Why the lack of Customization?

I agree, this is probably what they should’ve had from the beginning at the very least, and then this time around they could have implemented everyone’s feedback to truly make it the race everyone wanted


I think that’s the case for most races, unfortunately. Beards for trolls and tails for worgen are such popular requests, but they never added.


I would love to see Troll beards to make them interesting.
The Worgen have been sidelined even with their last update. The heritage armor is laughably bad. They couldn’t even care to give the pocket watch a physic while they did care enough for the Goblin and Tauren armor to make them right.

Absolutely biased and amateurish.


Thank you for sharing some of the updates to come to High Mountain Tauren, they look great!

I love the new broken antler option, gives off the vibe of battle damage, very cool.
The braided antler ropes are a nice touch as well, nice detail.
The septum rings (nose rings) are really awesome as well, it’s neat to see the idea of rings used to prevent livestock from rooting being used as inspiration to build customization aesthetics for a cow/ moose humanoid.
The tail jewelry is likely a very welcomed addition and touch to customization, I always see the player base talking about tails. I never put much thought into it myself, but glad to see it added!
I really like the spikier (probably not the right word) horn option for the female model, very cool.
The hair jewelry is also a nice touch on the female model.

I love seeing Tauren or HMT get more customization options, I feel it really brings more appeal to the race and hopefully inspires more players to play them. As a big HMT fan and player I am very pleased to see more options added to take advantage of in game for my characters.

I will now conclude my post by expressing some things I would like to see added to HMT customization in hopes that it’s seen and put under possible consideration for being added. :nerd_face:

  1. Taunka Face options.
  2. Taunka body paint/ tattoos (Specifically the NPC Roanauk Icemist styled body paint/ tattoos)
  3. A totem weapon for transmog.
  4. Runemaster inspired markings/ tattoos/ body paint from the Warcraft RPG Magic and Mayhem and More Magic and Mayhem.
  5. Totem Harnesses being able to appear on the character select screen.
    5.5) Totem Relic item slot returns but functions like a tabard item slot but for totem harnesses for HMT/ Tauren. (Lesser played races should get perks and incentives to play as them :stuck_out_tongue: That might be a controversial opinion.)
  6. Hex Variations for Shamans, ideas; High Mountain Salmon, Spiketail Beaver, Jackalope (or a rabbit with HMT antlers/ horns)
  7. Druid Aquatic Form: A River Otter, since the Rivermane Tribe in High Mountain appears to use the River Otter as their symbol as it is seen on the Rivermane Tribe Totem Harness and icon for the harness.
  8. Druid Cat Form: Either a more Mountain Lion inspired cat form to help keep it differentiated from Tauren, plus the Mountain Lion motif fits the HMT aesthetic better then a savannah lion does. A secondary option could be a Wolverine form, these things are ferocious.
    Note: I think between a River Otter form and a Wolverine DPS form, there could be a lot of appeal and draw more players into playing a HMT.
  9. High Mountain Tauren Eagle flying mount. It’s currently used on every flight path in the zone and used in aerial quests within the zone. It would be nice to see it added as a racial mount for the HMT.
  10. For Hunters: A totem harness, that appears on their back as a hallowed out totem holding arrows. (Basically a totem arrow quiver.)

Thank you for your time, and hopefully some considerations! :partying_face: :grin:


I really like it! But there is one way they could improve it. Give each rack option a left, right, or both broken toggle. As it stands now, they are based on a singular rack (one from the first batch of customizations)


Please tell the art team to take a second look at the faces for male and female Nightborne please! I’ve made posts for each in the PTR forum but more eyes on this can’t hurt! The male and female faces still have issues!


The faces make me sad. I really hope they take the feedback into account.


Same. I like my female Nightborne characters well enough right now, and more so with the new eye shape option on the PTR, but I was disheartened to see that most of the new faces added for the females still looked old. As if no one bothered to take the feedback since Nightborne released into account when making them.

I have one male Nightborne character right now, and there’s only one face on live that’s stomachable. I was woefully let down by the new face options for males on the PTR. Some of them look like they could have been good… if not for the perma-scowl someone made the poor decision to stick them with.

I really have to wonder what makes the artists so intrigued with making Nightborne into angry geriatrics rather than the regal magical race of elves they ought to be represented as.


Unlikely sadly

I am curious blizz, what is blizzard stance on the idea of model toggles on races that it would make sense with Like with forsaken and lightforged?

If the excuse of letting VE’s role play closer to alleria on VE’s is why they can have natural colors, then surely we should be able to rp closer to sylvannis/nathanos/turalyon and others with the corresponding races.

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No idea regarding the LF (I don´t play Alliance, I find their narrative the most boring thing ever and I´m allergic to BlAnduinism), but the NB got a ton of stuff… designed to barely hide the actual problems with the model. So in retrospective,. I´d say the NB didn´t get any real love and merely a bunch of stuff thrown randomly to perpetuate an error of design.

That by deffinition is something I´d certainly WOULD NOT want to happen to any other race.


I’ve tried it before. It does feel more interesting in that people aren’t simply hard focused on endgame content and seeing some of the fun events people put up are so cool but I wish the game facilitated it a lot more as well. I still end up finding it hollow because it’s completely player driven (which I know is the point lol).

Suggest it from in game UI or on the forums here, it’s weird I’m saying that given it’s never been my thing but if they can add stuff like battle pets as a Pokémon knockoff they could add stuff like that for people that want it or would enjoy it.

I agree.

I really like how they look now, one of my favorite races. What makes you think they didn’t get any real love?


The fact ALL of their faces still look like constipated grandpas / grandmas?

That IS a pretty basic error of design. As an engineer I rather get fixes that make the stuff I´m designing work better than to try and built over a weak base just to end up having to work double or triple to “hide” the errors.

If one tries to make a NB WITHOUT a bunch of jewerly cluttering the face, the angry constipated looks are impossible to hide. And the jewerly is no magical cure, If I want to make a tmog that doesn´t have silver nor golden accents, then the jewerly becomes a hurdle that ruins the tmog, ergo I won´t be able to use it. Reinforcing my point about the devs putting a bunch of stuff to “dissimulate” the mistakes on the facial geometry of the NB model INSTEAD of fixing it, ffs!!!

The male Nelves have this same issue, remove their beards and suddenly only one face is semi decent, the rest? appalling.

REAL love would had been to actually FIX the faces, not put on limited jewerly to try and hide it. Jewerly by proxy of being available in limited colors, limits too the tmog potential to a small niche of options.


That’s why I made topics specifically focusing on the Nightborne faces. One for males, and one for females. Hopefully it puts a spotlight on that issue and Blizz can do something about it before it goes live. Cause you know once it goes live, it ain’t gettin’ changed.


Indeed, I mean this is literally what happened for BfA alpha. -everybody assumed the crooked noses were transitory and omg… how wrong we all were.

I´ll swing to thjose threads to supportthis, Nico. Frankly, it´s a waaay more important thing to get fixed than anything else the NB can get.


I’m very glad you, and many others, are consistently bringing up the nightborne face problems. I really hope blizz listens and fixes them for the males especially. I am dumbfounded as to why the new faces also have the scowling mouth when Blizz, seemingly, were trying to make some younger faces based on some of the textures. Why ruin them??

I hope we can get this fixed during the PTR in stead of waiting years for some update for our NB to look pretty…


I can try that, I’m waiting for 9.1.5 to come before I login again.

The thing is Blizzard is so weird in that there’s many players that want “more of a world” but they’ve chosen instead to only focus on a few endgame contents and always treat other additions so sparsely.

Like how long did it take for DMF to get its amazing revamp where it’s far more involved now? Garrisons were their crappy version of Housing despite great examples being available out there from other games.

The one day holidays are great but so shallow, how come we haven’t a fully realized Thousand Needles race track to win fun toys/tmog?

They’ve cultivated their game and players in the way they want and then somehow point to players being at fault for not liking it. It’s bonkers.


I suspect it´s the same issue male Belf faces had at the very start after the WoD update (remember the duckface issue with the lips?)