Why are people so upset over the shop mog?

Can someone explain to me please


I dunno, but because of the hate, I got it :wink:

It does look like hot garbage on male toons though.


I got it too. I liked the wings


Many of the anti-sprite darter thread OPs explain their reasoning pretty well. What part are you having difficulty understanding.


There’s like 50+ threads on this. I think you could easily find out why if you wanted.


I really did not want to scroll through 2000+ comments


Its really not that difficult of a task.


Because “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile”, meaning…Blizzard will eventually become EA with how greedy they are.


It is. That’s 2000 comments

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I’ve said it way too many times now but jesus, it is uuuuuuuggggggggllllllllllyyyyyy and it’s sad to me that the more HD, complex designed gear with adjusting ear holes went to such a… gross outfit.

It’s very clearly night-fae’esque so I hope they release other high quality sets for the other covenants. I mean, I won’t buy them, but it’d be neat to see.


The more that goes into the cash shop, the less rewards we get from actual gameplay and the more grindy the game becomes to motivate more cash shop purchases as shortcuts to a dopamine reward

some of ya are just outright covering your eyes if you deny that the cash shop is a huge thing for bliz right now - selling the game currency was an absolutely MASSIVE step towards breaking the game to get more revenue

you can see the damage from gold buying in all sorts of places where premium item prices have increased massively

you can buy power upgrades with gold, you can buy carries with gold, you can buy convenience with gold - every single reward in the game is accessible through gold when you include carries, which are constantly advertised

they broke the game to get more money, the cash shop will continue to get more and more intrusive

so people properly complain that the wow game value is lessened with every compelling reward that is placed in the cash shop instead of in the game


I’m going to find a reason to say this irl. I don’t know when, but I’ll find a reason.

You are reaching a bit when saying adjustable ear holes, surely you didn’t come up with that yourself. it’s almost like people find a reason to hate something they don’t have to even buy. I put it on a male tauren just to be ironic and be entertained by the haters.

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Slippery slope fallacy that hasn’t happened in 10+ years.


There are literally 16 covenant sets already announced, none of which will be on the store.

Speak for yourself, my gnome and kul tiran look faaaaaabulous in it!


Next step (it’s happened in every other game that’s done this by the way): Any in-game armors are going to become hideous, the only good looking ones will be cash shop transmogs.

Think it won’t happen? lol


I can think of two reasons for that.

  1. They think this is the beggining of microtransactions for wow.


  1. They have no spare money to buy the shop xmog…

It’s ugly.

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Or you could… get this… just read the OP. Store transmog and why It's a problem

It’s flagged lol

So? Unflag it and read it. We didn’t need yet another topic about this.