Where is our latin server, Blizzard? [in Classic]

Thalnos is your realm, from what i hear.

Says a guy named…Romulus, of all names!


America is a continent first. Latam countries: Latin AMERICA.

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We don’t need a latín realm.


America is a continent.

merica is where Blizz is :smiley:

Also, this person is talking about Spain not South America.

It’s on the way!

We’ve seen a large measure of feedback and requests from Latin American players who are currently playing WoW Classic on many different realms, and we want you to know:

We’re working to create a new WoW Classic realm in this region for Latin American players.

This will be a PvP realm that characters can transfer to for free from any other PvP realm in the region for a limited time. Of course, you will only want to make that move if you prefer to speak Spanish or Portuguese.

While we don’t have a date and time for you just yet, we wanted you to know that it’s coming, and we expect to make it available for you soon.

We will update you in the coming days to let you know the name of the realm and the time it will open along with free character moves for a limited time.

Thank you!


That’s awesome, thanks Blue

Kudos. Y’all really are doing a good job listening to the community. :clap::clap::clap:


Will this be physically located in latin america? or will it be located in the US and just labeled as latin-american? I ask this because there is a substantial difference between 200 ms and 40 ms.


I am a player from Oceanic server. When classic launch we oceanic player started with 1 PVP server and due to overwhelming number of players flood the server Blizzard then added 2 more, now we have 3.
And I hope Blizzard don’t make 1 PVP server for our South American counter part, but make 2 PVP servers.
There are PVP players want to try both Alliance and Horde faction.
This way they can do it.

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Were is the server going to be located?

Latin Americans have better pings when the servers are located in LA(Pacific).

PRO-TIP: brazilians won’t move to that realm if it’s shared with spanish speakers.

We didn’t move before (when Blizzard opened the latin america realms on retail), we won’t now.

The only possibility to make brazilians move is a portuguese language realm.

In here, most of us prefer to communicate in english than spanish when we need a second language.


Spanish speaker here.
I fully agree with you, I can communicate pretty effectively in English as a second language but I can’t understand two words in portuguese. And to those saying they’re very similar languages and that we should be able to understand each other… well sorry, that’s not true for everyone.

Now, I don’t think they’re making this decision lightly… at this point they have a pretty accurate measure of how many people are playing (and their respective IPs, from which they can derive the country from which they connect).
So I think if they aren’t making two realms, one for each language, is because there isn’t enough people to keep a healthy population on both of them.

In any case, I would advise any players considering to move to first check how high of a ping they get on these new realms, lest they find themselves stuck on a low population realm with exactly the same latency (because I’m assuming they won’t make these realms physically located in latin-america).


I don’t know where you’re getting this info from, because I get around 60 less ms on chicago based realms (I’m from Chile).

I get o lower ping on EST realms. But really wish the server were located in south america. I don’t really mind to share the realm with spanish speakers as long as they can speak in english. Better case scenario for me would make 4 mega-servers of which 2 for each faction of and 2 for portuguese only and for spanish only speakers. would make it great. Prefer time here in brazil is GMT-3 with no daylight saving.

Need at least 2 servers, one for Spanish and one for Portuguese, otherwise not even considering moving.


With free tranfers to these realms aswell right?

(I have a dream that one day we will have our own datacenter in South America.)


There needs to be two separate servers, one for the BRs and one for the spanish speaking players.
I really doubt players from each group will move servers if they’re going to end up together again, there’s no point to it really.

playing in Thalnos atm and I can say is not that bad dealing with brazilian players, they probably think the same about the rest of latam. Its better if both communities are together, better for the server longevity, economy, etc.