Where does an "extremist" belong?

By extremist, I mean someone that takes purity and the holy light VERY seriously. Someone that is intolerant of say, demon hunters, warlocks, the manari, so on. I’ve been wanting to focus on a paladin and have this character be very strict with their beliefs. Is this frowned upon in the community? I’d never ignore the player(s) that fall into the categories listed above. I’d never bully them. But there would be some sort of tension. Are there guilds out there that accept extremists and their views when it comes to religion and other beliefs?


I will not lie, it generally isn’t taken well. Which is weird to me, because they designed a character knowing full and well they’re originally a villain. And get upset when people have problems with them IC. Still, there are people out there that RP the same way you want too.

Just expect the occasional walk up to go south, very fast. People get attached to their creations, sometimes so much so they loss sight of the real fact, that it’s IC not OOC.


I was afraid of that. I’m a very kind role player, so I’d probably whisper first if they want some sort of interaction. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day or something. I just thought having an extremist character would be interesting. I’ve never seen it out in the world. I’ve only seen the occasional priest/priestess offering prayers or righteous characters looking to be heroes. But yea I think that is a bit silly. I’ve seen plenty of dark themed characters that would certainly classify as a “bad guy”. Oh well. Hopefully I can find some sort of similar crowd.

You might look into the guild Divine Inquisition. I don’t think they’re exactly what you’d be looking for, but they are zealots so you can probably workshop things a bit to play a similar sort of character.

Oh thanks. I’ll give it a look!

Bluntly, this server is full of ideologues who will assume your light zealous character reflects on your OOC beliefs. It may not be worth it.


That’s super unfortunate. I’m not like that in the slightest. :\

The problem is that often enough, they do. I can’t really attest to the RP environment on your server or other servers. If you see what people blathering on about ooc. There is clearly a lot of wow players are closet ideologues in one way or another. So it wouldn’t be a stretch for a person to at least suspect someone has those beliefs or alternatively just likes to bash on ‘freaks and weirdos’ for fun. Few people are going to flat out admit they like to hate and abuse people that aren’t exactly like themselves. OFC, it’s just all make pretend so, uh, yeah. They should be at least given a benefit of the doubt.


We all are to an extent in one way or another on a sliding scale, it’s part of the human condition of how we evolved as a species. Being aware of your biases and prejudices and tendencies towards irrationality is important lest you be lead astray by those very traits.

Would it be frowned on? Yes. But that’s to be expected as a villain/heel character who is not meant to be liked, the only real question is whether you have the personality OOC to pull off an IC heel/villain.

Some people like the negative persona and do it well, and admittedly when done well it enriches the world and world building, but it has to be done in a delicate and purposeful fashion, with it very clear everything is IC.

I’d be sure to handle things delicately. I’d never want to make someone uncomfortable or upset. I just thought the type of character would be interesting to partake in since I’m always a cheerful go-happy person. A character that’s more serious and a bit extreme felt like a nice idea to take on. I just don’t want to upset anyone or have them think I’m a bully.

Don’t know if the Divine Inquisition are still around, but they used to have the same ideology as the character that you’re trying to create.

RP changes from time to time and usually with new races/customizations that symbolize enemies that we’ve faced in the past, it tends to be a bit hostile at first but it’ll return to normal after time.

but look, playing as the bad guy or somewhat who has a complete different idelogy comapred to the present is cool and I appreciate the effort.

Divine Inquisition was the latest creation of the same group of people that go from one zealot idea to another, but they would be your best bet if they are still active and on that topic. I did see one player the other day in Cathedral District in Stormwind, but they were usually in a group.

You may want to try a Scarlet guild, but good ones don’t hang out in Stormwind in colors, so you probably won’t see the action you are thinking of with your type of character.

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Thanks for the input guys. And I’ll have to check that guild out, especially since it was mentioned a couple of times.

We’re still around but VERY casual at the moment. Too many games out and a lot of us are caught up in all of that whirlwind. Great time for gaming at least!

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Thoughts on Starfield/Baldur’s gate? if you’re playing them ofc

I want to buy Baldur’s Gate SO bad but I’ve only ever played one turn base combat game and that was XCOM. I’ve also never played a game with dice rolls so I don’t know if I’d enjoy it or not but it looks so amazing.

Baldur’s Gate is fantastic. I feel like it takes a dip in quality later on in the game, but still having a blast. Haven’t checked out starfield yet, still on the fence about it!

What’s absolutely bonkers for Role Players today, is how on-its-head Lore is turned in the city of Stormwind.

You literally -cannot- play a HMP, or a Light loving good guy, without getting the same kind of hate that Christians get IRL from all the edgy, spooky characters. It’s just bizarre, and honestly? It leads to an absolute DROUGHT of -good- villains, and -motivated- heroes.

Take the man’ari catastrophe, for instance. SO many people COMPLETELY hyper-speed clicked through the entire quest line, and started to act like all the man’ari in the universe get an apartment and food stamps from Stormwind now. It’s just ridiculous.

If you want to RP a holy person, I recommend seeking out the regular priest / paladin RP’ers in the Cathedral in Stormwind. I RP with that group all the time, they are -very- solid, with a LONG history of -proper- holy rp.


To be fair…

The questline never explicitly said that wouldn’t be the case either. The questline dropped hard at the end of Velen’s 180 after a single conversation with someone that he’d known for about ten minutes and what came after that was left entirely up to player interpretation.

I’m sure a lot of people have a lot of “well it’s just LOGICAL that…” opinions, but that way leads to madness. First, the Warcraft universe is often not logical. Second, what “seems” logical is usually based off each individual player’s personal take on a complete hodgepodge of random takes from the million quests, books, comics and cinematics, some of which might be half-remembered, some of which might have been missed, put together by dozens of people who weren’t always on the same page, many of whom aren’t with the company anymore and can’t really clarify the intent or explain what they were getting at.

That having been said! Conflict RP can be fun, if gone about the right way! Conflict RP from zealot to zealot, or going back a year or so to the introduction of Dracthyr hunters to prey or victims to loosely unrelated by similar groups in appearance, or demon hunters with the flooding of the city by Illidari, or going back to Mists and people who just…really, really hated Pandaren…for some reason…

But the cardinal rule of conflict RP is that it should be gone about cooperatively, with people who all enthusiastically consent to being there, who are working together to tell a neat and exciting story. There are a lot of people who just want to play out their slice-of-life hey, I’m just a big red guy trying to get a drink and talk to this nice lady, what’s your deal I’m just a little boy, just a sweet baby boy and it’s my birthday schtick no matter how much “sense” it makes to other people who won’t be interested in playing out the angles of the implications of being a demonic tool of the Legion having their whole lives and long-held views upended. There are, unfortunately, also people who view conflict RP as RP-PVP to be forced on people as punishment of some kind for them playing something that the player doesn’t agree should be played, OOC.

Because it’s a touchy subject all around there should be COMMUNICATION OOC all around if people are wanting to antagonize each other. As soon as someone’s not having fun, the scene should end with no hard feelings without it descending into OOC nitpicking, quibbling and bickering.

Because tempers tend to run hot and players tend to get tangled up in their interpretation of how things “should” be being the One True Interpretation of Lore (spoilers: there’s no such thing) and anyone who doesn’t follow it is Doing It Wrong and should be chastised, my characters tend to mostly antagonize each other, or other people within my small group of good friends where we all know each other’s preferences, interpretations and limits. Public conflict RP can be exciting and fun when everyone wants to be there and they all generally agree on roughly the same interpretation of the game’s events and story, but it’s a real shot in the dark given that there are nearly infinite perfectly valid takes and people tend to get invested in theirs being the “right” one.