Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

If not for sympathy, why did you create this thread?

Part of WHAT problem? Despising boosters and those paying for boosts is a problem?

Then post it in CS if you are looking to speak directly to blizzard.

Boosting is almost identical to retail, who are you trying to kid? Instead of using the gold for a token for blizzard balance to pay for a RM boost, you are merely cutting out the middle man and paying gold to boost while AFK.

This is rich coming from the guy who’s alt was spamming these threads.

Teb is my brother, idiot. Not an alt. I haven’t commented with a single alt. Again, why would I? I expect a direct response this time.

Then we should be asking why they are using that as a metric. What could a bot be doing in an instance that would be worth it?

No, people paying for boosts still spent an insane amount of time framing it just to be able to pay. On top of that, it still takes waaaaay longer to level in classic regardless of the method used.

I am the OP’s brother. You just jump to conclusions. Another example of you being a problem.

This is a bad thing. Are you defending bots now?

There are people out there that, no matter what Blizzard does, they will stand beside them. Blizzard can do no wrong in their eyes. If Blizzard came out today and said,

“This has been a tough decision, but our team has decided to delete all of your characters because we feel this would be the best course of action given the various changes that we’ve had to make. We were going for a 6 phase release system and after learning from our mistakes a fresh start just makes sense.”

There would be people who would bend over and defend Blizzard because “Oh My God don’t you all see??? They’re just trying to make the game good!!!” It’s just the way they are.

This change is bad for the game. You can disagree and you’re free to be wrong.

Killing stuff/farming easy to get to nodes, same as everyone else abusing dungeon resets.

Looking at dungeon count is a very easy way to analyze who is likely botting and put an easy throttle on it.

Fly hack to the end of DMN and kill the boss for tribute chest. They actually just cheat to be efficient, shockingly enough.

Both first signed these characters on in the past day or so.
One goes from 0 posts to no less than 3 spammed OPs of the same subject.
Then this character of the same guild and similar no forum history begins defending the OP.

Jumping to conclusions? Seriously dude?

That’s not botting and has nothing to do with instance lock.

Uhhh, it kinda does, since it’s what the bots are doing.



The bots are using fly hacks to farm ZG and DMN. What part of that is confusing?

If it’s so obvious that I’m commenting on alts, then why would I comment on alts? Kinda defeats the purpose if it were true. One of us is an idiot and it’s not me.

You clearly either do not play classic, or you have never farmed a dungeon. It would have to be a very low-level dungeon for a bot to be able to successfully farm it. Making it useless. From ZF and up there are variables where sending a bot in just would not work.

DMN is not one lockout per day…

It definitely is NOT.

I’m just saying, he doesn’t believe bots can be efficiently farming 30 instances a day, they totally can, because they just fly hack to do it.

So that is hacking, not dungeon farming.

First signed them in? We just started playing again after a six month break. I have never felt the need to come onto this waste land of a forum until we got locked out due to the 30 instance cap.

They are farming the dungeon by hacking.