Why the lack of Customization?

You’re just not convincing me that they’re this huge part of the experience. You’re seriously into them and I think you’re taking something that’s a small to moderate presence and turning it into an overarching important part of something.

No, why should we have gotten any input on you guys stealing our most popular core race, nothing at all to do with us obviously. Not like we’re left with the worse version of it after all this, but hey, we got some generic jewelry on the female model, so we’ve got that going for us.

Like I said, I know there’s some legit desire for it on the horde, but I swear in these discussions the most frequent time I see it is generally people (usually pushing for high elves) suggesting it as something that would be great for the horde in exchange for the blood elf model. But I’m not claiming to have surveyed the forums


I don’t have to convince you, only one needing convincing was Blizzard and they eventually came around to it. I don’t think you’d be convinced anyway as you continue to show.

Alliance had em as NPCs in Vanilla, I didn’t see complaints about ‘receiving an NPC Alliance race’ when Blood Elves came out. Kind of like BE fans asking for farstrider customization that Alleria wears in-game, I don’t see complaints from those about ‘receiving an Alliance leader’s looks’.

And that’s why I said you don’t seem to get out much (forum wise). I think you’re too involved in only the high elf discussions as you claim others to be to see what else is being asked for around in the game.

What’s funny is Ogres have less representation on Horde to get added as playable and they don’t have an ‘anti group’ that tried to go against their inclusion.


Goodnight though man, we’re just rambling now and I wanna sleep!

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Now who’s not even paying attention to the topic we’re currently discussing.

Yeah, because it’s not like the ogres were an alliance race originally and horde would be duplicating something that was alliance exclusive.

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An artist finalized Afro-textured Forsaken as a commission for me :smiley:


not related to your pics, its just everytime i see the name baal, i think of this baal

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I legit want Forsaken with wavy and curly hair!

Hair doesn’t go limp (as in straight) on death, y’know.

And if Forsaken got the rotten, dead version of ethnic skin colors… then they should get the hair too.

Please, Blizzard! Please!


its called the kirin tor and humans in general. even in bfa we had fogsail humans fight with us, and we had to work with the uldum wastewander humans and we followed khadgar for 2 expansions straight

the SC also show up for horde to help with the amani in quel’thalas and the hunter campaign. omg multiple expansions my horde character got to work with them they must be horde by your standards

and youre still calling your individual character assisting in kirin tor campaigns as solely a SC story. is that why its called the kirin tor offensive in mop?

both the SC/sunreavers are pledged to the kirin tor and dalaran and the race is already playable. a couple interactions doesnt change that, they arent out there like alleria and the void elves and everybody knows it but they are out there like that for the kirin tor and dalaran and the farstriders

and this is what its always been about. i dont want to play horde to play high elves

also, farstrider tattoos for blood elves and runic ones for magister types!


I think the main reason why NB fans are asking for more is because blizz didn’t really put in what the majority of players have been asking for all this time. we are all super grateful we got changes to begin with, I think they’re amazing. I think a lot of us are a little upset with them because we have been directly asking for a few specific things (things that are 99.9% on the npc model) and they haven’t been addressed or implemented, whereas for void elves for example you guys have been asking for specific things and they listened to you and you guys got them.


Yep just make it so we can turn off the angry scrowl for Nightbourne men (and Night Elves while we’re at it) and that’d be like 90% of all I want lol.

The rest of the stuff is nice but it sucks that like majority of the faces have that angry snarl for no reason.


I mean, you’ve already got humans. They’re called the Forsaken. So yeah, if you guys want more humans, ask away. Doesn’t bother me at all. Like the Alliance and High Elves, the Horde has had humans since Vanilla.


As a former long time Forsaken main I would love these!

My apologies, I should have worded my post more carefully to not give off an impression I wasn’t putting a limit on time.

The thing about most Alliance races (and this is a common criticism from Horde players) is that they’re so interchangeable with Humans that the Alliance boils down to, ‘Humans and Friends.’ This doesn’t happen as often with High Elves as other Alliance races, which is weird. Its why when you see a High Elf, they stand out. They’re rarely decked out in the Stormwind guard armor like so many Alliance races end up. This is also why the Silver Covenant always stands out when it gets involved in the story; they’re their own thing, visibly and story wise.

This is what I mean by, ‘presence.’ Granted we’re talking about some fairly subjective things that are difficult to quantify and measure as is. Speaking for myself as an Alliance player though, High Elves have always stood out in my questing experience, simply because they were never presented as being so easily interchangeable with humans the way every other Alliance race has.

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Thank you but bump the main Forsaken Customization Thread too :sob:


Just gonna throw this out there for future development, but when it comes to future options for Mechagnomes, can we get options to pick and choose what we want mechanized?

What I mean is, can the sliders for the arms and legs be separated into left and right limbs, and the head options be separated into quarters?

This would allow the player to choose what they want, for example: Both left limbs mechanized, and say, the upper right quarter of the head mechanized with a mechanical eye and metal plate.

Given that MG’s came during a faction war, it’s not to hard to believe there would be injuries (gnomes in this case) that required amputation. And Gnomes, being who they are, would get back on their feet with mechanized bits and integrating them into their biological bodies.

It would bridge the gap between gnomes and mechagnomes and take their story from just “Some gnomes wanted to be more mechanical again” to a more “Once used a means of healing and restoration for some became an addiction to others” with the more mechanized MG’s being the ones who wanted to become mechanical again like King Mechagon, while those less mechanized being ones that wanted to hold on to their biological Gnome side.


Void elves are one of the most popular alliance races only behind humans and night elves, of course they will get more attention than nightborne and LFD. Now it’s allied races time to get more customisation, not core races.

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I think they need overall more customizations across the board especially for newer races and the aim should be to have the same amount of customization flexibility on all races.


This needs to happen. If the playable Undead are mainly humans, then they should be able to have Afro-centric hairstyles and features of black living humans as well.

Opportunities for additional customization and acknowledgment of player feedback shouldn’t be based on a popularity contest, but need. If a race’s options are lacking, they should be bolstered. It doesn’t bode well for the game to put other races first and leave others far, far in the dust.

I don’t play a Mechagnome, but it would be a cool opportunity for world building if there was a special workshop in Mechagon City where a Mechagnome could go specifically for body modifications. Inconvenient? Maybe. But that would be kinda cool.


Love all of this.

That’s been suggested before, so why not?

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