Why Hasn't Lower Kara Been Nerfed?

It got nerfed by 30% damage an hour ago. Which means it wasn’t working as intended.

Here is the thing, you and Sosari may think it is fine. But the majority disagreed and the devs also disagreed. So it must of not of been fine for a large amount of the people doing it and for the devs.

That is the DoT…

  • Return to Karazhan: Upper
    • Shade of Medivh
      • [With realm restarts] Flame Wreath damage reduced by 30%.

That is the DoT. You know there is two parts to Flame Wreath right

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As far as I am aware it both. They did not say “Flame wreath dot” They said the damage period.

No, it got nerfed because people complained about it. That mechanic was intended to be a wipe mechanic.

No, the devs are lazy and don’t really care about their game. There is a huge difference. If they cared, they would ensure that their challenge mode content was something that people worked for over a season, not something completed in a week.

it’ll only be the dot. Flame wreath has 2 fail mechanic on it. If people move it blow up and kill everyone. If the person in the circle die it blow up and kill everyone. That mechanic will always be a 1 shot

Kind of hard to say this when you aren’t the devs. You could say it was complaining or it could of been they saw it was a problem. There is several other things they have not nerfed that people complained about.

It is not difficult for me to say at all given the fact that I raided heroic tonight and was disappointed over the fact that the “fated” raid was way too easy. Most of the group did not follow any mechanic and we downed bosses. That should not happen one week into a patch.

Flame wreath will still kill you if you run through it.

If it is only the dot and not the explosion then it will still be an annoying fight. But in general most of my annoyance was with the moroes as with Medivh it’s only a 1/3 chance you end up with Flamewreath.

Then good for you. I haven’t run any fated raids so I cannot give an opinion on them. All I can do is give one on things I have done.

explosion is an insta-kill. So I dont see them changing it. It’s a pass fail mechanics which is good. The issue right now w/ flame wreath is the dot do alot of dmg that healer will need to spam them hard. People just need to be not bad w/ the mechanics. I mean all you really need to do it not move :person_shrugging:

The point of that mechanic was a pass/fail. Nerfing it because people fail is not something that any good developer would do in a challenge mode dungeon. We are not talking about LFR/normal, we are talking about content that is supposed to challenge the people who chose to run it.

I do get that. The problem is that I do not do keys over 9+ unless someone on my friends list needs a tank. So for all intents and purpose I am doing the equivalent of LFR in keys. Having a pass and fail mechanic in a LFR where one person can wipe you is annoying.

Keys at that level are not supposed to be so punishing. There is a reason why you don’t have every affix at every key level.

I get that if it was higher key. But this is some LFR kind of keys. It is not supposed to be that punishing.

To be honest I think it is more that I do not like bringing Karazhan back as a Mythic + in general. Karazhan is a step back in terms of how the game was played before, I liked it a lot back then because I was doing progression. But over half a decade later I just don’t want to have to wipe constantly on what is should be a valor run because one of(or several) the pugs keeps moving. It’s just not a thing that should be in a key that low and honestly it should just either do reduce damage until you get into like 10+.

Honestly the nerfs don’t seem enough.

The die route is going to become the must have after Fortified Ushers use Exodia’s obliterate on your party.


then change your attitude. And no there are no “LFR” keys. You’re asking for easy mode which is dumb. It’s already easy enough. You see flame wreath you dont move.

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I’d say Upper is worse, but Lower needs another look too.

People need to be honest (at least with themselves). They do not want the challenge that M+ brings, they want the gear. A +2 should be just as challenging to the entry level M+ players as a +10; +15; +20 etc. should be.

That is the point of Challenge mode.

+2 to 5 is definitely easy mode. There isn’t even affix besides the base one, the damage is I think a 10% increase over base max to the point that you can stand in and eat more things than you could on higher keys and you can generally do them with fresh toons. That is LFR.

As much as I do agree with you, I have to strongly dismiss this statement right now.
I have a timed 16 Lower and attempted 20 Lower.
We bricked the 20 Lower on 2nd boss (Moroes) because the garrote was chunking us for around 23% hp per second and the healer wasn’t able to do 50k hps even with lust.
We’re using meta comp with meta route, and we had plenty of time left after Opera boss but we kinda figured the wipe would be Moroes.
Maiden isn’t bad anymore, they’ve reduced the absorb so much if you’re not getting through it without lust you’re either undergeared or don’t know how to play your class, simply put.
Attumen is good too, I think the spectral charge leaves room to be desired, either less horses or make it known where they’re going to spawn from slightly before they appear, or make their damage 10% less so it’s not a 1 shot.

NOW, if you want a really horrifyingly bad experience, do a 20 Workshop, we just bricked ours because we had the add spawn at the same time 2 discs went right through the party and there’s zero chance of survival. The discs hit for roughly 95% of your health right now, (afaik back in S4 BFA they dealt about 45% of your health in damage), and the add is dealing around 5% dps.

Point being, someone else in this thread said the developers simply don’t play the game and rely solely on feedback in which for the most part they ignore, I think you’re spot on. There’s no way a single Blizzard employee, or external QA testing company has played S4 content whatsoever.

Edit: Opera boss this week can also glitch, if the Bubble Blast cast isn’t interrupted when the Murloc add hits 1% hp, it’ll revert back to its spawn location and infinitely cast Bubble blast and you can never interrupt it because it has full immunity at this point, CC, Interrupt and Stun do not stop it.