Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

Coming from someone who plays the game a lot, it isn’t a good thing. At all.

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I play 50 hours a week and doesn’t bother me one bit. Wish it were 10 instances per day. See less boosting probably.


Because the average casual will literally never play in a manner in which it will impact them? Seriously. A majority of players wouldn’t have ever learned this change existed if blizzard didn’t tell us about it.


Same reason I was totally fine with the original 5 runs per hours limit. The message is quite clear, stop spamming dungeon resets. Playing dungeons as intended you will never hit the limit naturally.


You are asking, “why are casuals, casual?”
Might as well ask, “what is life?” or “why are fish?”


Why is a big part of the player base ok with a broken feature? How is that not a valid question?

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Better question: why are people trying so hard to control the playstyle of other players instead of just playing the way they want to and letting others have fun their own way?

Don’t do 30+ instances a day? Cool, don’t.
Do 30+ instances a day? No problem.

Why does the first group get to say it’s not okay for the 2nd to play the way they want?


Probably because the people spamming dungeon resets don’t exist in a bubble where they have no impact on the bigger game. And just like when they added 5 runs per hours blizzard doesn’t like that impact.


uhhh what?

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Not broken. How is it broken? They just made it better actually I think. Used to be 5 instances per account per hour. Changed to 30 per day per account. (You all cried) Now its 30 per day, per character right?. 8 characters per account = 240 instances per day. Before any changes made your max was 120 instances per account per day.


I’m complacent about the change because this is a video game so I really don’t care.


it doesn’t impact the vast majority of the playerbase, and I’m pretty sure most people aren’t sympathetic to all the boosting mages complaining about the 30 instance cap either.


Blizzard must be in that first group.

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Ayaya, Didn’t you quit the game? Why are you still here puppeting?


I’m not telling you to do or not do anything. I don’t care. There’s a new rule now though and I’m fine with it.


Even most hardcore players would rarely need more than 30 instance resets in one day.

Mostly what it does is mitigates exploitation and lessens the options for bots as far as I can see.

My only gripe is they should have done this way sooner.


Make heaps of gold where I can’t. That is why. This boils down to a more level playing field for people who can’t devote the time to farm that way.

People doing more than 30 instances a day are gathering resources at a rate that the average casual has no chance at keeping up with.

Power farming means you can pay more for what I can’t. Be you a bot or just a sweaty try hard, it makes my life miserable when I can’t afford the absurd prices on things both you and I need.


That mentality is exactly the issue here

INB4 “but muh SGC/HOJ/MCP” power farming for items gives the same advantage to those who farm gold in a less tangible way.

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