Why did Blizzard nerf alliance premades?

It’s incredibly poor forum manners to quote the entire body of a long post.

/shrug not my fault the forums here are kinda bad about properly referencing the post being responded to unless it’s explicitly quoted.

It’s also very poor manners to not respond to the actual content of a post.


If you just hit the reply button there will be an arrow that readers can choose to click on that will reveal the entire post being referenced. That leaves it up to the reader to decide if they need the entire context and they can close it when they are up to speed.

It is very inconsistent, it’s much more reliable to just quote the post, mice have scroll wheels for a reason.


It’s very consistent. 100% consistent.

No it’s not, for example your post just now does not have a link to my post.


Immediate replies do not include the link because they are right below them and the reader needs only to look up. If a third party had posted between us there would have been an arrow.

Right so it is inconsistent.


It is 100% consistent. It does exactly what you expect it to do every single time.

No it doesn’t as you just explained it may or may not link to the original post.

And ultimately it’s what a small movement of your finger on the scroll wheel to skim past it, stop being lazy. It’s just as rude to post execessively long posts in the first place.


Look, I am not saying this is some kind of revenge… I’m not trying to be mean… but I’m going to have to put you on ignore. Your excessive quote use just makes the forums frustrating to read. I wish you well sir.

Lol and still refusing to respond the actual post.


It’s no secret blizzard has always favored horde at least a little. It’s like having a favorite child.

But to say the premades were removed to please horde and not because it was severely imbalanced is just you being bitter.


This. And not because blizzard hates alliance and loves horde. Alliance win rates ON TOP OF relatively instant queues is what made it game breaking.

If alliance were able to do premades now as they were upon release, I would welcome the better challenger. However horde are not at this point going to allow it to become a race, due to the queue times. Long games would result and many alliance would still be ignoring the HPH elephant in the room.

There’s no amount of logic and reasoning you can give to petty forum whiners to change their minds. They have chosen what they want to believe and will vehemently stick to it, even in the face of obvious evidence.


It is scary that there exist players who genuinely believe this tinfoil hat lunacy.

They used the term unfortunate behaviors not oops a bug.

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No, it didn’t. Because of match numbers, players were able to organise which queue to dodge. Now players have to accept before they see which game they are placed in. The penalty of dodging before entering is felt by the players inside, not out.

Blizzard doesn’t appease whining, on that merit alone. They consider their own data.

well, i gave you examples of it happening to one faction and being immediately fixed and happening to another and not being fixed. Like camping people going to BRD for 5 corpse runs is fine but camping people in the av cave is not, i see you’ve chosen to ignore the entire post instead of address why you think its “tinfoil hat lunacy”


That’s because your post was directly above his. If you try to quote an above post entirely, the system will automatically remove it as it’s pure clutter.