Why the lack of Customization?

Leather leg pieces could stand to have more differentiation too, now that I think about it. They’re all basically trousers, and a few kilts. There’s no shorts, no below the waist models, no battle skirts or anything like that really, from what I can see in the appearances journal.

Hell Demon Hunters get some unique chest pieces, but no leg pieces… which is a shame because I could swear some of their tattoo options also show up on the legs as well as arms.

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You know what’s nasty?
Sitting in the same 4 threads every single day “disagreeing” with people asking for a hair colour.

Apparently asking for your own stuff is still too much for people whose hobbies are crying on the forums non-stop about a video game race being “stolen”.


Also, actually on topic;

Can Death Knights - every race - get unholy green and blood red eyes?
Being stuck with just blue eyes kind of sucks.

I want my Alliance San’layn to have his eye colour. Thanks.


Pot, Kettle, black.

I mean, this whole thing is about people crying for someone else’s stuff because a lot of you seem to think they were stolen from you.



Red is a void colour.
Can we get red eyes for void elves across the board too?


At least 3 different shades of red in there. But Old God / Void style.



you have more then blue. try being a blood elf that has no racial identity and can only look like a void elf


Probably because they’re not trying to be a blood elf in the first place? Probably because they’re trying to be one of the numerous High Elves they see in the Alliance? :thinking:

Probably because they don’t want to give up playing with their family/friends that all chose to play Alliance, yknow like how you guys tout so much about “things being Horde”? :thinking:

Ironic to talk so much about preserving “Horde things” then tell others on the other faction “hey just leave all the relationships/bonds/people you’ve built experiences with to play a race on the opposite side”. :thinking:


yes they are

theres just as many goblin easter eggs in alliance cities too. but i think you see them more because they have been a playable race since 2007

what does that have to with destroying the racial identity of blood/void elves. and only one of those can be both. AND how does not being able to play as an easter egg prevent you from playing alliance

  • Void Elves need sharp haircuts than squiggly ones. (Human Female - Full or Blood Elf Female - Full, Draenei Female - Sassy/Full Through)
  • Paladins for Void Elves with void themes, and have racial glyph to alter the void into light version if players want to do it.
  • Shaman/Druid for Void Elves
  • If none of them work. High Elf Allied Race could work to bring paladin.

Prove it please.


It’s funny that you replace High Elf with easter egg, you’re so upset at the recent changes you can’t bring yourself to use that word. It would be even funnier considering you keep calling Blood Elves High Elves therefore they’d be easter eggs by that logic.

Enjoy wallowing over someone happening to wear the same brand shirt as you some days as that’s how you’re coming off as these days.

You’re the one that asked why don’t people on one faction just simply go play a race on the other faction. I answered that question. Accept it and move on, or keep ignoring that fact of reality and continue wallowing over the same race having some things shared.


theres a goblin npc in stormwind(si:7), ironforge(barber) and in boralus(married to a gnome)

im not typing high/blood elf to refer to the race as a whole. ill use one or the other. its as redundant as typing stormwind/defias humans

3 goblin NPCS =/= High Elf NPCs on Alliance.

You’ve got probably 100+ High Elf NPCs, or some double digit number way more than 3 npcs.

What a farce of this statement you made


You just have to use High Elf, but your pettiness knows no bounds. You’ve been at it for like 3 years trying to prevent players in a video game from gaining shared customization options.

That’s a lot of time and effort spent into not getting your way in the end, over a video game no less.


Can we please get Windswept hair for Zandalari trolls? I will pay for a race change immediately. The character just isn’t me without it.


Big yes sir. Thanks for your hard work with this topic, it is great :+1:


Also my thread for feedback on LFD :smiley:


Also posting again why I want darker skin tones for Lightforge Draenei.


Here is a VE I made on PTR with the spooky dark purple skin with the platinum blonde hair and it looks so good! The contrast looks great so imagine having something like that for LFD and all their bright gold colour tattoos, runes and eyes.


This patch is mainly about the Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei, yet none of the concerns for players of these races have been acknowledged. If you can remove tentacles from Void Elf hairstyles almost immediately after it was requested, you can give the Lightforged Draenei darker skin color options as the user above me requested.


Link: Feedback: Nightborne Customization

As far as the Nightborne go, a little acknowledgment that our feedback will be taken onboard would go a long way, even if not implemented immediately. Had the developers aligned themselves with player feedback offered on these very forums since the Nightborne’s release, players wouldn’t essentially be asking the developers to now undo and revisit the additions they’ve added for the Nightborne in 9.1.5 PTR.

For instance, why do so many of the male Nightborne have unappealing snarls on many of their faces, but the preview you posted of the new male Nightborne customization in this very thread are without it?