Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?

  1. I think it’s the most fun to play of the three Hunter specializations.

  2. Wildfire Infusion. Though technically a talent, it’s a large part of why I think it’s fun to play. I enjoy that it forces me to constantly adjust my play.

  3. It may sound odd, but it reminds me of the Predator from the movies. A stalker that uses gadgets and a spear to hunt their prey. With Camouflage, the Hunter’s stealth even resembles the Predator’s invisibility.


That’s always what I think of when I play CAMO. lol I actually just had a predator dream last night, UGH STRESSFUL.

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You keep saying it, and I still don’t see it.

BM: Pokemon Trainer.
Marks: Sniper.
Survival: Bag of tricks.

I see that you’re now arguing a ranged weapon in their equip slot would arbitrarily be a stronger option than a melee weapon in their equip slot, so Survival thus is not employing all the tricks at its disposal.

I mean, I would first like to point out that every melee class in the game would probably take issue with your declaration that bows and guns in WoW are arbitrarily more powerful than swords and axes.

And then I’d like to point out that you remain far more focused on what kind of stick the hunter holds in their hands than you are on “theme and identity.”

Your continued belief that hunters should not ever have the option to be capable melee combatants flies in the face of pretty much every piece of fantasy lore and literature serving to inspire WoW.


They may be a couple of the few who persist about it. Many more just gave up and either quit the game or moved to other classes.

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1 - Well, closest spec to an “Aragorn” like character, I would enjoy not having a pet as well, but…
2 - The Class fantasy =v
3 - Agile swordsman, like Aragorn, Geralt and even Jon Snow to some extent. You know, unlike Warriors and Paladins that are more of a heavy armored juggernaut, knights and so on, it’s nice to be just a swordsman.


The Identity of the spec from Alpha?

Hell there were even melee only demons for the Ancient Leaf quest.

He knows that current SV fits the theme, he purposely only going against it to get his spec back. Even if it will never come back or in the slight chance it does it will never be what it was… since it doesn’t fit the game anymore.


1: SV’s fun and relatively easy to play.
2: The way it’s mixed in using DD and Dots.
3: Either being Rexxar(just you and your pet in the wild) or being a literal hunter with traps and different types of ammo.


Every iteration of the spec before Legion used a ranged weapon, period.


Lol I see you in all survival related posts, qqing and crying for the return of RSV, please stop


I love the skill cap in PvP. Like the difference between a good survival hunter and a great one is a big difference. I miss class complexity. I miss high skill ceilings. Playing a Druid in classic is just so fun because of the potential for outplays and knowing game mechanics can make for some great moments. For instance the other day I 1v1ed a hunter and I seen him place down his frost trap so I went bear form and taunted his pet. Made his pet break me out of the trap.

It’s little things like that, that can just give a lot of satisfaction and showing off your skill with a class. To me Retail has barely any of this. So when they make a spec that has some skill cap and make it fun to play? Well gosh darn it brings a tear to my eye.


I like surival melee version, it reminds me of demon hunter in diablo 3, where you are switching between melee and cross bows and stuff. its pretty cool


you ever heard of a rogue?


Yes, but rogues stick to the fantasy of being a pirate nowadays, or a shadowy assassin. Also, they don’t get to wield two handed swords, so…


And every iteration of the spec starting with Legion uses a melee weapon, period.


Bilbo was the rogue.

Aragorn was great archer whose true prowess was melee combat

Just look at Talion from shadow of mordor/war. He is a perfect example what sv fantasy could be like.
Traps, bow to weaken your foe, then stabby stab stab with your blade to finnish it off.


It wouldn’t be a survival post if he didn’t derail it to cry about wanting RSV back.


yea my bad i forgot when aragon whipped out his bombs and mini crossbow


As opposed to when he threw on a pair of daggers and went creeping about…

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Guess what too, every spec used a melee in vanilla too xD I dont remember if it was wrath or cata that they removed it.