Why the lack of Customization?

So glad you both linked all those. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


No problem! I would have linked more if they were easier for me to find.


potential customization idea:
a new spec for every class that includes a shapeshift into an unique race with preset gear appearance. examples are:

spec: necromancer
shapeshift: lich or banshee
pets: undead

spec: mindcontroller
shapeshift: naga
pets: charmed npcs

spec: faery magic
shapeshift: dryad/keeper of the grove
pets: sprite darters

for example…

edit to add

spec: dark ranger (belf if horde, nelf if alliance)
shapeshift: dark ranger
pets: whateva


Fight the good fight, Baal!! I want my Belf looking Incubus sooner rather than later.

Cry if you need help with that.


I disagree with the banshee shapeshift purely because it’s sort of a dark ranger thing.

ooo dark ranger could be a hunter shapeshift for horde.


spec: dark ranger
shapeshift: dark ranger
pets: whateva

what would alliance equiv be tho…


Rangari for the Draenei. Don’t forget that Night Elves can also be Dark Rangers now.

oh! but how would they be differentiated from horde equiv? oh i get it. if you select hunter class/spec dark ranger, you automatically belf dark ranger if horde or nelf dark ranger if alliance?

Yup! :smiley: It’d be fair in my opinion.

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i like it!!

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Yeah I am disappointed they are getting rid of the sets entirely and they cannot be mogged on top of that. So they will just be white items that will rarely be seen after the update.

Also still hoping for more customization for all playable races, keep the ball rolling Blizz! Making the Nightborne tattoos brighter would be a nice addition too.

This too!


I’d argue that there should be a “glyph of banshee” for Shadow Priest Void Form, it would fit perfectly if they implement Undead Elf for the Forsaken


Now that I can agree with, though I’d prefer it to be connected to Dark Rangers. Yes, I’m obsessed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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can you explain how banshees are connected to the dark ranger class?

my long term dream is that the devs revamp class customization systems

You have the barber for character models

You have the transmogrifier for gearsets

You can have an allochromifier (Different color in greek) for class customization

It would allow new “classes” via reskinning what we have.

  • Necromancer-skinned Demonology Warlock, endlessly summoning skeletal minions.
  • Banshee themed reskin for shadowpriest, Void Eruption can become Banshee Scream
  • A Lunar Reskin for priest, so Orc Priests can be properly Shadowmoon and Night Elf Priests can be properly Priestesses of Elune
  • Shaman reskins that let you “specialize” into one specific element to better fit with racial fantasy: Fire-specific Dark Iron, Water/Air specific Kul Tirans, Earth-specific Dwarves, etc

classless wow necro. i recognize it!


Can you actually suggest things instead of crying about a subrace already?


I have a really dumb suggestion.

So when Blizzard introduced the Barbershop, a lot of the new hair styles were just existing hair styles from other races. Forsaken got gnome hair styles, orcs received several Forsaken hair styles and Draenei, Blood Elves and humans traded several hair styles.

They could do that with the Allied Races and mostly I just mean Lightforge Draenei and Void Elves and the void tendrils in the void elf hair for Draenei would just be regular Draenei tendrils lololol. I was playing around on PTR and one of the LFD /silly is this whole spew about being emissaries of the void so let’s make it happen LOL


It’s actually emotional blackmailing and how a good person they are who deserves to be listened to. Seems to be a trend these days. Should have gone into politics.


Like people who keep attributing nasty attributes like emotional blackmail to people who disagree with them?