Why do you like/play Survival Hunter?

Prior to this reply here, do you see me in this topic? No.

Good, then keep it on topic and don’t drag me into it.


Because when you love something so much and then it’s taken away people get upset. You pleb


Its fast paced, has a pet with billion skins, has ranged and melle power.

I hate the mini xbox though

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That. So much that. I mained a RSV from LK to when they axed it. BM is ok… but RSV was my favorite. I hate melee.


It’s been 6 years, move on. And if you “love” pixels to the point that you complain about it 6 years later, you have serious issues and shouldn’t be playing video games.


LOL yea, especially when Classic is rolling with Ranged Survival. If they miss it SOOO much why arent they over there playing?


Mindset of a 12year old…

  1. I like the feel of the spec. The movement with disengage/harpoon. Going ranged when I want is cool even it’s a short time.
  2. Being melee with my pet is enjoyable.l for me.
  3. Bounty hunter.

One I bet you’re a blast at parties. Two a lot of people have been playing this for a good 10 years plus so you’re wrong it’s not just pixels it’s part of lifestyle at this point.

And it’s time to move on yourself if you are still complaining about people talking about thing they love.

And finally you are indeed a pleb. Pleb by definition you are.


I’m going to assume pointing out the irony in your post would be lost on you.

  1. It feels better and more engaging to play than current Arms. Faster-paced. Micro-managing pet on top of your own abilities is a nice change-up after 12 years of Arms.
  2. Mobility, CC, and self-heals. Lots of ways to get yourself into a fight but also options to get yourself out of it once it becomes dicey.
  3. haha polearm go stab
  1. I enjoy the bounty hunter feel of playing melee with a pet, as well as the aesthetics of a hunter vs a DK.
  2. Melee and the mobility… a lot of fun in pvp?
  3. Basically answered in the first question?
  1. Hunter was my favorite class back in vanilla. Love the kiting aspect. But that’s been lost in quest world. BM became boring to me and was gonna give it up for paladin/dk. But survival breathed life back into hunter for me. I still do play paladin, but strongly considering hunter as main and only for SL.

  2. Disengage, harpoon, mongoose bite animations, aspect of eagle are favorite abilities. Although general, also love the class mount. Don’t need any others.

  3. Wilderness aesthetic, and ironically, that of a beastmaster. I just like it up close more. I name all my pets the same, after my rl late best friend dog, Roxy.


They literally throw bombs, have a hand crossbow, and a cooldown to attack at range.

You don’t give a crap if they can attack at range, you just want Survival to have a gun or a bow instead of a spear.

I wonder, to you consider Windwalkers to be melee weapon specialists because they can equip an array of swords?

You’re mistaking mechanics for theme, which is honestly kinda your jam.


You know what’s better than those things, and much more “opportunist” and “utilitarian”? Actually using the ranged weapon like the rest of the class.

There is zero thematic basis for Survival of all specs to be going without the ranged weapon. It actively contradicts the core identity of the spec. This is not just a gameplay matter. In fact, Survival is most problematic in the area of theme and identity.


Once again, I’m forced to point out that your opinion for the classes current theme is not gospel, and nothing more than your opinion. Blizzard, who owns the intellectual property, disagrees with you. Deal with it and move on already.


Saying that a spec that deliberately avoids powerful opportunities isn’t “opportunist” isn’t much of a matter of debate. Blizzard is wrong on a lot of things, especially when it comes to class design.


11 year old actually. I ain’t hit manhood yet. Still hate melee.


I love my survival hunter. I really do hope it never goes back to ranged.

The ability to swap from MM to SV is a fresh change of pace. I think there should be things that come back from Legion, like axes.

  1. I fell in love with the game Far Cry Primal. It’s like playing a hunter, more specifically a melee hunter. I rolled SV in Legion and felt it was very similar.
  2. I really like traps and bombs. I wish there was more of that style integrated to it. Maybe more traps from talents, or better poison dmg.
  3. A survivalist. Making use of anything they can get their hands on for survivability.

I think we should be able to DW as well as use polearm/staff.
The idea is using what’s around you to accomplish your goal. Why wouldn’t a survivalist use 2 axes. If they are all they had, then they’d use them. Similar to the fantasy of Rhexxar.

I love SV. Thanks for asking ! :smiley:


I don’t really have a complicated answer like everyone else, but I like survival for world pvp just because it plays in a manner which is fun for me and it’s just really nice to play a class that can make rogues have a bad time.

That’s to say that survival isn’t clunky at times because it can very much so feel that way, but overall it’s still rather fun.