Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?

I would like to read your opinion/comments by answering:

  1. Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?
  2. What is the feauture that you like the most?
  3. What is your fantasy while playing the spec?

Please share your opinions and/or comments :slight_smile:

  1. I dont, quit the day it went melee
  2. I like that its called survival because it reminds me of when the spec was good.
  3. I fantasize about it becoming the spec it was before.

I enjoy the play-style in pvp, and the black sheep of the bunch

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  1. I like 2-handed melee, and Survival feels fast paced to play even with a 2-hander. Focus gen can be clunky but it’s miles better than Arms and rage. I like the fantasy. I like having a pet.

  2. My favorite aspect is the combination of quick playstyle combined with ranged multidot capabilities and a ton of utility. I know it’s a shadow of its once ranged multidot style but I still enjoy it greatly and like being a little fox with a big axe. It feels like Survival has an answer for almost any situation the game can throw at you, whether it’s PvE or PvP.

  3. The fantasy to me feels like a forest ranger, scrapper and trapper archetype. Sure they can use a bow but they are more on the ground in the thick of it ready to strike. They have poisons and traps at the ready to weaken, slow or disorient their foe, setting up flank attacks with their trusted animal companion. I love BM and MM but man the Survival fantasy feels so comfy to me.

Edit: Thanks for posting these questions! It’s fun to think about, and Survival doesn’t get much love.

  1. I enjoy SV because it’s different. I’ve played all iterations through every expansion of hunter and for me it’s nice to have another option that isn’t just the same shooting with my bow with different skills. Options are good :slight_smile:

    Although it’s not perfect, it plays like a “hybrid” of sorts and I’ve always loved hybrids. I’m not calling it a hybrid, before someone goes bonkers here.

  2. Feature that I like the most… hm… Well probably that I can disengage and harpoon. This changes the way SV hunters play in PVE and PvP and combat in general. Allowing for fun, quick combat to occur.

  3. Not really sure I have a fantasy while playing, I’m a hunter, having fun, chucking bombs, shooting poison all while enjoying the companionship of my little pet friend.


I find it feels alot like a combat rogue with a pet its got fun playstyle and throwing grenades that have different effects on the rotation is alot of fun. Also being a descent dh counter in PvP is great too lol
Edit: stupid phone tiny keyboard

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  1. I dont actually like current survival that much but i enjoy it more than the other hunter specs. I would give it up instantly for old ranged sv.

  2. I like how versatile the spec feels compared to other melee because i can go out of melee range and barely lose dps. Not only by using eagle but also by changing up my rotation so i can use ranged spells for the next couple of seconds.
    U also pretty much play it like a ranged hunter in pvp which is nice.


The main reason I main Survival because I absolutely loath the MM and BM this expansion.

I mean, the spec itself is fine but I’d take old Survival back in an INSTANT.


I don’t. If I wanted to play a melee I’d play a rogue.

  1. Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?

Because I love the Melee Pet Ranger/Druid more than sniperboy and Enhancement is a chore to player leaving only 1 mail melee spec.

I also greatly disliked CLICK ALL THE THINGS style of Survival in MOP and WoD and before that SV was just the “stats” tree which was nice for really bad or really good gear in Van/TBC.

  1. What is the feauture that you like the most?

Wildfire Bombs and SV Kill Command

  1. What is your fantasy while playing the spec?


  • I don’t main it currently (a number of factors this expansion made it a less-than-ideal choice when I swapped back to hunter at the start of Ny’alotha). I off-spec it when the whim hits, as of a change of pace. I like the idea of having a bag of tricks and fighting side-by-side with my pet as a unit. BM’s Pokemon trainer approach is fun, too. But it’s nice to mix it up.
  • You know, I’ve grown to really love Mongoose Bite. Hunter in general comes with an ability interplay that leans into maximizing burst windows, and I just love that rapid-hit feel that comes out of Mongoose Bite. But I also very much like the bombs, which I think are a neat compromise on weaponizing traps.
  • Wandering troubleshooter is my “hunter fantasy” in general. Survival nails it for me with its bag of tricks, using every tool available to get the job done.

Every tool except for a ranged weapon, apparently.


I loved your answer. Thank you for sharing this

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You just can’t help yourself can you?


Well it does have ranged weapons. Have you seen the bombs and the crossbow? hahaha

  1. Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?

I don’t play SV exclusively but I really like that the talent tree opens up a few different playstyles (this is independent of their viability in the real world). I wouldn’t call myself an expert on every spec but SV really stands out in this regard. I especially like the variation that wildfire infusion brings. It’s also one of the melee specs that isn’t so heavily built around “builder/spender”. I find those specs so unbelievably boring.

Also lets me mog my corrupted ashbringer on my hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to emphasize that the things I like about the spec don’t mean that I think they are equally viable or all equally “fun”. I like the whole package collectively despite some of its flaws. Unfortunately the current state of the spec makes it more suitable just to solo play though, at least for me.

  1. What is the feature that you like the most?

Outside of what I stated above I find the movement options and control over your circumstances really fun and engaging. SV provides for some good moments like disengaging into a harpoon.

Another I like about it is just that it’s still part of my favourite class. i.e. I wouldn’t like it as much if the same spec were part of DH or something. Before Legion I would only play SV when it was the FotM spec. I do miss parts of it; all of the things that have been repeated on this forum ad nauseam. However, I’ve always agreed with the switch to a melee spec. Now I play it just because it’s fun and I don’t have to reroll to be melee.

  1. What is your fantasy while playing the spec?

Not really a RPer honestly. But I guess if I had to choose, I personally associate the spec with Lor’themar.


Why does every hunter post eventually, inevitably, always have to turn into some crap about RSV… JESUS


I have noticed that Bepples abd Ghokar are the hunters that are always crying and claiming the return of RSV


I wish i had input into the spec, its one i dont really play. Tho my hopes is it opens up to be able to be full range or melee for those who rather be one or other.

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I mean I have nothing agianst voicing your opinion on a topic, or wanting RSV back, hell I enjoyed the spec because it was good in pvp (mostly because of mobility).

The problem I have is when they derail every topic and turn it into an RSV argument. this posting was supposed to be Why do you like/play SV hunter…

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