Why so much hate over high elf options

But no one is stealing anything Lann, except perhaps exclusivity, and in the case of skin tones, even that’s debatable if you look at it from the perspective that Blood Elves are not the only race with a selection of RL human skin tone options. I mean, in game Humans have them, Gnomes have them, Dwarves have them, Kul Tirans have them, etc.

And I’m sorry Lann but the reason you dislike me telling people to ask for what they want instead of complaining about what others are asking for seems silly to me. Why the heck should you worry about what I got and/or what I am asking for, instead of devoting your time and energy to asking for what you want?

What is complaining about what the “other guy” has or is asking for, going to get you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I know you know that.

I’m not telling anyone to “mind their own business” Lann. I’m only trying to get the point across that it’s a waste of time complaining about someone else, instead of putting that energy towards getting what you want. You won’t find me in other “give my race this option” topics telling them “No! You shouldn’t have that! You already got X & Y! Why should you get Z too?!”.

Doing that does nothing for me. It does not advance me towards my goal. Asking for what I want does.


It’s astonishing to me how you can see this dude as good people Nico, you have the patience of a saint.

We’ve both had this talk with him simultaneously in innumerable threads.

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“Varying levels of customizations for core races” lol

Core races should take priority Cezol, :hugs: all of them, so yeah.


Yes, what do you think varying levels mean, ill tell ya, since its obviously a hard concept for you: it’s more than 0.

You honestly complaining about skin tones that Blood Elves also received?

Sorry kid, Blood Elves got customization and Core races did go first, it’s time for ARs to shine :heart:

(Commentary): Lannisterian is a good person. He’s deeply upset by the extremely lackluster customizations that Blood Elves received, and I don’t think anyone can fault him there. The sad reality is that, at the end of the day, Blood Elves mostly got stuff High Elf players were asking for; darker skin tones, ear length options, fuller beards, jewelry, blue eyes, etc… I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that most of this stuff isn’t really what Blood Elf players wanted and, if they were aware going into this that Void Elves would’ve received High Elf skin tones, then they would’ve been asking from the start for a second distinct visual identity, such as the Dark Rangers or San’layn.

(Commentary): I think a lot of Blood Elf players feel cheated right now, and its very easy to lash out at the High Elf crowd simply because, despite receiving what amounts to very little work, it’s still a significant visually impactful addition. I don’t think most of the Blood Elf crowd is handling this the right way though. They should be asking for more stuff, creating threads with lists of customizations and justifications for them. Tearing down other races’ requests or attempting to play gatekeeper with them just doesn’t seem like it’ll accomplish anything at the end of the day. Two years of it didn’t stop Void Elves from getting High Elf options, so I don’t see why it’ll start working now.


I take quantity over quality when it comes to customizations. What worgen got was neither quality or quantity, but a dissapointment.

Check this thread to see some of the things I wish were implemented for worgen.



Because it feels like this analogy.

Uh-huh. Well I disagree, core races are still lacking and Blizzard should redirect back to them because of it.

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After reading about half of this thread and skimming the rest, this is the truest thing I’ve read so far.

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I think Lann is just frustrated at this point. It’s only now that we’re near launch and he sees that more options aren’t going to be coming for a bit, that he’s become more upset in his posting from what I’ve seen. And I understand why he’d be frustrated and upset.

Blood Elves got several options yes, but between the fact that their entire selection of skin tones was shared, a fair chunk of their new options are jewelry that only females can use (some of which are hidden under armor), and the thing I think he wanted most (Darkfallen aesthetic options) didn’t materialize for launch, has really brought him down. His displeasure isn’t unjustified in my opinion.

But he and I have also had several positive interactions and I won’t judge him for showing his frustration over the disparity he’s seeing. Had Blood Elves at least gotten the Darkfallen aesthetics I think he might be a bit more chill right now.


And i’m right there with him, i don’t have anything against anyone asking about customizations for any race, even if I care absolute 0 of said race.

Lann is using a blatant lie as a way to halt others from requesting their own things: Not because he didn’t actually receive anything, but because he doesn’t like it.

Oh im sure they will, after they wrap up the lengthy AR customization that is owed to all players who are fans of ARs.

Blizzard doesn’t turn the bus around because some of us don’t like our presents Lann, the game isn’t catered to your sensibilities.

(Observation): Impossible. People will ask and continue asking. It’s not as if he is a Moderator who can delete and close threads to silence the requests. He can express his discontent, but the tragedy therein is that he’s mostly wasting his time and energy.

(Commentary): Right now my hope is that when Void Elves are worked on that Blood Elves receive more options at the same time. The new skin tones, for example, need updated underwear. Perhaps the undead skin tones for Dark Rangers can get underwear at the same time, and be opened up to players as well.


The Void elves need more haircut and hair color options … Quel’dorei options :smiling_imp:
Because the High elves are Alliance!

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The only person who is of that opinion between us is you, and my stance is in direct opposition to you getting more things in the immediate which is why it bothers you.

I don’t care if BEs are the next race that gets attention or not, I care that it’s a core race that have many underwhelming customization options and Blizzard spoke on core races getting customization first so I do expect a better job to be done before they move on.

You want more HE customization immediately.

That’s the difference.


I get that, but it’s not helping you make things the way you want them to be. Time spent posting complaints about someone else is time spent not posting about the options you want the devs to provide.

Complaining about other people’s requests has no chance of getting you the options you seek.

Asking for the options you want… over and over and over, if need be. At least has some chance of getting you the options you seek.


I still remember when they said that they are going to focus on the Base Races first. Next day here comes the whole torrent of Void Elf Options while a good chunk of the base races haven’t gotten much. And you STILL have the Helf people demanding more.


This is essentially all I’ve been trying to say in this thread, and where my own frustration comes from.

It’s not so much they are getting options, it’s the appearance and priority.


Because this mentality is problematic in a game about factions and faction identity. I wouldn’t wanna look like a perfect copy of a human. That. Is. Lazy. In every sense of the word, when you have one model have an established presence, and then you literally vomit it to the other faction with no thought, yes. That’s lazy. That’s dumb. That’s bad design. Void elves should have become their own people through more thorough void customizations. Not helf-lite. That’s an embarrassment.


I support HE customizations we have seen in VEs and now suddenly to some I’m against it because I think core races should take priority so I feel you. I think it’s hard honestly because the lack of self awareness that is involved with some people when they are argue so there’s no room for a “where do we go from here” moment.


Built on a lie yes, that’s why it bothers me, and others, please stop pretending you’re not actively and constantly called out on your hypocrisy.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


And they did, and your opinion on them does not merit a complete overhaul of Blizzards timetable because you’re unsatisfied.

Incorrect as always.

You don’t see any High Elves fans screaming for their customization to be given right away, you see them presenting ideas for more customization, because like any logical person knows, Void Elves are an AR and will be given more customization when the AR pass actually comes, not a sneak peak to an incredibly popular topic in High Elves with “regular” skin tones and blue eyes for Void Elves.