Why Hasn't Lower Kara Been Nerfed?

I already sense the flock of people that will come here and say “lower isn’t bad it’s just mechanics so get good”. Listen… you can’t sit here and tell me that Lower isn’t a s*** show right now because of over tuning issues. From what I’ve seen, most agree.

But why hasn’t Blizzard done more to fix it yet? That’s what I wanna know! Like come on!


It’s mainly cause Blizzard has decided you guys just need to learn to get gooder. I learned of this in a dream last night it was very snowy and cold.

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I’m glad you agree. /clap

Some stuff could use a damage nerf. Things that you can’t dodge, but do 90% of your hp, even with 30% vers.


The fact that 16s and 17s feel remarkably easier than a 12 lower says a lot. And no it’s not because the mechanics are hard. It’s because everything hits 10000x harder than it should. It’s absolutely ridiculous… and Blizzard needs to do something about it already.


it is indeed a pretty bad! For me it’s just the garrote damage on moroes, the rest is definitely doable but everything hurt.

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They always compile data and then react slowly

They should have enough data to ascertain that changes needed at this point I would think. But yeah they’re slow


I nearly timed a +14. We made like 2 or 3 mistakes at the most…run was nearly perfect. Says a lot when 2-3 mistakes can ultimately kill the run even thought DPS is perfect and all bosses are done right. It’s brutally unforgiving and needs heavy nerfs across the board.


Maidens shield is way too strong. Everything during the opera event trucks people even when you’re actively dodging. Moroes has a ridiculously powerful bleed and I’m pretty sure his cone cleave that he does is buggy. The only boss that feels decent is Attunemen.


probably just waiting it out atleast this week and see how it goes. Part of the issue isn’t just about tuning but also players being new to the dungeon.

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I really hope so… because next week is brutal for healers. Grevious in a lower with the way it is… good luck.

My guess is because they want to see how things look on fortified weeks as well before they whack dungeons with a hammer. :man_shrugging:

The mage woman one shot me with the initial bolt of her arcane missiles. :dracthyr_cry_animated: we had to cheese the fight just so she wouldn’t randomly kill someone.

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What level key? You’re only 243 and base for m+ is 262 this season so it’s kinda adding up

My priest ran a 12 the other night.

It wasn’t just me getting one shot, our ele shaman had to pop astral shift to block her instant bolt so we could nuke her.

Kara damage numbers are nuts lol

We casually do a 15 like it was nothing, then go do a lower 10 and fail it


Yeah I ran a +2 on this guy who way over gears it lol I get it for sure . Some of the trash mechanics seem overly punishing . I mean it’s only week 1 I ain’t gonna get ksm till at least a month or more so it’ll get better they’ll do something I’m sure

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Yea some of the stuff does feel like it hits pretty hard, but it’s week 1. Maybe it should? I am surprised that it feels so much harder tuned than others though. Mecha and Taza feel WAYYYYYYY easier than WOD and especially Legion dungeons right now.

mage woman?

The baroness on the Moroes fight.