Why I do NOT support the multibox ban

Which is a shame.

Multi-boxing was not banned. They just have to now Multitask in order to multi-box instead of pressing one key on one keyboard to run multiple characters.

Exactly. That was my point in my post. If it automates features within the API, it is perfectly within the ToS. If it automates user input, which is external to the API, it violates the ToS. It’s really that simple. It’s been that way since the game launched.

Healbot, in Vanilla would like to speak with you.

Blah blah blah “God i love listening to myself talk”. OP has no idea what the change even includes and is looking to rant, stopped reading with the aoe loot. Get real, find a different game to play please. You’re part of the problem.

You keep thinking that fam.

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  1. It’s not really a relative few. The majority of the population is against other players having an unfair outside advantage. Especially with the economic issues they cause. The forums aren’t flooded with complaints not because people don’t care, but because it’s been this way for 15 years.
  2. The slippery slope argument is a fallacy. Just because a line may need to be drawn doesn’t mean you draw it before the ride even starts.

Lol the biggest of stretches gives ever seen. It’s not even in the same realm.

I assure you the vaccine doesn’t contain mind control serum my dude. Lizardmen don’t rule the world. You’ll be alright. The world isn’t out to get you. This was an extremely good fix.

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Just because it has the word “bot” in it doesn’t mean it the way you think it does.
The user still pressed a button. Healbot downranked spells, which is allowed within the API. You can create macros that do the same thing. It wasn’t like Healbot made the player run around automatically healing without any interaction. Buttons still needed to be pressed. Poor example…

In fact, here is the macro/script from 1.0 to 1.12 that did the same thing Healbot did:
/script for i=1,40 do TargetNearestFriend();
if UnitHealth(“target”)/UnitHealthMax(“target”) < 0.7 then
if UnitIsPlayer(“target”) then CastSpellByName(“Lesser Healing Wave”) end end end; TargetLastEnemy();

Completely fine within the API… Again, bad example.

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They have not banned multiboxing and have since the software ban for it have come out and have reconfirmed that it is not a violation .

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Most of their arguments are poor because they’re not arguing in good faith. They know the difference but they hope you don’t.


It’s really sad how you antiboxers cling to distorted logics, when all I’ve done is give you hard facts.

Go for it fam. Gotta lose those 300 dollars amirite.
Police is easy, dont keyclone or you get banned.
He was addressing mouse and keyboard functions and software not linked to keyclone.

“Note that while Blizzard says it is ok to do Multiboxing, their support article it implies that multiboxing assist tools, tools made to send keystrokes to multiple WoW instances, are now against terms of service.”
Just to help you.
You can have several tabs of wow on all you want.
But you cant automate them by any means ^^

they are only banning players who are using a certain type of software
they have given these players a time to remove it before it is actionable on their accounts

multiboxing is not being banned

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It’s about time that multiboxers get in trouble for cheating. Prices are up in AH, can maybe make some gold for a change.

It’s funny to read the forums with all the multiboxers crying and crying. Brings me joy.


I should clarify, so forgive me. The very original iteration of Healbot, IIRC, was fully automated within the API (hence the name HealBOT). Because it was automated, Blizzard rightfully banned the addon until it was later rebuilt and re-released with the new version requiring player interaction.

But my memory is foggy and the long ago days can be lost to time.

The only thing I will say is that I support the change in rules, but doing so immediately before the most popular wow expansion since Lich King…might have wanted to give people more notice.

The relative few are the forum goers. I can with a very strong conviction say that the people on the forum are the minority.

Multiboxing is not an unfair advantage. It’s an advantage and disadvantage, but nothing about it is unfair. Unfair is being able to do things no one else can. Everything a multiboxer can do, a group can do, or a raid can do. We don’t get magical wizard powers when we pay for 5 times the sub/xpac costs. WE just get the luxury of not dealing with other players.


Except for camping herbing/mining nodes faster.

And honestly, I’d be fine with changes if Blizzard were more open about it. I get it. But let’s ne honest here, if the real target was botting, why does the solution have to be one that effects many legitmate players who don’t bot?

To me, this is a tacit admission on Blizzard’s part that Warden and, by default, Blizzard can no longer capably combat botting via Warden.

All one has to do, if you want evidence, is look to the proliferation of bots and various hackers on Classic servers.