Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

this change is awesome. you are the problem. people like you are poison for any mmorpg.


Oh please explain this one mr level 10

Wow what a read!! I liked the part where someone thought someone else was posting on alts and being completely unaware the alt they chose is in the same guild.
… one would assume if you were trying to hide on alts, you wouldn’t choose an alt in the same guild. I believe they’re brothers. Seems obvious to me :man_shrugging:

Or bought gold for $$ to buy boosts, you never know.

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because no one i want to know runs 30 dungeons a day - sincerely not a casual


You know this how? If you don’t think there are dungeon farming bots then you either didn’t look or are a very bad googler. I won’t mention the names but there are several, one brags that "Currently we support Shadowfang Keep, Stockade, Scarlet Cathedral, Maraudon, Stratholme, and Zul’Gurub. ", for mage farming of course. Is it a coincidence that most of the complaints are from mages? Things that make you go hmmm…

Blizzard has their hands full because of some of the technology that is being used. BoTs versus Game Makers has been an arms race forever.


Yes, because if you read their posts, they tell you that they have to collect evidence on the detected accounts before taking action against them.

Also, if you can believe your lying eyes, you’ll see the same bots from the start of Classic still botting. You can see new bots for weeks, if not months. And despite Blizzard saying they’re banning lots of bots, I see more bots now than ever.

If Blizzard said they were being faithful to vanilla and weren’t implementing any changes, would you believe them, or would you observe reality and see they’re lying?

No. I’m trying to walk you through the terrible logic of “it doesn’t affect many people therefore it’s okay.”

I do an instance once or twice a week. At best.
Don’t really care.

Why do you think everyone cares so much about gold. I could give a fk less. I could spend all day boosting and making tons of gold, but it’s not something I enjoy doing. I would rather solo farm content. All I want to do is do more princess runs in mara to get the dagger or farm SGC for my warrior alt. But i’m locked out of doing both, which are the only things I want to spend my time doing in wow right now…I’m tired of not being able to play the game how I want because of some stupid arbitrary limit imposed because of bots.

Wait, you’re locked on two characters? You’ve done 60 resets in the last 24 hours?

I’m locked out on two accounts…One this mage, another which has my warrior. So here I am back on the forums killing time.

I did some runs last night, and a couple this morning…so now I have about 12 hours of being locked out of doing what I want to do. It’s incredibly stupid.

You could always learn how to cook a French Omelette.

Made some coffee, hash browns, bacon, eggs, waffles this morning…still locked out.

Aren’t we supposed to call them Freedom Omelettes now?

Because everyone in the world DOES NOT have the same thoughts, ideas and opinions that YOU have.

Also it is not just “casuals”. It is anyone who (like Blizzard) judges the rule for its effect on THE WHOLE GAME…

…not for its effect on “the way Wawowewa wants to play”.


Correction – you did 30 runs, not “some runs…and a couple”. The game counted.

I don’t think that’s stupid. What you “want to do” is exactly what is now forbidden by Blizzard.


Yeah and their reasoning is to limit bots effects on the game economy. I’m not a bot, so why is this arbitrary limit applied to legitimate players.

I don’t think you realize how little 30 runs actually is. An arena run or BoED run takes like 4-5 minutes. That some last night and a few this morning is equal to ~1 1/2 hours of gameplay last night and 30 minutes this morning. And now I can’t do what I want in the game for 12 hours.

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You’re right. Druids can’t solo dm east like 5 other classes can in the same exact manor. Only mages can grind gold didn’t you know?

They’ve never desribed the evidence collection process, for all we know it could take them less than an hour to collect evidence. Actually, that’s quite likely, seeing as they bn thousands of accounts daily.

And I see less bots, and I haven’t seen one single bot that I saw near the beginning of Classic. Annecdotes and confirmation bias…

What they said is more nuanced than that, but of course people continue to misrepresent it.

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I’ve seen more bots out in the world since this change than in the previous 9 months combined playing classic. All you have to do is go to the SM entrance late at night and you’ll seed dozens of multiboxer bots running into the instance. Go to winterspring late at night and find them basically everywhere. Go to where the turtles are in the hinterlands and you’ll find 3-5 bots farming em for golden pearls. They are everywhere so I’m not sure where you’re looking.