Why isn't there LFR for heroic raids?

I came back to WOW because of LFR and being able to experience all the content without a guild and set raid schedules. Just wonder an opinion on why there is no LFR for Heroic raids or Mythic dungeons.


Because it would horrifying.


They do it’s called a pug


It’s not the same as the automated system putting you in and matching. It’s worth the wait for the organization and the specific part you want to do.

Have you seen how bad LFR is? And LFR has most of the major mechanics disabled. How do you think a heroic version of that would be successful?

There can’t be LFG for mythic dungeons because of the key system. And even if they found a way to make it work with keys…you wouldn’t want to chance your key to a random grouping.


They did op but they took it out some time back.

There has never been LFR for any raid difficulty outside of the specially created LFR difficulty.


Heroic ques yes there has been but it was taken out during cata.

Again, this is not correct.

LFR (“raid finder”) started with Dragon Soul, and was only available on a specific new difficulty (“raid finder”).

You could use other tools to put together raids for Heroic, but you were never able to use an automated group-making tool (“raid finder”) to “queue” for heroic raids.


That would be amazing to watch in a sort of Benny Hill/Yakity Sax way. :slight_smile:


Well ,excuse me ,than i got them mixed up with dungeons it’s been year,ok .Do you wish to argue about it? Have it your way.

All I did was politely tell you that you were wrong, and continue to point out you were wrong to prevent the spread of misinformation.

You could have gracefully said “Oh, man- I guess I was thinking of dungeons, thanks for clearing that up!” rather than attacking me.


I think they should add difficult progression to lfr

Then you would unlock the next difficulty when condition is met.

I would love to clear heroic and mythic but my timezone suck, all I have is toxic lfg full of raider up elites and advertisers


Because LFR isn’t Heroic? You have 4 levels of raiding in WoW now - LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. So if you want to do, say, Normal, then you do that, and if you want to do Heroic, you do that.

What you are effectively asking for is a harder difficulty level for LFR which involves not only tougher bosses but extra mechanics that require group coordination. You will never get that in a totally random group of players that has no assigned structure such as raid leaders, main and off tanks, group set ups, etc.


This thread makes my head hurt

I unno. Sometimes you feel like a hero just facing a boss with what seems like a comedy improve group around you.

You my dear are anything but rude but continues please do attacking me for a mistaken. Does leave it be come to mind?

You mean to ask why there is no match making for that content?
Because that content is meant to be done with a cohesive social unit, not random people who have never spoken to each other and never will again.

LFR, and match making in general, are just there to give players a taste of the content who either are not interested in, or are not capable of existing within a cohesive social unit.

Once you get into proper PVE progression you will never think twice on this concept.

It would actually make the content harder in many ways, as you see with LFR at times.
Its nice that everyone can be included, but it creates a situation where that guaranteed inclusion leads to a lack of interest in trying.

This general malaise of the playership DURING content is really harming the experience for others and even for them, likely without the person even realizing it.

It’s done more harm than good, if you ask me.

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None of this makes any sense. I’m also failing to see how this other person’s polite correction of your post is an attack on you. If anyone here is being rude, it’s you.


Not really,I said excuse me in a polite manner only to be attacked .