Store transmog and why It's a problem

The new transmog is completely 3D, more work was put into it than the entire tier sets of BFA, there’s earholes custom made for every race (something players have been asking for since blood elves were released…)
So, what happens when they start adding more transmogs into the cash shop that you think are cool and you have to pay $20 for? You’re not going to be able to go do a fun quest chain to get it, you’re not going to be able to farm dungeons to get it, no achievements or fun in-game methods…just give blizzard $20 or be spend your in-game free time farming gold to pay for cooperate greed.

Items should all be obtainable in-game whether it be from fun quests, achievements, drops, etc. and other enjoyable in-game methods. (No, wasting your time farming gold all day is not enjoyable…so if this is your suggestion, kindly move on)

Obviously it’s not going to kill it in anyway, It just makes it worse. I think Blizzard just trying to sell things like this to make the most money vs. making a fun amount of in-game content revolving around getting the set and future sets is just a huge disservice to their fans and honestly a slap in the face because everyone pays a premium price monthly fee and a expansion fee for them to make us fun in-game content…not work on selling us stuff we’re already paying for them to make.

Imagine if they charged $30 for heritage armor sets instead of the fun engaging quests we go to do to that gave us more story about each race, can anyone here honestly say “I’d rather spend $30 and just get it than doing a fun 10 minute quest!”

The official youtube video from World of Warcraft on the transmog set has 17k dislikes to 2.4k likes…people aren’t happy about this and we need to continue voicing our opinions like we did 7 years ago when they tried to add transmog items to the shop. We got them to stop then, we can get them to stop now.

I think another terrible practice is they do this right before an expansion releases and people can formulate an opinion on whether they actually want to play it. They’re not happy with just taking people’s expansion money and keeping it even if they quit, they want $80 out of everyone, too.
If the expansion is bad, Blizzard wins. If it’s good, blizzard still wins. It’s just bad practice in my opinion, people should be able to know whether the content they’re paying to play is going to be fun before paying for it.

On top of that, they added it “for free” because they know the last time they tried adding transmog into the game, 7 years ago, they faced such backlash they claimed they would not add anymore. They’ve also released it for “free” and manipulated the fanbase into defending them adding transmog because it’s “free” and people are actually falling for it thinking all future transmog in the shop is going to be “free.” or something.

The continuous adding of in-game items to the cash shop is just blatant cooperate greed. Just like last year when they made MORE than they had projected, yet still fired over 800 employees…that’s not a good business and the fact that anyone’s willing to defend them and their practices is sad.

WoWhead just datamined that the transmog likely was supposed to be for a murder mystery questline…so not only did we literally possibly lose fun content, we’re getting charged $20 for it instead…cool.

Things we’re charged for:
Almost yearly expansions ($60-$70)
Monthly premium sub price ($15)
Max level boosts ($60)
Faction change ($30)
Race change ($25)
Name change ($10)
Character transfer ($25)
Guild faction change ($40)
Guild name change ($20)
Guild realm transfer ($35)
Toys ($10 ea)
Mounts ($25 ea)
Transmogs ($20 ea)
Pets ($10 ea)

This is my opinion and you aren’t going to change it. If you’ve read this and started warming you fingers up to argue, go somewhere lese. This isn’t a “get me to change my opinion thread” you will not.




It’s just a cosmetic. Have you seen the armor sets coming out in SL, at all? They’re all very high-quality.
There is no shortage of transmog sets in this game. It is fine.


The first transmog in the tab already isn’t anything special, so I’m not worried. Another cash grab trap I can easily ignore.


I disagree there, have you seen Shadowlands stuff? Torghast sets, covenants, Nathria, all of them look fantastic. Blizz isn’t skimping on armor in game just for one whimsical fairy set.


eh, I’d pay more for a descent looking nelf mog. Gear models are pretty much the only reason I play anymore anyway.

Heh…sorry, can’t help it, this is such a buzz word statement…

I mean…I don’t know. The quality/visual of this new transmog is very similar to the Murloc Outfit/Yeti Pajamas from Blizzcon. I like them, but I wouldn’t go on to say they look better. They look different, very “Fortnite quality” compared to other sets in the game, and I definitely wouldn’t be running around on all my alts wearing it.

And the stuff in Shadowlands so far is top notch. The problem is, they’re just…not class specific. I miss the class specific armor, and I do hope they find a way to go back to them even if we don’t get tier sets back.


Everything I’ve seen from SL previews so far looks several orders of magnitude better than this set.


OT: I like your name.


If they’re shooting for transmogs that look better than in game stuff they’re failing at that >.>


I mean, to be fair to OP, the first set is already incredibly unique. It has a unique top model and wings. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t really deny that…yeah, it’s pretty much a set apart from others.


The new transmog set looks like garbage. Also have you seen any of the recent raid sets or the upcoming armor sets in SL? They look amazing


I’m more concerned with all these slaps in the face than an in game transmog shop item. The assault lawsuits must be through the roof.


I mean obviously looking better is subjective, but you can tell that quality, time, and effort was put into their creation…would be cool if they put that same amount of effort into in-game armor is all.

I mean to be honest, I think it looks terrible and only a few pieces on it look neat. It doesn’t go with any other armor in the game though like you said, so trying to mog around those few pieces would be impossible.

Me too :frowning:


If there’s one department (well, two I guess) that I respect at Blizzard, it’s the art department. And while I do believe they failed to epic levels in BfA (at least regarding gear), Shadowlands is looking better already. Other than the Maldraxxus leather set. I mean, they put effort into it, but good lord no.

The wings are pretty moggable (shoulders in this situation). The silver band where they connect to the arms matches with a lot of the silver linings on other pieces in the game. My best friend has a very nice, simple cloth mog with the shoulders and they look amazing.

I…am struggling a bit more, but that’s because I like my Tauren having an exposed chest and the metal wings clasps just don’t work for me, hah.

Fingers crossed, Ion DID say they were looking into it.


I wish when people said it, a giant hand materialized in people’s monitor and slapped them just so they’d have proper reference.


Let’s see, the helmets were special cuz animated now we have countless animated helmets

There’s 2? Store mounts that are unique, every other one is a reskin

The new set isn’t the only “3d” armor set in the game

But it’s free!

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Obviously that’s subjective, but I mean in essences of time, effort, work put into making them look better than in-game armor.

And I 100% disagree with you. Moving in-game transmogs “because it’s just one!” at a time is completely stupid when we’re paying a monthly fee AND for expansions.

Armor sets like this should be cosmetic rewards in-game via an entertaining amount of content like quests. They could have built an entire darkmoon faire quest line around this.

Yeah, I agree, I would never buy it. But allowing it to be there is a problem. Pretty soon even cooler and more transmogs will be there and people are just going to say the same thing “Well I don’t like it, so I don’t care”

It’s not about what each person likes or dislikes, It’s about standing up and stopping such a scummy business practice of triple dipping on your fanbase for stuff that should be made and agotten in-game.

Regardless, it should be obtainable in-game via entertaining quests. It could have a whole quest setup revolving around darkmoon faire or something and WAY more fun than just trying to triple dip on the fanbase.

So you’d rather pay than do fun entertaining content to get items in-game? Why not just go play something like second life where you can just spend all your money to look like whatever you want, then?

Doesn’t matter, transmog shouldn’t be in the store in the first place. It should be obtainable in-game via in-game quests & content. It’s selling the fanbase short just to make more money, It’s a shady buisness practice when they’re already double dipping on their fanbase in the first place.

I agree, but I don’t see why that’s a justification for them charging $20 for it. It should have had a fun questline to obtain it in-game. Imagine if one piece dropped very rarely from a specific mob and over time people had to collect it? Nope, pay $20 and you get it.

Doesn’t change the fact it shouldn’t be in the store. What happens when they add something insanely cool like an Arthas set, helmet included?

Well with them adding in-game t-mog to the store It’s just another one! We must stop this face slapping!


So did I. You have no more evidence that they put more time and care into one over the other than I do that they don’t.

It’s still debatable. I think you are grass is greener’ing the store stuff.