Why is there zero enforcement of the TOS on Classic servers regardless of reporting?

Why is there zero enforcement of the TOS on Classic servers regardless of reporting?

People blatantly flyhack, buy gold through RMTs, exploit, say terrible things to and about each other in the public chat channels, and straight up ruin the game for a lot of people.

Why is there zero enforcement or repercussions for any of this?
Why aren’t there GMs policing the servers?
Why are you guys turning a blind eye to blatant cheating?
Why are you ignoring rampant RMTs?

Feel free to post a stock response with a link to some random page on the WoW site about how I can help blizzard by doing the job my subscription is literally paying them to hire someone to do, and then lock the thread without addressing these questions because you’re not allowed to give straight answers.

There’s a thread below yours about someone in WotLK classic someone getting action from reports.


I can say with certainty, Moo, that our policies are being enforced, we aren’t turning a blind eye to anything.

Many of these investigations take time, because our Hacks team isn’t just going after the individual being reported, they are going after the method. Finding ways to detect, break or block the programs and methods used.

I know it can be frustrating, since you can’t see the same communications that I get with information on the numbers of accounts that are being penalized. We do wish we could do more, and more quickly as well as with more fanfare so that those reporting can actively see that their reports are utilized and valued. On occasion our Community Team is able to put out a post that provides some numbers, but overall, the player base is unfortunately left in the dark a bit.

Those are for social violations, which are usually a lot more black and white and easy to verify. What Moo is referring to tends to be a bit more complicated.


Go to Light’s Hope Chapel on Whitemane and tell me that the ToS is being enfoced.
Go to Dire Maul on Whitemane and tell me it’s being enforced.

It’s so bad that when I say something like “Buying gold is cheating” in a general chat channel I get flamed and told “Everybody is doing it because Blizzard does nothing.”

I’ve been told by Guild Masters and Officers that I’m “upsetting people” because of my stance against Gold buying(I call it cheating, because it is).

I know it’s out of your hands Vrakthis.
It’s all coming from higher up in the food chain.
Same reason you guys don’t have real active GMs like you did until like Cataclysm.

I can’t imagine what it’s like doing CS for a company that clearly doesn’t care about their customers.

Um. Take a gander at the locked threads in this forum. Things are addressed in Blizzard’s time, and outside of social sanctions, they do investigate reports. They don’t whack-a-mole cheaters, they learn how they’re working the system and then fix the issue and break what the cheaters are doing. Social sanctions, they’re rarely instantaneous, but it does catch up with folks. And those threads I linked are only a handful, not counting all the others that end up 404’d.

Because that isn’t how Blizzard operates. They’re reactive. They operate on reports. There is no way to have a GM in every channel on every server on each faction on every different game iteration.

Already answered above. Just because you don’t think folks are being sanctioned, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s a never-ending battle.

Your subscription is paying for you to access the servers. Not a single thing else beyond that.


Who? The devs and the like have put in systems to help them find programs running on systems and the like to learn what a program is and find a way to break it.

They still have GMs, they haven’t left. Folks just prefer what they want they think GMs did before.


They used to have actual real people actively policing their servers.
Sometimes they’d even watch people do raids and pop in to congratulate them on downing the boss.

My subscription pays for everything related to WoW not just the servers.

It is not my job as a player to police the game that Blizzard should be paying someone to police like they used to.
They could have literally one GM flying around on the Whitemane Cluster and it would do more good than anything we as players are able to do right now.

You realize you’re complaining in the wrong place, don’t you?


That was tried once long ago. Let’s just say it did not go well.


It didn’t go well for bonuses, it worked great for the players.

I’ve been playing off and on since the Maraudon Patch in Vanilla, I was there.

I don’t need to visit any location in game to tell you our policies are being enforced. Do we get every single account that may be exploiting in some way? No. We do what we can and we work to improve the methods that we have. It is a constant struggle though, as the folks who are cheating aren’t sitting back and sticking with a single method. It is an ever evolving situation and will continue to be that way as long as there is a value in doing so.

That tends to be a fairly unhealthy outlook and many come to regret doing so when they finally get penalized.

I’m not sure what you mean, Moo. We have active Game Masters. You may misunderstand their role then and now. It was never to police the game for exploitation. While they do react to some reports and do some investigations for certain behaviors, the majority of the work to deal with exploitation has always been our Hacks team.

What you tend to see is the ebb and flow of how successful the exploiters may be versus advances that our Hacks team has made. For instance, at the beginning of several expansions we’ve seen the flyhacking. That will go on for what seems like an extraordinary amount of time and then, they disappear. They disappear until another exploit is discovered to allow that practice again, until our teams figure out how they are doing it and are able to shut it down again. The shear volume of exploitation that simply doesn’t happen because of their efforts is incredible.

As I said, it’s a constant struggle. I can almost guarantee that we are usually far more frustrated by it than you are.

Well, for one, I know the company that I work for and the people that make up that company and don’t make up a narrative that simply isn’t true.

As a whole we aren’t perfect, we have made mistakes over the years but we learn and we grow and the folks that are still here, very much do care about our customers. This is a company that is full of gamers, who have been playing these and other games all of our lives. It’s easy to sit back and say well, X isn’t happening so it means they don’t care, but it is never that simple. We care a great deal, more than you can possibly know or perhaps understand.

I am sorry that we’re not able to enforce the in-game environment that we both want, but it isn’t for lack of effort, and we won’t stop working on making it better, regardless of if you believe I am just spouting a corporate line or not.


There are people flyhacking around EPL they stack up behind LHC.
People report them every day and nothing happens.

That’s proof enough that the policies aren’t being enforced.

Same with Dire Maul.
I honestly sympathise for you CS people and the CMs, you guys are the front line when it comes to the fanbase. I was here when Tseric lost it with the jerks in the community, I felt bad for him, and I understood where he was coming from.

So you want a 24 hour turnaround on discovering a hack, eliminating it, and actioning/recovering the accounts involved, all without any player filing a report?

How many people do you think that’d take?


If the same bots are being reported daily by lots of people for weeks on end, that’s a problem.

Nobody said anything to the contrary. The problem is, most of these accounts are compromised by parties whose income gets extended if they convince you that your reports are meaningless. Thus, they reuse names, appearances, and builds.


No we haven’t. There was a brief period of time where a small group of Game Masters were investigating some behaviors, in a certain area on a specific realm, but that was short lived and not really beneficial.

Yes and no. We had a brief program where certain Game Masters had the power to engage a bit more, and could make themselves known and interact with other players. They could show up in a raid if someone had put in a ticket for help. I actually was part of that, and we stopped doing it a long time ago because it was mostly a distraction and went against our role of being as non-intrusive as we could be.

No, it is no more your job to submit a report in-game then it would be to report suspicious behavior in your neighborhood in real life. If you do so is up to you, but doing so does make a difference to your neighborhood. :slight_smile:

Considering the majority of the folks exploiting are usually using stolen or illicitly obtained accounts, suspending or closing the accounts that we visually witness would deal with just those accounts. It takes almost no time for them to jump on others.

That is why it is important to deal with the method of exploitation, which takes a good deal more effort and time.


Blizzard takes player reports and they’re looked into and they’re studied. Then a team will look into said botting program and cheaters and once those people think they’ve pulled the wool over blizzards eye’s they ban them en masse.

Blizzard does not play whack-a-gnoll with these people they want them to think nothing will happen shortly before the rug get’s pulled out from under them.


I think the thread thus far has been fine and respectful, but I know what can happen… so since I’m just about out for the evening I’m going to close it.

Thank you, everyone.