Why the lack of Customization?

U-hu, is not like you totes posted this, amrite:

In answer to this:

And after you posted this:

… i don´t need to move no goalpost here dear, your arguments alone fall by themselves. Have you ever wondered that, if we compare the Velves to the Nightborne, then we could compare the Nelf customization pass to the Belf one?

And I don´t think the Nelves are gonna come out as the “losers” in such case.

At the very least both races need to get options to make their tattoos more visible and overall brighter. They do look quite disappointing with some skin colors.

A bigger color scale is a bonus too.

Watch Averyx come with a controversial phrase expressing something I doubt is genuinely true in any way or meaning … to save face ofc.


You guys got in the err… “incendiary” business after WoT, right? That was a burn If I´ve seen one.


That’s fantastic news!

Any hopes for any of the following?:

  1. Eye colours
  2. Scars (From the Starcaller Retreat purge?)
  3. Tattoo colours
  4. Tattoo intensity

So? I wasn’t talking to you there. Why are you replying to that when we are talking something else?

I mean LFD only have one good face too. They removed the other good one and they aren’t even adding it back, as I said above.

NB faces look amazing with the new eye option though, really improves them. Blizz needs to add more faces for all races.

I find it hard to believe anyone would actually think Nightborne are winning in the looks, customization, etc. department, improved slightly yes but winning no way.


Females look really good now. Half of twitter was creaming over them when the new options were revealed.
Males look…off.


Seriously, I will take the draenei model and faces and jewelry colors, and the lfd can get the new nb faces and model if they are so great.

If you are actually serious like serious, I can accept you think that but it’s again a difference of opinion because I don’t agree.

Do I just have a different set of faces on the ptr? Even the one face I sort of like is not great and could be greatly improved. I would take the worst lfd face over the best nb face.


Irrelevant, you expressed a sentiment and used a very old and overdone “bias argument” as a basis to justify the sentiment, period.

Demostrating then that YOU are the one with the actual lack of objectivity here.

Tl;dr: complain less and worry not for the stuff other fans get for their races, ask for the stuff you want to see for your fav races and collect the rewards.


I´d have taken this stance as “serious” had she mentioned this BEFORE Avarie destroyed her with her posts.

Now? nope, I don´t bvelieve this. I haven´t ever seen her saying this, not even the day the NB announcement was done.

I have a better question, why did we never heard of this until TODAY after you made your proposal, hmm?


The creator is a glorious Void elf fan known as Fiercelord.

They put this together and it was passed to me.

I do know that these are all commonly requested options throughout my, and other, threads.

They’re also not immensely out there. So I’ll try to get whatever I can to stick at this point.


I don´t remember if the Ombré stuff and the starcursed stuff is on that file.

You should manifest your petition about getting tentacles ADDED with the toggle too now that the devs are working on it -and reading the forums, Fen-. If you guys have a ptr thread maybe you can mention ad nauseaum all the things you desire to see implemented.


I’m not in a good spot right now to post too much more, but I will a little later.

To my knowledge ombre and starcursed are not in that file and you’re right I should make sure Linxy sees it here.

True I should push tentacles more.

Not sure if they have a thread over there but I’d bet if they do it has little to do with void elves. I’ll check later.


Oh my man, take all the time you need!!!

Heck, I see a lot of enthusiasts in your thread who i bet will happily contribute to make this feedback more “visually obvious” for thye dev team.

Now this is depressing. I´m sure you can ask people on your thread, heck… should I ask Nico for such favor? He posts in our thread too.

Well, a conversation is something that works in both ways and if your answer is to go “nunununun -lalala I can´t hear you!!” then I can´t do much more to get effective communication.

Feel free to complain and throw tantrums Averyx… just don´t get salty when we point to you the reasons why some stuff we got wasn´t what we would have liked to get, period (heck, considering you don´t play the race, why even bother commenting in the first place? why do you care about the feedback of the Belf players regarding their own customization pass when you don´t play Belves, lmao).


NB aren’t getting more than lfd, nor is it better quality stuff.


I hope you and other fans of the void get what you want!


You know what´s hilarious and I just realized? Averyx literally feels regarding the LF draenei pass the same way we Belf fans felt regarding ours.

She just can´t empathize with us cause… no idea. Truly baffling, I can understand if she tells me she does NOT feel like the LF pass is doing something regarding the Lighforging part of the equation, however she can´t see how jewerly meant nothing to Belf fans.

Hard to get us to empathize with her too, btw. To demand empathy and not give it? well… surreals is one way to put it.


Lol, Lightforged Draenei got pink hair that’s enough for me to think they got it better than most races because even Nightborne didn’t get that and one of our hair colors has a pink undertone already, just saying.

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Damn, I knew I forgot something back there!!!

I´m sorry Moon, i failed us all. I didn´t mention the “please for the love of god give a bit more of color saturation to the NB hair so they don´t all look like slightly different versions of white” in my answer post to the Blue.


When did I demand or even ask empathy of you?

They already have pink hair. I guess they got a darker tone? My current LFD uses the pink hair though. I was hooping for that for normal draenei but looks better on LFD.

The weapons and toy are cool, but considering the model is atrocious and the new faces are in some cases worse than the old ones, it’s of little consolation. Those are also timewalking rewards, rather than stuff relating to the model itself. Plus as far as I know, they won’t even be restricted to just NB so everyone and their mother will be walking around with them.

And if we want to talk about stuff external to the models, should we make a comparison of mounts, toys, armors, and the like that fit each theme?

Anyway, I am pretending to go to bed now even though I will probably stay up drawing until I face plant against my ipad. Night all.