Why more druid forms?

They did say “travel forms,” and not simply ground travel. They are in them quite often. As much as we are on mounts.

I concur, just change how subjugate demon works already. Make that be how we get our demons. I don’t care if this makes it similar to hunters it’s different enough gameplay wise for this to be a thing. Warlocks need flavor too.


Ground travel form is most relevant in the context of more recently released content.

That being said, they still have access to their mounts. They are not required to use flight form. They use flight form because it gives advantages over mounts.

As a shaman, I am also regularly going into ghost wolf form. And to imply I don’t go into ghost wolf that often, but a druid goes into travel form a ton. Is pretty silly.

It is a bit outrageous. Druids already have four specs. It’s Horde favoritism!!! uh… whoops! I mean It’s Druid favoritism!!!

Flight is now relevant as well. We will not know until they release.

Irrelevant to the conversation.

As a Shaman, I do not use it as a mount. Travel form is a mount.

I also think its far past time for more demon options and more shaman ghost-wolf form option.

But I’m not going to complain about more Travel form options even though it is most likely only going to be 1-2 more options and they will probably but something like a wolf ground form and an eagle or a faerie dragon flight form.

Soulshapes should have been the gateway to tons of different shaman and druid cosmetic options, but it sure seems like they are just going to waste away after shadowlands.

Honestly? Because it seems like Blizzard couldn’t give a flying f about warlocks. They do the bare minimum to keep them going and on the offchance that Warlocks do accidentally get something nice or a buff is too good, they shut them down real fast.

Morgam attempted to summon a pit lord, but summons the lord of the hunt instead “I ain’t signing no contracts and if you need me I’ll be emptying your fridge of all burritos and edibles…”

Well if Blizzard was smart they would see the success of Soulshape and implement it as a way of Shaman obtaining various forms for their Ghost Wolf.

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Irrelevant to the conversation.

Unless you are stating that a druid never goes into travel form unless they are doing some sorta long distance travel that a mount would otherwise be required for.

I use ghost wolf constantly for travel through Korthia, for example.

I mean. Sorta goes with my initial response.

Shaman, if we are lucky, will get some night fae cast offs after Shadowlands has ended.

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druids have been long overdue for new forms…the glyphs were super old imo. It’s about time imo.

I do agree that they need to update every class though…less soulshape, more druid form and uh…things for demon hunters and stuff :wink:

It is not. Druids are often in travel form, just as others are often on mounts.

A waste of time and you must miss many rares. That is not a common use of ghost wolf.