Why isnt there a greater outcry?!

No one but maybe 2-4 people are actual cataclysm enjoyers…WHY isn’t there a louder outcry for a PERMANENT WOTLK era server?!?!


The answer is obvious. Because very few players want wrath era servers.


well the same two people making threads asking for it on alts seem to really like the idea of a wrath era server, sadly it seems that is not enough to get one.

Seems your assumption of who enjoys what is incorrect.


check the forums a few weeks/months back… you’ll see plenty of topics about WoTLK


there was about a month ago, lots of threads and a few petitions with signatures. However, as soon as any pro-wrath threads appear, the trolls come out of the shadows like Deunan, Feywaif or Blomsday

Haha look at how fast they responded to this thread! See what I mean?


You are factually wrong, as there have been dozens maybe even 100 or more Wrath servers that had stable populations for 10 or more years! They actually offered customer support & banned hackers or scripters unlike here.

*The more you know~


because we just completed it . give it a couple of years for a new progression servers after classic and TBC rerun


There isn’t a lot of interest in Wrath, let alone permanent Wrath servers. Most of the player base only raid logs while they play SoD as their main game. Realistically, what would you do on a permanent Wrath server? For how many weeks would you raid ICC over and over?


Things are good and fun because they are not permanent.

Also foolish to not consider this whole classic release thing isn’t some how going to be circular. While obviously there is nothing to support this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Northrend again in some way.


Lets suppose that the new SoD lev 40 cap bring BC as a starting zone, then the Lev 50 cap brings WoTLK as a starting zone… Then and lastly, the Lev 60 cap brings Cataclysm as a starting zone…


Blizz deleted most of the pro wrath era threads unfortunately. They are def going to pull the plug on adding more classic xpacs when Classic Cata flops.


Unlikely but I legit do not hate the concept you have there.

Sort of like an “expansion rush” but not how retail does it now where you do one dungeon, kill two mobs, and your now 10 levels above your chosen zone.


You seem to post the same innacurate statements in every thread, if there wasn’t demand for Wrath would dozens of people be posting the last two months begging for it?

10 + years of private servers with populations over 10 thousand proves you wrong- and were more fun (bots banned, no scripting, gold buying)


I have noticed more of them missing, and the petition threads gone!

that’s truly sad… and you are right cata will be dead or just full of bots


Except I never said there wasn’t a demand for Wrath. I said there isn’t a lot of interest in Wrath.

Please read things correctly. You have done this a few times now. Moreover, your admission that only “dozens” of people have posted about it only proves my point.

No private server had that many people playing.


Wrath has been the most popular & highly populated private servers out of any of the expansions, Cata, MoP or TBC servers could not sustain healthy populations & quickly died. There is more interest for it than any other expansion, you keep arguing a infactual statement…people want to play wrath so bad they would do it on ‘illegal’ private servers outside of USA jurisdiction.

Warmane isn’t even that good of a server, yet it’s so packed you have to wait in que just to log in. There aren’t bots, people from all around the world play because it’s free, and it’s Wrath without changes.


Nostalrius had over 20,000 players & was one of the main driving forces influencing Lizzard to re-release classic.

You really need to read up mate x D


But not more popular than Vanilla, and Classic Era servers failed, so using logic, what can we deduce here?

Which wasn’t Wrath, it was Vanilla. Please keep up, we’re talking about Wrath servers.


Vanilla era has been dead for years, your contrarian posts have zero validity
Keep up please, stop trolling the forums, k thanks bye

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