Why Hasn't Lower Kara Been Nerfed?

What sad though is they don’t need the data.

X trash mob one shots players on tyrannical. Fortified isn’t going to make it better.

Next week is going to feel like what the other dungeons bosses have been like on tyrannical with fortified trash wiping so many groups.

necrotic week on grim I’m on a wait and see because not alot of adds in there do melee. With lower kara the adds do die fast enough to be an issue (maybe). And really with the changes to necro in season 3 it’s not hard to reset stacks anymore for any tanks.

Loot wise I’ll let blizz figure that out. I’m not smart enough to figure what the bis gear are. I’ll leave it to the experts

I am more interested in Iron docks. Most of the adds there are auto attacking archers and they also do 50% slows on the tank that isn’t a magic to be dispelled.

Add onto a part of the dungeon you have to stay behind the boxes or get rained on by arrows and the boxes are far enough a part that you could get hit if you try to run out of range of the archers to the next box which also has more archers waiting.

I am not sure why people are complaining about Kara, it was M+ back in Legion, so it isn’t like they had to make it into a M+ dungeon like the WoD ones. :man_shrugging: :thinking:

Here is a video for your entertainment.

but if you position the add right in those boxes. They do get hit by friendly fire so they did fairly quick as well.

Like I said I’m on a wait and see about some of them. We might be over-reacting too much atm with really knowing.

They hit harder by comparison of ratings. This has to do with stats squishes, lack of artifact weapons + 2 legendaries and just difference of abilities. Some classes had armor/defensive nerfs. Some class had baseline abilities taken and put into talents or pvp talents that you wouldn’t have anymore.

It’s kind like how Timewalking dungeons are so much easier than they were when they first came out because the abilities and stats we have now are not the same as before.

Yes, scroll up and quote me bringing up my score.

Nope. This is your reading comprehension skills lacking.

Bottomline… high level keys in week one are supposed to be very difficult. People shouldn’t be able to steamroll a level 15 at this point. They should struggle. It is like the fated raids, they are way too easy. No one but the best mythic raiders should be clearing heroic Sire at this point.

So you don’t consider you bragging about how we don’t know 20+ mechanics and how you did 15+s and 20+s and were a top key bringing up your score? You could of just ignored this post and tried to argue anything else I said but you instead decided to act like completing a certain Key is not a rating flex?

Again, I didn’t say this. I even quoted what I actually said. You just refuse to actually read it. Let me quote it for a third time for you.

You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example .
I said you don’t know the mechanics because you never saw the chickens raining down on Manastorm. Because in low keys you can out dps the phase and never see the mechanic ever.

I didn’t bring up my score. You can’t even quote it because you know you are dead wrong. I brought up +20s after you were already coming after me to give you examples.

No, it wasn’t. You just took it that way. It was to show that it is possible even with pugs.

They aren’t trying to steamroll. The people who were talking about it were either like me talking about sub 10+ keys or were people who said variations of “I was able to time a 15+ of another key but this 10+ lower was impossible”.

I can use my prot paladin. I haven’t tried timing anything over a 9+ yet as I am keeping my vault on Tazavesh Streets for the shield. But it is 273 ILvL and I was doing Moroes +2. We had 1 add up but someone accidentally broke the cc on the one that throws a fire ball before he comes in. I was hit by the one wide Aoe as it was under the table and I couldn’t see.

Nearly was one shot while in my concentration that reduced damage by 16% and had my 20% damage boost up.

Same thing in my Medivh +2 fight. Flamewraith went off because someone moved and one shot me and everyone else. I have 114k hp.

These are examples of failed mechanics. Medivh being a pass/fail. It doesn’t matter how much HP you have. You could be 500k HP and still die to it.

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And I quoted you multiple times.

Going to have to explain this clearly since you don’t understand.

Imagine if someone was upset that Blizzard mistuned a LFR raid wing to have the scalings of what you would expect on Heroic. And imagine if someone else came in and talked about how they shouldn’t fix it since they need to learn the mechanics as in mythic if you didn’t learn those mechanics you would die. Then the person proceeds to counter someone complaining about how it shouldn’t be so punishing with trying to “gotcha” by talking about how there is a specific mechanic on Mythic Anduin that if anyone messed you would wipe.

Then the person when called out proceeds to say they never mentioned they were an mythic raider.

That is you. The moment you decided to use a 20+ mechanic to argue about problems most people who are complaining would never see was you flexing about your rating. You cannot pretend you didn’t do it since you never would of used 20+ mechanics in your argument as it was never about that high of key.

You trying to make it seem like you didn’t wont matter since it is what you did do.

And you proceed to do it again.

No you didn’t. You didn’t quote me a single time bringing up score. Keep lying to yourself.

You have to be trolling. It does not only pertain to +20. Get it through your head.

You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example .

You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example .

You also see them under +15s. Again, it was an example .

Read my post instead of ignoring it. At least pretend to have an argument.

No it wasn’t. I never seen the chicken mechanic in anything and I did that place on a 14+ before. I even directly mentioned that the boss dies to fast to ever see it and you even said it was a 20+ mechanic. So no it wasn’t an example. It was you trying to pretend it was when called out.

There is no “+20 mechanic”. I never said there was. At least pretend to read or understand what you are reading.

It’s literally called “Aerial Rocket Chicken Barrage”. It is not a “+20 mechanic”.

As Sosari said, this is working as intended. It did the same back in Legion. Perhaps part of the issue is that people are trying to ignore the mechanics because they’ve been able to in SL dungeons.

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I think this teaches them what mechanics are do or die early on and forms good habits. The problem in surviving failed mechanics is that they will continue to fail them until they can’t. I have heard and seen many people think they were doing the mechanic correctly when they were not at all. These were not low keys either. People didn’t know Manastorm mechanics in a +20 because they always got by until they couldn’t.

You seem to of forgotten this bit. It is not something on the level of Karazhan flamewraith +2 or moroes +2 because you never see it on most fights as most fights end too fast. You even acknowledge this and proceeded to act all smug as if you proved how much smarter you were.

At least edit out your posts to make it seem like they make sense.