Why isn't there LFR for heroic raids?

Because heroic raids actually have a minor difficulty curve associated with them. LFR is a joke because Blizzard knew fully if they actually didn’t make it a braindead difficulty then people would never clear the place.

The idea is that LFR exists solely just so people who refuse to get better or are just incapable of it have a means to see the content. Normal isn’t much harder but it also doesn’t literally buff you to make sure you down the content just for wiping. To put a long explanation short, LFR is basically the special needs class. It is raiding on a technicality but you’re sequestered from the people who are there for the real deal. You’re basically just playing pretend.

If you automated queues for Heroic, the people you would get would be abhorrent. LFR is for people who feel a raid should be as hard as pressing the “Join Queue” button is. The other difficulties are for people who feel raiding should encourage player skill advancement to overcome. Something void in most of the people who rely on automated systems.


There’s at least one dev that said lfr was a mistake in the first place, possibly Ion said that too? I could be wrong, but it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll go for it.

I’m in the same boat as you and the OP. I can’t raid because I work long hours. There’s no guild flexible enough to possibly fit. I think that’s why they made mythic plus. I’d love another option.

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Which means Ion needs to go.

I’d rather someone pro-Queue take the helm.

Stereotypes exist because they are a recurrent trend among any group of people. They don’t just exist for no reason that magically stuck.

As for gatekeeping, give me a break. I am so sick of hearing this crap that bad players are just brickwalled from ever advancing. You’re not. You just refuse to apply the effort required in order to ascend. Nobody started playing this game with the aptitude to do raiding at a high level, they worked toward it. They jumped through the hoops, they put in the time to make it a reality. You are expected to do the same.

Life has a very specific lesson associated with it. You will only get out what you put in. If you apply a crap effort, enjoy your crap result. If you want a better result, better start putting in more effort.

It’s called premade group finder where I can screen people to make sure my run goes smoothly. I don’t get that option when some brainlet gets forced into my group because they pressed “Join Queue”. It would be different if it was a privilege only granted to people who actually have AOTC because then you’d only be matched with people you reasonably could presume are capable of doing the content minus people who buy AOTC carries, but then you can votekick the deadweight.


Because it was a mistake. I know you lack self awareness from your other posts but really, because someone says what you rely on to see content ever was a mistake you think they should be fired?

All LFR did was create a generation of players who are ridiculously entitled because they feel on sheer token “I pay the same sub fee as you do” that they should then be given all the content or access to it. You morons think you’re paying for that content like it’s a DLC, you aren’t. You’re paying for the privilege to access it. Take what you already were given no matter how undeserving you were of receiving basically getting something that spoonfeeds you because you know as well as I do this one fact.

If LFR didn’t exist, A LOT of you would never see a raid cleared unless you bought a carry.

So leave it at that, you got something you don’t deserve. Don’t demand more. If you want more, demand it from yourself first and go and earn it like everybody else who is clearing the raids on heroic. You don’t deserve these things because you exist and pay a subscription fee. You only deserve them when you put in the effort to actually earn them.


There is literally no reason to want to queue for a heroic raid. The pre-made group finder is just as effective in finding and organizing groups. In fact, it’s more effective than random allotment, and even then most PUGs are so bad they can’t even kill Maut.

That requires effort though, and credentials in most cases. You’re talking to people who have never exerted an ounce of effort in their life or have no idea what it’s like to be qualified for something.

Alright then, time to debate this.

You clearly wrote that to give yourself a stereotype too. Persist and be called it.

Because that’s a reality for us? Also, for the (in)direct jab, you get to be called an Elitist MMO Purist Bootlicker. Doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

I did. On multiple occasions. Random leavers even with RIO, complete disbands on a single wipe, the works. I just want to play the game without dealing with the likes of you on the forums.

What separates that from IRL is that games are often an escape from IRL. If a game reminds people too much of IRL, they quit.

“It’s my way or the highway!” Millions have chosen the highway. I’m tempted to with SL.

See the post above. But if you really want that hammered into your skull, you got hostility because you put in hostility.

I’d like the game to do that too for queues. But nah, we are having this argument instead.

I don’t feel as bad a failure clicking on “Join Queue” as I do both when making and joining groups.

I’ve been advocating this since my DH. None of you listened and instead label, so I label thee.

Oh, great, a double post. More things to “debate”.

Ion is an Elitist Jerk. I think a member of the guild Casual Friendly would be a great start.

You keep taking away and nerfing insurance from us. I think we should do the same for you.

You Elitist MMO Purist Bootlickers are what’s causing the carry spam to begin with, by the way.

Your outdated opinion is not fact. The game stopped being casual friendly since WOD, and seeks to become worse in SL.

Kinda like how it is now for Normal through Mythic.

My advice to people like you, stop defending the game being bad as it is now and then you get sympathy from me.

Sit down and shut up.

I think there should be LFR for mythic raids with the one caveat that if you come to the forums asking for the content to be nerfed you get a week forum vacation.

Don’t delete the thread though, we could get a new “Sounds like PvP happened” saying for them like, “Sounds like teamwork didn’t happen in a teamwork game”

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How does being able to queue via an automated process prevent this?

What is the difference? That you can be declined?

Not in any fantasy would an average LFR raid finish a Heroic raid.
LFRers routinely wipe on LFR bosses (and sometimes mobs).
I know because I do LFR a lot (no time for normal raids).
LFR N’Zoth proves most LFRers are clueless.

If such a queue existed, the forums will be filled with nerf screams. Cata heroics proved most who queue cannot do difficult content. They simply want to face roll everything and get their shinies.

On April’s Fools day, blizz should quietly change LFR to Heroic or Mythic (M15 difficulty for LFD). With a spectator queue.
There WILL be screaming and crying.

At least you can queue again to get back into it instead of being demoralized.

Being declined is a huge reason I hate joining Premade Groups.

MoP LFR best LFR.

Who didn’t like wipping with 10 Determination Stacks to Nazgrim over and over?

Or nobody able to survive Durumu’s Maze

People dying to Elegon’s floor dropping.

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What I want is a Heroic-quality Raid via the queue filtering out the bad players.

It’s also, however, the reason premade groups are going to be more successful than random groups. How would you implement screening without being declined anyway?

(For the record, I hate that feeling from a decline too. I just don’t think a queue is actually going to make the game more fun for anyone, because in the end that will just lead to even more groups disbanding on the first boss because they’re an uncoordinated mess.)

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What if the automatic queue filter decides you’re one of the bad players?


Even if it filtered out you?


Kinda like how it is now.

Nah, it’d filter out you first.

That’s my point, though. You’re asking for the implementation of a queue system, despite the fact such a system does absolutely nothing to improve the quality of gameplay for anyone.