Why the lack of Customization?

everyone knows that

the easter egg option is there for people now, if you want the actual culture and heritage of the blood elves then play the actual race it belongs to not the void corrupted version

that person you quoted wants more blood elf stuff for void elves but i would like to see more emphasis on the shadow

take inspiration from those venom movies for example. those symbiotes give people powerful abilities similar to what i imagine void elf abilities would look like and can do in lore when not limited to gameplay, even whisper to them and can override control if they really want to which the void seems more then capable of and hinted at in the stormwind horrific vision. when an opportunity presented itself with alleria at the sunwell, she couldnt control it or rein it back in by herself after all

more tentacles and monstrous things please for void elves. i might actually play one then


But void corruption is nice xD All my blood elves have green eyes, and my void elves even if i use human skin tones and hair colors, they have void racials. I wanted high elves to be playable because it makes sense, they are part of the alliance. But if i can play an elven race who uses fel or shadow magic i will prefer to play them over a generic elf.

Not a fan of the tentacles, but some people like them, so i agree. I would like to see more corrupted skin tones, starry effects for skin and hair, starcursed eyes, and gothic hairstyles.


Some Helfers did some weeks ago (apparently we must “wait”, rofl), though the very best part is about those same individuals obssesion about accusing me of calling them “entitled” after the whole 9.1.5 announcements -they´re wrong I don´t think they´re entitled for asking actual exclusive stuff, I think they lack self awareness cause after literally giving carte blanche to Blizz to treat them as perfect recipients of hand-me-downs (they literally asked for those, sorry not sorry), they complain when Blizz did exactly that? Whud?).

I think some of those people are hilarious, I feel bad for the actual Velf players that didn´t got an actual semi decent pass in favor of poaching second rate stuff from the Belves.

You see, the Velf race is in an unique position as far as customization passes are related. Different from ALL the other races in-game, they didn´t had a single big pass, they got tiny incremental passes. And no matter how “annoying” and “mediocre” this tiny incremental passes went, fact is, they exist. They have gotten stuff -pathetic hand-me-downs, I agree- in 2 different oportunities so far. And trying to pretend that never happened just rest credibility to their words.

They can absolutely say their two mini-passes were underwhelming, and I´m 100% in agreement with them. But if they come to say they haven´t gotten ANYTHING -as in, no pass like Zanda Trolls, DI Dwarves, Mag´har Orcs, etc.-, then I´m sorry but I´m gonna call that BS.

It´s literally less effort and resources than what was invested in the fixes to the Velf underwear during the core pass, ffs.


More of this, please.


I don’t understand why people say this kind of thing. Void elves even without new customizations have a good number of options, and they are two races in one with the new hair colors.

I still hope they announce new customizations for void elves in 9.1.5, they have time, we don’t have a release date yet.


NPC only mogs make me so sad


I´d kill the Regent Lord for his coat tbqh -closest thing to the actual tabard design I´d love to see implemented in this game-


I’d sell an organ

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Donate my firstborn ala fairy tale but alas… the devs refuse for some weird reason.


NPC only mogs make me so MAD.

NPC only mogs in game design is BAD.


I think it’s fine for Main Story NPC’s so it’s easy to differentiate but there are so many basic npcs that have unique gear models and it sucks


Any chance to get a solo version of the Legion Assaults? My brother and I were in queue for awhile waiting on a third person and that was kinda silly given how strong we are.


I’m sorry if this was already discussed — I haven’t read further down the thread.


I just have to discuss this one little point:

The blue color isn’t the default actually.

The color changes according to whichever country/faction you’re playing.

If you played the Alliance campaign on WC2, the automatic color for Lordaeron was blue.

But Silvermoon? They usually come in either white or teal (this depends on whichever mission you’re playing). In particular, the first time you get Alleria in the second (or was it third? The one where you unlock the Elven archer unit), she was either white or teal. I keep getting her mixed up with her other rangers (yes, Alleria came in a different color from the rest of the rangers).

And the next time you get Alleria in a mission? She comes in red. The red color actually was the more default color for Alleria — she’s shown up in multiple missions wearing the red color (I suspect it was to make her, and other hero units, stand out against the background).

So, yeah… the blue color was not the default. It varies! Literally how RTS worked.

(Besides, I’m like 95% sure the default Silvermoon color in WC2 was actually white. Blue was definitely Lordaeron.)

Edit: And you do realize that the icon is actually a generic Elven Ranger, post upgrade, right? Alleria had a completely unique icon.

Here’s a screenshot from one of the Alliance missions. Alleria’s the lady with the red face paint here.


This probably isn’t lore related as much as it is gameplay. In the RTS games the coloration is determined by which color your army is.

Its highly unlikely people are going through the trouble to recolor their tattoos as they shift armies.


I know! It’s such a dumb quibble on my part, but it just bugs me. :sweat_smile:


Eh to be fair, I also sometimes quibble about how Alleria’s tattoos aren’t even the same kind she has now in wow compared to WCII…



I know, right!? I won’t lie, that actually disappointed me when Alleria first showed up in Legion.

I was a 5-year-old girl who watched my dad play WC2. Alleria was my favorite WC2 hero. As a little kid, I thought her face paint was so cool.

And then Blizzard chickened out with the WoW model. :roll_eyes:


I was sad that her tattoos were blue instead of red which is what I remembered from my time playing WCII.

I had actually forgotten about how braveheart hers were until more recently. Nowadays I want the braveheart looking ones for Blood Elves and Alleria’s for the Void Elves.

I think that way we all get a little of what we all want and we don’t end up with a copy paste setup.

Alleria has always been one of my favorite characters though, and Turalyon too. Used to click on him for hours so I could hear him say “You think Lothars death was my fault!?”.

Not sure why I liked that so much…


Her tattoos were always Blue. However I think the tattoos for the archers changed colour depending on their position as friends of foes, like other parts of the units. So as an enemy it’d have turned red.

I personally like her wow Tattoo’s more, specially because of how they look on her arm, that looks so good.

However the RPG tattoo was cuter, NGL


I liked Alleria a lot, Turalyon was the one who disappointed me, and his role. Making him the High exarch above all LF was stupid.

You didn’t play WC2, did you?

The colors did not change on whether they’re your units, computer AI allies, or enemies.

The colors represented their country.

You’d play as blue humans (Lordaeron), you’d play as red humans, you’d play as white humans… all while having red, orange, teal, yellow, and white as your allies. Oh, and purple was solely for Dalaran.

On the Horde campaign, you’d play as red Orcs, black Orcs, yellow, orange, blue, and white. You’d get teal, yellow, orange, red, white, purple, and black as your allies.

The colors did not represent you-vs-enemy.

The colors said, “Hey, this is Dalaran! Warsong! Silvermoon! Blackrock!” Etc…