Why the lack of Customization?

It’s pretty good fun at least

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Yeah I am wondering what all the new changes are to the nightborne model? They got more old looking faces, some maybe younger but weird looking faces, and narrower eyes. The stance is still awkward looking, the npc models still look way better, and as far as I know they have not acknowledged the issues with the new faces or anything like that yet.


Nelves got pretty awesome customization. There’s still stuff I’d request, but the quality of customizations on the alliance has been pretty good.



A part of me still wishes they would have just replaced current Nightborne model with the actual Night Elf model so we could share customizations because of how not great I see Nightborne as even with the new stuff, it’s sad really.

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Please consider looking into this thread here for the many suggested Void Elf options.

And since I don’t have the thread fully updated yet please check some of the last 400 posts for some really neat things.

This especially has a lot of what the Majority of Void Elf players tend to be looking for over the course of my thread there. (Big thanks to Fiercelord for putting that together.)

Here is some other commonly requested options.

Starcursed Hair color

Ombre Hair options

Tentacles within the hair and New hair options.

As well as Tentacle options added for hair styles that do not currently have them, more tentacle options for us in general: Body tentacle options, beard tentacle options, hair entirely tentacles, cornrows but they’re tentacles, dredlocks but they’re tentacles.

And of course many are still hoping to see new faces, beards, and hair in general as well as Scars, and tattooos.

Thank you, for your consideration.


I’d share with my nightborne cousins, even if I am salty about saving their home only for mine to get torched.


This is an amazing collection! I support everything in this. Wonderfully put together, Fenelon.

Blizzard ain’t doing anything more for us tho, lul


LFD have a good model with useable faces, so they are ahead of nightborne by default.

Nightborne didn’t even get the actual Nightborne model or the actual Night Elf model, we got a botched mess with very little customizations and Alliance got the actual Blood Elf model with tons of customizations, so as if.

Just because Void Elves are only getting hair colors doesn’t mean Lightforged aren’t getting stuff, they are getting quite a bit actually from what I have seen so I don’t see your issue here.

First that’s wonderful and second I still hated that whole story arc.

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Oh wow, thank you for listening to those who suggested this, that’s super exciting. I can’t wait to see what this ends up looking like too! What a big win for Nightborne players. I will say I’m thrilled to see this good news and more hopeful that player feedback is being listened to lately.


Yeah, the lfd updates have me wanting to play one, whereas my enthusiasm for nightborne was dead in the water when I saw the new faces.


I did thank Linxy and pointed to her the issues with the NB faces -the male ones in particular-.

It worked for the Velves regarding the tentacles… I literally don´t get why are they blwoing a gasket over this annoucement.

You guys got what you asked for sans some things that can still get fixed.

To come here and say the Alliance “got nothing” when they can literally play TWO RP fantasies using ONE race is frankly, an argument on bad faith. That´s waay more relevant and waaay more versatile than “glowy hands” or “decorations on tails”, ffs.

It has to do with you accusing me of “feeling the center of the universe” Mrs. Actual Entitled Behaviour.

Strike one at trying move the goalpost, better luck next time. Better yet: how about employing the actual useful Helfer strat and start asking for the things you want instead of devoting post to complain over what other races got, hmm? Wasn´t that you guys motto, that we should spend more time asking for our stuff and leave you be?

Go fulfill that premise, it DOES work.

About your wild premise that the Alliance are the “marginalized oppresed” that never get anything good for them.

Apparently you believe you guys deserve SOI MUCH more that you don´t even know how actual neglect looks like regarding the game.


That hurts given my Nightborne is still my second favorite Warlock and my second most played character, I just hate how bad it looks vs other races, more so when I’m standing by a Night Elf and I think oh my gosh I look terrible. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Thank you for the update!
I sincerely hope that the Nightborne faces will also be looked at and edited. They males especially still have constant scowls on many faces. Many fans want some younger and nicer faces for the men especially and the women could use some more too.
The faces in the PTR also do not look like what was previously advertised for nightborne and I hope we can get what was originally shown without the scowling mouth. Example here of the disparity:


No it’s not, Night Elves are amazing and have some of the best customizations in the entire game.

Furthermore we clearly have a difference in tastes because I really like the updated Worgen model and think it’s amazing, I love mine and Kul Tiran are amazing as well, I just wish they could be Warlocks, Mechagnome I will agree because I don’t really like them personally.

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Just remembered about wanting glowy highlights for LFD/NB. Please consider Blizzard, Pandaren have the highlights monopolized.


You can have the new nb faces if they are so great.


Lol, this is kind of mean to say given how bad they are especially for males.

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What even? They have one new one that isn’t horrible, which isn’t exactly high praise. I’ll take nice faces, and the 12 varying colors of the lfd jewelry, and you can have the nb faces and their three colors of jewelry if you are feeling so neglected.