Why are people so upset over the shop mog?

Except Blizzard has slowly been making this a habit.

I was okay seeing them give mounts for the sub and they added it on the store and it kept happening. It happened like 3 times in one expansion.

Now it’s transmog which was probably supposed to be exclusive to Blizzcon but now they chose to include it on the store. Worrying stuff.

I’ve been doing six month subscriptions for years because I have this rare condition of liking to save money. For some reason, Blizz periodically gives a “thank you” gift for doing this and I’m fine with that. It’s really nothing more complex than that.

Perhaps they shouldn’t offer the “loyalty” gift as a purchase option because um… reasons? Maybe Faery PJs give an unfair advantage with world quests or up our chances in getting a place in pugs? Next thing you know Blizz will start offering better graphics to people with more expensive computers and it will become pay for hardware to play and WoW dies. Or something.

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I bought a 6 month sub for one of the mounts before, when I didn’t know you could just buy it separately… talk about buyers remorse.

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To be fair, the Shadowlands deluxe outfit was them testing the waters, and clearly, it went favorably. If people are willing to buy a deluxe for an outfit, they’re probably willing to pay cash for stand alone sets.

I think bundling goodies with a major thing like that is fine.

What they are doing is going into freemium shop land.

I can’t unflag a post only bliz can =)

Come on dude. You don’t have to play dumb. I know this isn’t your first day here, you’ve been making these trolly posts for probably close to a year now.

Read the op post then it explains why some don’t want it your welcome


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Lol I haven’t I was just making a joke no need to be so mad

I see nothing “worrying” about offering cosmetics as a bonus to people who have continuing 6 month subs. It’s optional, or you can choose to save money by keeping a sub when you’re planning on playing the game anyway. If you only buy one month of gametime when you want to post on the forums on this topic, you don’t need those cosmetics anyway.

I have no problem rewarding the 6 month subs. I see it as a problem when they decided to take the opportunity to add it as a cash item instead of obtaining in game through a hard achieve

Unless you’re quitting 5 months from now a 6 month sub is saving you money. Why is math so hard for shop haters I swear… No wonder they hate stores.

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I’m anti-shop and I feel 6 month subs being rewarded is good.

However after that, they should retire it or put it in game and should be difficult to achieve compared to how 6 month supporters got it for free.

They already have it in the shop sperate for 20 bucks. It’s a silly cosmetic that you can either love and buy or hate and not buy. Simple really.

Asking for it to be gotten in game sounds like you want it but don’t want to fork over money for it. Just like in real life, to bad for you.

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Yes I do not want people or me to fork extra money for a game which I already buy expansions of and stay subscribed to.

This is not a freemium game. Your logic works only in games which are either buy to play with no sub or completely free games.

This practice is anti consumer in a pay to play game and eventually starts giving importance to cash shop items being superior.

No. Done yet?

It just looks like hot garbage.

No. Are you?


You really had to make a thread to ask this?

You couldn’t read the other 3472 posts about it to find out??


Nah, I’m thoroughly entertained. Was just checking.