Why are people so upset over the shop mog?

Good on you to check on the health of the forums.

Of course, anytime!

This is super subjective. Its a silly costume that has zero importance to the game. So them making it for the shop to sell is fine.

My logic is fine and works. You don’t have to buy the transmog and it has no sway on the game or gameplay.

And if people like this sort of thing and it sells well, then Blizz might do more. Thats just how the market works.

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It is anti-consumer.

You pay:

  • AAA price for a expac (reduced in Shadowlands)
  • Sub price for access to server

The expac should include access to ANY cosmetic item they release in the time frame but it should require effort. Rewarding supporters from time to time, is good.

Your logic doesn’t work considering this is not a free game. It’s pay to play

Yeah same here, I haven’t really seen anyone complaining about it in game. I’ve seen some joking about how it looks, i’m one of those lol, but that’s about it.

I’m actually opposed to making lots of “hard achieves” in the game as the primary way of collecting. I think it’s fine that different things can be collected in different ways. The “I don’t want to do pet battling, let me one shot an elite and then mail me 4 falcosaur mounts” rubs me the wrong way.

Fair enough. Then I will go back to my original suggestion I used to promote:

Put it as a reward on Trial of Style.

Businesses have promotions. They always have, they always will.

It’s not a head-shaker. :seedling:

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Put it on the BMAH once in a while.

The wings have 3-dness and are better than all the ungettable or hardtoget snowflake xmogs.

That’s RIGHT!!

I do use it on my mechagnome male toon and a few female ones… so not a total bust.

But on a panda male it might be one of the worst mogs in the game.

This is a joke this post get flagged but they allow BLM and other crap to continue this game is getting to political for my liking.

Apparently putting a fairly ugly cosmetic into the shop is a big no-no , and some people are blowing there fuse over it.

What’s super funny is that these same people didn’t say a word about any of the other items that they put in like mounts, pets, toys.

just people being overly dramatic on the forums like always…


It hurts to read this

Why it’s true tho people getting flagged for things about this game, where things that have NOTHING to do with it are allowed. Go figure.

Because they would rather have it handed to them free or they would want to run dalies with a random loot box chance of 00000000.00001% drop chance . Or they would want it to be rep gated behind some quest chain with mobs we can fight over tags with forever basically . We would be lucky if it would be transmoggable during an "event only " if we got it that way . At least this way I can wear it all yr round forever

Yeah how dare the optional cosmetic item be less then your subscription and store mounts you buy . People pay more for carries with wow tokens yet they still be the same ppl outraged over a tmog that’s $20 .

Like we have toys that are $10 , mounts are $25 . I see no problem paying $20 for a tmog I’ll use . People say it’s ugly are the same ppl that run around in the blizzcon yeti PJs . They have no creativity to use the separate pieces into a good tmog . You can wear just the wings and make really pretty tmogs . You can just use the nice plain purple pants and make tons of casual tmogs with . It’s really nice .

Tdlr ; Most ppl are just mad bcuz they would rather grind boring horrid loot table drops and or they just want it for free ,or they are mad that the design team couldn’t spend time making class sets lul . Basically they are being offended to be offended it’s the new trend latley.

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because they are trolls who want to hate everything.


Putting it in game for a achievement or making it a reward from Trial of Style gives meaning to the game and also increases people’s subs.

Repeatedly trying to add items to the cash shop in a pay to play MMO is anti-consumer.

You already pay:

  • AAA price for the expansion (which should more or less be the content gate to anything)

  • Sub access to server.