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Brothers and sisters,

We believe with all our hearts that all peoples are destined to join us as servants of the Light. But first, they must be taught to trust the Naaru as we do. The Light Mother has blessed us with visions. We know that one day the Army of the Light will march across the Great Dark Beyond and bring order to countless worlds. That bold future begins here. With us. We must make Azeroth whole again. I call upon you all to ensure that the future promised by the Light Mother is fulfilled. Purge the infection that continues to plague the land. The Light will forge a new future for mankind… but first, we must save man from himself .

All who die in battle against Azeroth’s heretics shall have immediate remission of sin. Granted by the Divine Inquisition, their Crusade executes the will of the Light.

Let those who have been accustomed unjustly to wage private warfare against the faithful now go against the infidels and end with victory this war which should have been begun long ago.

Let those who for a long time, have been robbers, now become knights.

Let those who have been fighting against their brothers and relatives now fight in a proper way against the barbarians.

Let those who have been serving as mercenaries for small pay now obtain the eternal reward.

If the Light blesses us by enabling us to drive Her enemies out of Azeroth, how fortunate and happy we would be! For Azeroth has been controlled by heretics since the planet’s inception. Time passed, and so did many indifferent generations, while the unconsecrated and unworthy grew to wield power over the citizenry. Now, the Naaru have reserved the merit of salvation for one denomination, the, in order to unite all hearts in appreciation of its radiance

No more division. No more defiance. In the Light, we shall be one

What we are:

ICLY: We are a Lightbound Zealot themed RP-pvp Guild. We operate almost as a cult of sorts, which does involve some level of secrecy. We are not Scarlets, nor are we Scarlet-adjacent. We are not xenophobes of any kind and accept all who are willing to repent and embrace the Light Mother’s blessing, which we believe to be attainable, over time.
Though they claim to commune with the “Light Mother”, it is not known to other if they truly do receive visions or if it is simply a rouse. ICLY we are not forthcoming with DI secrets and are intentionally vague.

OOC: Our core has been together since 2017 and are welcoming to all who are interested. Our main focus is RP, WPVP(warmode), but do dabble in most content in some capacity; though none of which is a requirement. We are a tight-knit community of players that are looking to have fun while purging heretics and bringing order to Azeroth.

We also have weekly RP progression and regularly scheduled events.

Whether you are an experienced pvper, pve, Roleplayer, or you are brand new, there is a spot for you. We do not take ourselves too seriously and are simply looking to enjoy ourselves in good company.

What kind of people are we looking for?


  1. Don’t be toxic. No one wants someone who is breeding negativity within the guild. In character we are not going to be very nice to everyone, but to your guildies and to players do not be a scumbag.
  2. Be willing to learn. This is self-explanatory. Players of All levels of experience are welcome. Let’s learn together and not be stagnant.
  3. We are a smaller guild that is not looking to put up zerg numbers. We have already established a tight-knit community and we are just looking to build on that further.
  4. We are an RP-pvp guild but neither are required.
  5. This is not a meme guild. We are for real. We are laid back and our rp is fun, but we aren’t out here trolling IC.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free reach out to Mortaine, Timbermack, Littlegeorge, or Champlain in game.


Blessed be, those who would walk with us on the path of righteousness.


I messaged you in game but I think you were AFK. I’m interested in joining and I really like WPVP. I’ve started to get into arena and such for the first time this expac on a few characters. Do you guys do any arenas or RBGs? I like doing both mostly for capping conquest and having fun.

((Hi there. I must’ve been afk, my apologies. Yes some of us arena and are usually down. We are also often queueing up random bgs or out hunting horde in the wild. Some of us are still playing catchup, as we just recently returned.

We’d love to have you.))

Well stated, Brother Mortaine.

When you walk in the Light, you are never in the dark.


Is this Ramborc and Thotticus from Emerald Dream or just a similar themed guild? If so, I guess you all saw the “Light” with the move to Moon Guard hehe.

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Well, when you stand with the Light, you’ll never be in the dark.


In the Light, we are one…


“Tha Light Mothers hymn grows louder n’ louder by tha day. Can ya hear it? Makes my head feel all fuzzy n’ warm eh.”


The order grows, as does the Light Mother’s influence.


All may hear Her song. In the Light, we are unified. In the Light, we are one.


Did we mention the free food and timeshare opportunity?

Do you guys take death knight?

Aye, we do!

that was quick, I have a death knight and a dis priest with full scarlet crusade transmog and I did some pvp before

Open your ear to the Golden Congregation’s divine hymn!


In the Light we are one.


Join us as we shepherd the lost back onto the path of righteousness. In the Light, we are one!

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Where were the Alliance’s favorite sons, when a Horde legion pounded upon Stormwind’s gates??? No where to be found… Hiding behind false idols, one would presume.

The Divine Inquisition has stood tall against this horde of heathens, time and time again. Driving them back to the den of filth they spawned from. Would you join us? We who stare defiantly in the face of certain death?

(WPvP picking up around here. Good times and gg’s)


Even in the depths of ol’ deathwings dirt pit the Light Mothers hymn resounds though the voids corruption!