Why the lack of Customization?

Wha? Hrothgar do not have skin, lol.

That’s because like three people on this entire forum even step foot inside a mythic raid. No mythic raiders waste their time on a forum who spends 95% of their time bashing raiders for the reason WoW is dying.

Actually, Blizzard have been constantly catering to hardcores and the 1%, so that’s just blatantly incorrect. What a ridiculous thing to say.

People wonder why WoW is hemorrhaging, it’s because of this exact attitude.

“The hard fight” is hilarious, you’re basically saying “only what I want matters”.

Most people hate Systemlands. But people asking for what they want in the roleplay community and casual aren’t ‘destroying your game’. In fact, I would say the exact opposite. Hyperfocusing on M+ and all these grindy systems.

But yeah, keep telling us we’re the problem. :slight_smile:


Also, in regards to the actual “void elf” customizations -
we can wait for them, and I think any reasonable person who understands the history of the whole high elf thing will be more than happy to.

We’re getting 5 hair colours. That’s it. And it’s to expand on a subrace that’s been begged for more so than actual void elf customization.
This is a very easy thing to do, and doesn’t take very long to implement, same as with the skin colours - bar the underwear texture swap.

The fact that people are going in to a complete temper-tantrum over sub-race hair colours in general, not their early (pre-actual customization pass) is just pathetic. It’s mostly the exact same people who have been derailing threads in a group too, leading to a massive echo chamber.
Sorry, but people did want this - void elves were made up on the spot, came out of nowhere, and were a practical mockery of a race request that was wanted. (While the Horde got entirely custom models with Nightborne and Vulpera.)

If the high elf subrace for void elves gets expanded on first, that is fine. Because that’s what’s been requested since the beta in Vanilla. (And especially after putting up with how the “Horde” playerbase treated Blood Elves in general for over a decade. They weren’t exactly wanted back then.)

Void elves can wait for their tentacle toggles and customizations, new void skins, and the unnatural hair colours and what not. And instead of stamping your feet and crying that it’s “so unfair”, maybe step back and realize that since it’s a “copy-pasted” race, assets like tattoos and jewelery can be shared between the races, leading to a potential flood of blood elf options later.

Also, before I go back to doing whatever, if there’s feedback being compiled from these posts;
It’d be very nice if for once Alliance could have requests that the Horde has been asking for. Highborne Night Elves went Horde with Nightborne, they got a custom race with Vulpera, ect ect.
Can we get red eyes for Void Elves at a later time?
Because frankly, if we want to address faction imblance issues, and keep the more “core” racial aesthetics of the playable Thalassians intact, the more “gothic” stuff should stay with the Alliance.
I mean, it’s only fair.


lmfao the fact you managed to post that unironically directly after my post cracks me up. god bless you, never change general forums


well let me rephrase; the priorities of casual and role-players tends to be … how do i put this in a polite way … cute.

I mean im sorry, but if you’re whining about worgen having tails and more customizations for your void elf during a time like this in SL … it’s going to be hard to see you eye-to-eye lol

Thats accurate.

They have no real differences between their races… like they’re all the same with a few special ears and maybe a tail.

Hrothgar are good though.

Kinda wish the Bangaa was playable.

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Because it’s outright true, but you can keep telling yourself it isn’t. “Casuals are ruining the game” is above mine. Yet yeah, most are leaving, for the reasons we’re point out.

Never change indeed. :roll_eyes:


It gets tiresome, and yes, is a problem. Let people ask for what they want and celebrate it. We’re not stopping you from asking for what you want either.


I just read summaries of the novels done by trustworthy people. Blizzard putting their lore in the books is like giving the players homework and making them pay for it. And most the time the books are mediocre at best and horrid at worst so no thanks.

Raiders are always going to be the minority.

You can easily look up statistics from various websites that track data. I know everybody hates Bellular nowadays, but he did a lot of work in compiling data (the numbers don’t lie as he titled the video) and that all the characters combined that have done at least one Normal Raid Boss but are also Level 60 and have Soulbinds unlocked are <50%. I forget the actual number but it’s way less than 50%. I wanna say 30% or 40% but I don’t think it’s even that high.

Mythic is even lower, I remember seeing.

Hint: There’s more to the game than raiding and Mythic+. Sorry, but there is.

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See, I actually do fall into the category of the 1% so I’d like to know how we are being catered to? We keep getting given dogwater content that has power locked behind it so we need to keep doing content absolutely nobody wants to do in order to stay competitive.

Roleplayers and casuals don’t need to bother doing Torghast twice a week, rushing rank 6 for conduits and sockets, smashing KSM first two weeks to cap out renown to upgrade and spam dungeons to get our BIS trinkets.

Trust me, a lot of us would play content outside of raid if it was any good. Unfortunately Blizzard has completely exhausted every avenue of talent they have left at the company so the best they can come up with is Torghast, the Maw and Korthia.

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i love it when a casual player tries to lecture a CE raider about Blizzard catering to us. Not that you care in your little bubble, but the top echelon of players have quit or are just raid logging; we’re a very unhappy community. I mean, go look at what Limit Max or various players in Echo are playing/streaming lol.

this exact post of yours is exactly why we see you casuals as a problem. Its a combination of utter delusion and bad priorities.

Blizzard I just realized that no ladies in any race have a huge beefy exaggeratedly long ponytail. Consider addin’ one.

They’re just now giving more customization because they know some players are easily manipulated by the tiniest bit of content that they could make in 10 minutes but they’ll act like it took them months. They do it because they know they can string along those players and reinforce the image that players have for blizzard, that they’re some godly company and can do no wrong. They remove abilities and mounts occasionally only to add them back in later to gain easy praise.


I wish FFXIV had more race variety, yes. But it still has way better customization than WoW, and housing as well.

We can agree there. Honestly, I wish they listened to the entire community. I don’t like what they did to Torghast and don’t like timed content. Actually did content when the focus wasn’t on M+. It seems like M+ is what they’re putting everything into (from my experience). I liked when we could do maybe regular mythics, then raid, to get our gear to advance, but it’s just not reasonable anymore.

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amen brother. You win the WOW forums for a day.

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One thing that annoys me about hair styles…

Why is there usually 1… and only 1… straight flowing hairstyle for each race? I like long straight hair on my ladies. But being relegated to 1 … maybe 2… such styles is… rather annoying.

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Huh. Can’t say I was expecting… any of that.

I hope we can get a darker skintone for the Lightforged draenei, ideally something different from regular draenei with a gold tinge to really make those tattoos pop.

And some more faces for nightborn, particularly the males, please and thank you.


I hope we get more textured hair colors and hairstyles for Nightborne. And maybe a few new and unique faces. I want to update my Nightborne ASAP.

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Well… we know why things have deteriorated around there, those 6-8 years they were working in a toxic cesspit and these forums offered no relief with neckbeards screeching about their grievances. I don’t see how any human being can maximize their creativity and productivity in that type of environment. They’re also not going to come out with a major content patch that is going to satisfy you right after they put one out.

Like I said, chill for now, watch for good signs. That’s the best you’re going to get.

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