Why isn't there LFR for heroic raids?

No, actually you didn’t just say “excuse me”. That whole post was rude and condescending.


If you believe it is it’s your opinion.Just leave it be as i said.

It’d be interesting if they offered more community based activities, this whole pay to play inside of a pay to play inside of a pay to play game is getting sort of redundant, what exactly am i paying for in a rpg that involves development if there’s literally no depth being added. The blatant recycling of assets is just becoming so cheap, the art quality and the game design is stale, and bad.


This would be nice actually.

I love when someone who never ran Normal / LFR coming into Heroic having absolutely no idea of any boss mechanics just looking for a free carry.

There’s literally no winning with some people on these forums. :roll_eyes:

The problem is that Heroic raiding can in some cases call for specific team comps.

Plus in the broad strokes you don’t want the game removing all social interaction between players.

LFR can barely do LFR.

Heroic is way above their paygrade.


Dk,But in a way it might work out to some degree though not technically a true heroic raid .

If it awards a feat of strength for successfully competing, it’d be great.

Why the Elitist MMO Purist Bootlickers hate this I have no idea. But I’ve been essentially suggesting this.


Have you tried LFG? Its just LFR with slightly more effort and people actually needing to be qualified to get in.

Premade Groups sucks. No offense, but I prefer queues over that.

wait hold up. Did I miss the weekend and it’s now monday?

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It would be a guaranteed fail every time.

LFR matchmaking could not support higher difficulties. LFR players can barely do LFR bosses with like 1/10th of the mechanics you see in heroic/mythic raids

I understand you not wanting to “commit” to a dedicated guild/schedule. But pugs easily clear heroic/normal and even usually the first few entry bosses into mythic.

Use the group finder tool and find some pugs. I’m a CE Mythic raider and I pug every now and then if I need to. Expand your horizons. Raids are boring in LFR.

Cata failed to filter out those who were inadequate. We have better tech now.

What was true ten years ago is not true now.

The only possible way it would succeed is if a ton of people were kicked, then another bunch, then another. When you’re finally left with a decent group, and 10 stacks of determination, you might get the first boss down. Then half the group would leave and you’d go back to the beginning.

The toxicity it would create would melt the servers.

It’s either we move ahead with the stereotypes to persist player gatekeeping, or filter out bad players from the content I want to do in the queue.

I think the latter is more adequate.


have you SEEN how garbage people play in the LFR that already exists?

what makes you think a heroic LFR would be able to do more than kill a trash mob or two?

how would you filter them out though?


Previous difficulty kills, Proving Grounds, PVE rating, etc.