Why are alliance allowed to cheat in AV?

Yeah, continue to tell us we can do the same thing that you can. If we could it would already be happening don’t ya think? Oh that’s right because we are Horde we are just stupid mud hutters that just don’t “get it” yet. Laff.


Literally just said you can’t. lol

It really does suck coming back to my mud hut at the end of a long day.

Did you get my smoke signals last night?


You’re not getting the worst part of this deal by any stretch. For every premade that rolls you guys there are 10 PUGs that start 25-30 players short for you to completely take advantage of. The only people being harmed are Alliance PUGers. It’s a annoyance for Horde but makes Alliance PUGs absolute misery.


I actually agree with you Raylene and personally feel bad about that situation for you as well. It’s damaging both sides in this current meta that the premades have created. It seems like nothing is going to be done about it though. I got where I wanted to be in ranks and AV is the last place I want to be in classic now.

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you are so far out , both base dont have the same design , horde doing the same pull will agro 10 extra npc and some are elite in the base lol vs ally 0 also pulling the mob outside the base in allaince zone you got already a lot of harpie there vs horde have nothing , this is just a exploit that need to be fix kiting minion with any limitation no reset is just broken .and not linking the boss , just remove purpose to be a minion ( a follower )

Soon as I get my rank I’m right behind you brother.

Can’t wait for AB to hit, and better yet TBC so we don’t have this crappy honor system.

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Oh, he gets it, he just doesn’t care cause ‘lol, i win! hurr durr horde are bad at pvp’

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Because Jesus loves us.

Looks like someone needs to make some strategy macros to spam during AV.

(My apologies to the Hordies who group with this dude spamming macros.)

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Using exploits is a form of cheating.

what about the 6 bubbled pallys, tell me the nuances of countering a group of holy pallys

i dont think you know what that word means

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ive seen you post and you are one of the most reasonable people on this board

Never Forget Phase 2

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You can if you reroll enough to balance out the population. But it’s not solutions the squeaky wheel wants.

OP, this is your problem here. You got players that say it’s relevant and others that say it isn’t.

So, you’ll never gain traction.

Second, Blizzard has given it’s non-answer as an answer, therefore it’s not an issue.

ROFL reroll to fix people cheating… where’s the logic coming from.

If it was cheating it would be fixed. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Lost 5 out of 5 premades last night, seems like some horde know what to do, tough luck you ain’t one of them