legion, and then BfA came out, and yeah. The lore stunk, the content stunk, the systems were way worse, and Shadowlands?

The Lore is very “eh”. The systems are… meh. They could have been salvageable if the team had given half a care, at least Korthia isn’t too bad to do, I suppose?

I’ve given up on dungeon and raid content since MoP though.

Ah yes you made a really valid point by calling me bud, saying I’m mad then accusing me of posting some “ridiculous stuff”.

The forums had thousands of hours worth of reading in terms of feedback based on Shadowlands BFA and absolutely none of it was listened to, and who can’t believe that exactly everything that people said would happen turned out happening?

Doing the ol’ “Ahh these forums are trash” is about as grand as “Listening to the 1% is why the game is bad”. Next level blizzard loyalist denial garbage.

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Remember I mentioned the data about “people who have soulbinds who have done M+ or raids”? This data was tracked since the launch of 9.0 and even at the beginning of the expansion, raiders and M+ players were still in the vast minority.

Heck, data was gathered about Wrath through today, of all characters and what raid achievements they had.

Raiding was always a minority activity.

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