Why did Blizzard nerf alliance premades?

Alterac Valley for example.

Alliance premades were patched because they were winning 99% of matches.

Problem is Horde now win 99% of matches due to the spawn cave advantage yet there has been no talk of fixing or patching it.

Why the double standard?


The Horde cave location was intended. Alliance abusing quick queues to premade AV was not intended.


Unfortunately blizzard has always had a problem with favoritism look at retail.


Originally I thought it was because alliance could not solo compete with premades on honor/hour, so forcing premades to only partial was a good change.

That said, they just moved the premades to AB, and it’s pretty much the same problem.

Horde won 99% of the time because alliance got more rep/hour clicking druids in a circle preventing them from leaving to summon ivus. They got so used to farming horde and turning in crystals, they forgot where IBGY was. Worse, if they got to IBGY, it was only 4-5 players, it’s not enough to hold the choke.

More recently, with the changes(druids now leave after 200 turn ins whether alliance likes it or not), it is definitely above 1%.


They were nerfed because alliance puggers were getting vote kicked to make room for premaders. This also left certain alliance games to be 10v40s against horde since people would not take the queues to coordinate with the premades. It had nothing to do with horde favoritism. Horde got a pretty sweet deal out of the losses, they usually picked up a good chunk of rep and it was good hph


I can’t relate to everyone saying alliance are losing 99% of games, maybe it’s different since I play in the OCE battlegroup but on AV weekends (the only time I really bother) there are days when I can be on 60-70% win rates. Have been able to get multiple characters from neutral to exalted in 2 days of AV due to alliance queue times no problem.


Because of clear racism and injustice purely to target you OP. It was blizzards plan all along when they started classic… get Blom.


I think Alliances biggest problem is that AV queues are so short, they don’t have to make them count. We have 2 hours to wait, so we maximize our attempts.


Alliance AV premades was hurting their faction too. If players weren’t mass organising to dodge games and kick out players that weren’t apart of their herd, a change might not have been as necessary.


What does that tell you?

I guess you could chalk that up to blatant horde favoritism or you could say its because there isnt really a problem there.

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a) because it was an exploit
b) the cave is not responsible for a 99% loss rate


OMG am dead

Ya, tried to get a friend who plays a healer into BG’s so we could 2man queue and I could have a pocket healer

He said ok, let’s do some AB’s tonight

First game Fairbanks premade 5cap
Next game Fairbanks premade 5cap
Next game Rattlegore premade 5cap
Next game Whitemane premade 5cap
Next game Atiesh premade 4cap (BRUH!)

At this point the friend says he’s done with BG’s for the night

I got sweaty just with that hour of queueing. 100% premades tonight guys /golfclap

“Just run one yourself”. No thanks, I don’t want to contribute to the continual extinction of solo PuG battlegrounds


there will never be a solo queue. horde queue times are now down to <5 minutes and damn near instant on weekends cuz 80-90% of pugs have just stopped queueing. I think at this point, alliance pugs more than horde


I disagree. I believe Alliance premades were patched because they were flushing the queues. They would join and dump and join and dump until they got almost all of their players into the same game. This left a trail of broken AV’s behind them with 15 alliance vs 40 horde.

I firmly believe that if the premades had been satisfied getting 25 people in instead of constantly queue flushing to get 35+ they would have never changed the queue algorithm.


Try forming more than just 2. Pocketing a hunter sounds horrible. In AB, hunters are fantastic at defending and spinning flags. A healer is being wasted pocketing that.

I don’t think anyone else in my guild does BG’s, like ever. It really is a wasteland for solo q’s. If people have T1 or better gear, they seem to have zero incentive to step into the pvp slaughterhouse for zero progression (or else they got whatever T0 pvp pieces they needed long ago and quit BG’s after that). I’m one of the few that still does for “fun”. And I have no non-guild friends atm

It’s just for fun and to pull off some outnumbered situations. It’s not needed to win, horde tends to win about 90% of ab pugs I actually get, whether I have a healer or not. Last one I remember getting was a 4cap all match 2000-600ish

I’m not familiar with your realm, I’d suggest searching for their discord and ranking community. Possibly even reach out to those in your war room.

Maybe, but a 3man or even a 4man is not going to cut it against premades. It’s just not. I’m in 4 piece T1 and blue items rank 4, so it’s not like I am rocking some serious gear. Also, I just bought my epic mount a few days ago, which put me to 100g. So it’s not like I have the time or gold to be throwing around iron grenades (expensive to make as engi for me here) and potions. Put me in my old rank 14 gear with at least 7ish people who have the pvp experience and I’ll wreck some premades

But then, ill also wreck PuGs. And once again, I am not into becoming part of the problem. Not when I don’t have the free time to grind the gear anyway

Eh, not really. Last AB weekend we beat every team we faced just with a well organised 5 man.

Just a suggestion, mate. Good luck with your play.