Why the lack of Customization?

It’s not wrong, I have spent two years in those threads, as I already said in a post above I can quote hundreds and potentially thousands of posts to back that up so do yourself a favor and quit while you are ahead.

my new fav race since blood elves are a joke now and have nothing unique

the nightborne!



I really like that one on the left


I’m stealing this, lol.

I’m bailing before I get sucked into one of the dumb HE/BE petty arguements.

Blizzard I hope you still consider black antlers for HMT and Onyx skintones for LFD. Please let EE be permanent or add dark Void skintones for VEs.

Thanks again for listening on the Nightborne arcanic hand glows.


Sweet! I am so looking forward to seeing that :smiley:


Let´s give them some leeway: maybe not “most” of them, but deffinitely the LOUDEST of them did ask for copy-pasted stuff.

The most hilarious thing is this attitude they nowadays have taken regarding their complains over what the HM or the NB got instead of keeping their “stay polite and ask for the stuff” formula that already worked wonders for them? since when they took a page from our book?


When that’s about 95% of the requests from Alliance and the rest gets drowned out, you get exactly what you deserved. Period.

me too

How convenient to pretend that, and yet the alliance never got anything else we asked for uh?


It’s one of the defining features for the nightborne in the game.

This IS a big addition.


How do you figure Alliance or Void Elves would be any different from any other race, we get certain things at certain times but not everything and sometimes not at all. Void Elves aren’t special, the hair colors were overly requested and they are being added. I mean really does the never ending victim complex not ever get tiring?


So alliance gets one thing added and you think that’s good enough while the horde race gets thing after thing after thing?

Clearly you aren’t posting with any objectivity here.


I´d absolutely fail at it.

I´m dumb regarding how to pick up a movie from mere told description.

Certainly NOT, I´m not the one coming here to play the “Hurde favoritism!!” agenda… YOU are.

YOU think you are the center of the universe and that Blizz has failed in this pass simply because a Blue came to post they are trying to implement the hand effect on the NB model, period. Apparently that triggered your “Alliance ALWAYS gets second rate stuff” trauma.

Exactly, just to show you how actual NEGLECT looks like.

You apparently ignore the meaning of that word in the context of WoW, too.

Sure, is not like the leaves and the moon jewerly and the black skins with the afros and… oops!!!

Sorry the truth blown up your complain apart.

Why is jewelry some huge addition to belves, but lfd getting jewelry, in more colors than belves got by the way, as well as several other new options, not good enough and horde bias?

I mean so what, you didn’t get more lightforged options? You got jewelry! The system is limited as you said yourself, right?


Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see the options on the male model!!

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you neutralized a horde race. but LOOKING like an easter egg isnt enough. you still want all of its culture and heritage in addition to your own unique void theme


Nightborne were and are the worst allied race customization wise, they aren’t even actually fixing the issues with them just adding an eye change, as if.

Oh but I am, I see that Void Elf players and Alliance players want to pretend like they don’t get anything they ask for even when they do, it’s kind of funny but also really sad because ya’ll are ungrateful.


Cause Horde side issues don´t count, obviously. Is not like the petitions asked for the Nelves and the Humans were taken into account on the customizations delivered at launch (though they are not perfect and the devs can fix some issues with them).


We haven’t agreed on a lot of things lately but I agree with you here, it’s kind of unreal because it never ends.