Where does an "extremist" belong?

Very true. I would just want everyone to have fun. I love conflict role play but I know it’s not for everyone. I did some role playing in ESO and came across a dunmer. Being an argonian at the time, I thought it would be fun to have some tension between us at a tavern. I whispered the fellow first and then proceeded to approach him after I got the go ahead. If it can be helped, I will always try and make sure the other play is totally fine with my “aggressive” approach. If they approach me first, I will always be excited for what comes next. The last thing I want to do is scoff or snarl at some man’ari and hurt the player’s feelings. I just want to be a brash, light abiding jerk traversing through life. Maybe they will have a change of heart. Maybe not. Stay tuned.

If you’re ever up for it… I would be down for writing with you? I have a few characters A side honestly. It could be fun!

That would be neat! My character though is still in the works, as I came to get some feedback from the forums first about my idea. But yea that would be cool!

Just a warning about the cathedral Rpers though - we don’t RP extremists. There are some lines we don’t walk over but for the most part we do the whole acceptance thing. If you walk in and bully the first death knight you see, it may not go over well.

In general though if you RP an Light zealot in Stormwind, there really is space for it and you’re not the only one. But don’t RP a Scarlet while you’re at it. There is a narrow gape in Stormwind where one can RP a zealous paladin of the Light and still be ‘moderately tolerated’ (albeit you are going to have people hiss at you but that’s the nature of the RP) but the moment you don the red colour palette with the tabard (whether as a lone individual or join a guild or both) your character step into that really dangerous territory of having a big ‘kill me’ sign tacked on your back given the state of Scarlets in Stormwind.

(( inb4 somebody comes in here to argue they’re legal and accepted and protected))

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Oops, posted on the wrong char. I just want to add given the current chaos in Stormwind City.

IT really does give a brand new meaning to the old “If it’s red it’s dead” saying. XD


Oh I see. Well I will admit, I do love the scarlet crusade. They’re one of my favorite factions in the game. I’ve loved them ever since I laid eyes on the torture room in the older version of the scarlet dungeon. I forgot which part it was located in. Halls? I just remember running in with my group and this guy ran at us with his steel poker, demanding our secrets. Would I ever role play as a scarlet? Probably not, because they’re not really accepted. An ex-scarlet though? Absolutely. If scarlet crusaders were a more openly accepted faction, I’d so roll with that.

I feel like a Paladin being intolerance of demon hunter, warlocks, and demons is not extremist. If anything I think most people who rp in this game are unrealistically tolerant. Being intolerant of certain characters limits who you can rp with, so most people are chill with anything and everything.


I’ll send you my tag on one of my alts on a mail message (i’m on a priest atm) so maybe we can get together sometime to write!

I mean, if your up to roleplaying redshirt toons in Stormwind… but truth be told, we just wear disguises while in the city. Hell, I was just on earlier quietly putting up propaganda flyers throughout the city.


See that used to be the standard for villains, and spies.

I miss those days. Now people see the TRP and be like oh they’re X.


Those were the days…

I am All down to playing the antagonist! I have done it in the past. Plus I was in at many points in a few antagonist type guilds. I would be down for some long term build up for something like that but at the same time it’s difficult establishing something that works out for everyone. Even back then when the old guilds were around and still things turned out embarrassing and terrible at times.

It is 100% okay to be an unreliable narrator in your TRP. I know several people who utilize several profiles on the same character for disguises, to prevent people form taking that knowledge IC.


I don’t think a character who has “some sort of tension” with demon hunters, warlocks, and eredar could even be considered an extremist. We are less than 10 years out from the last demon war on Azeroth. People probably have Eredar marching around in Westfall, burning their fields, and killing thousands en masse fresh in their memory.

The type of light “extremist” you are describing would probably be considered to be fairly forward thinking for not immediately spitting on a demon hunter if they saw one walking around Stormwind. This isn’t modern day earth we are talking about, this is Azeroth, a world with a history of wars with demons and their cohorts, on both sides of the faction line.

Think about it, your paladin/priest would have probably grown up hearing stories about glorious battles against demon-crazed orcs who literally tried to wipe out all of humanity. They would realistically hate orcs, and hate demons even more for manipulating them. Demons, shadow magic, and anything to that effect would be a taboo. Anyone who gives you crap for having “mild tension” with open fel users are just bad roleplayers.

People who don’t hate warlocks/demons in the WoW universe would probably be the exception, not the rule. There is a lot of worldbuilding from Classic pointing to this, but it gets drowned out by there being a literal fel chariot in the middle of the mage quarter for the warlock quest (because modern Blizzard probably doesn’t even think about worldbuilding and minor details like that anymore). But in classic, Warlocks were never like, stomping around the city with three fel crystals floating over their head. You found warlock trainers hiding in covens underground, like the one in the Lamb, or hiding in graveyards like the one in Northshire. Probably because most people in universe have a very biased perspective against demons or any dark magic whatsoever.


This explains it so much better than I ever could. Thank you!

See… In the ideal Moon Guard Stormwind that really would be the case.

Unfortunately that is not what is happening in Stormwind City right now if this is where you want to RP your zealot.

In current times, Stormwind City on Moon Guard is more like this:

Any paladin/Light/or ANYONE being even remotely mean to any, and I do mean any, dark-types in public gets lambasted for being racist/prejudice/zealot and is pretty much universally spat on by everyone within listening range real quick. Whether you are in the middle of the Cathedral District or Mage District or Lion’s rest. You will have people rushing to defend whoever the demon hunter/warlock/undead is.

Somewhere, somebody is going to say “We/they are welcome in the Alliance deal with it” or “So-and-So signed papers to gives us permission to have our demon/undead pet out you can’t do anything to us deal with it” and any further hostility will have a chance of your character being called some level of ‘traitor’ or ‘criminal’ and chances of your character being attacked increases with very, very few willing to back you - not even in Cathedral District, nevermind Mage/Rest.

We currently RP in the very very weird “Moon Guard Stormwind” universe where right now, if you RP hating man’ari for literally being man’ari, saying death should be their ‘redemption’, you will have somebody calling you a racist, prejudice, some sort of ‘evil’ IC.

And… that is the reality in Stormwind City open world RP right now.


Wow that sounds horrible…ugh. I was afraid of that. I just really like conflict RP. :\

I mean…those are also valid things for characters to think, IC.

I imagine that a lot of people might figure that the heads of state made a call, so they’re going to back whatever Velen/Turalyon decided.

I imagine some Draenei are being reunited with repentant friends and family who took the Man’ari path.

I imagine that the residents of Stormwind have seen influxes of strange new populations including dead Elf rangers, Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Pandaren, Dracthyr, Dark Irons and a bunch of other things that someone above their heads made the call on letting in on a regular basis for decades. It’s not at all an unusual chain of events for the average citizen just trying to live their lives.

With this character here, she’s Draenor-born so she didn’t have as many direct negative experiences with the Man’ari, the Legion mostly used Orcs to do the real dirty work and it’s Orcs who get her eye twitching, because that’s what her direct experience was. So after her initial alarm and suspicion she ended up talking to a few of them - at first, it was more of an interrogation! Since then she’s relaxed somewhat, although it’s still very much an “I’m keeping an eye on you” kind of situation, and has found herself defending some when people just lunged at them with the intent to kill right off the bat even though she’s generally annoyed that many of them flaunt their former affiliations, don’t seem at all interested in actual repentance, and hang out in the city like everyone should accept them instead of being more contrite. But that’s her IC view, not my OOC view. OOC, I think the Man’ari are neat! I’ve got one who’s a villain in many of the story arcs that I’ve played out with my friends, she’s a real piece of work!

Her husband is very much not on the same page, having had more direct very bad contact with the Man’ari in the past, and has been much more on the “kill them all” page. I imagine that that’s going to lead to conflict eventually! :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

But overall, yeah, the IC “why are you trying to murder people in the streets you zealot” take is a valid one…as long as it’s IC. I’ve seen plenty of OOC bickering about it that goes both ways, people declaring that it would be impossible for anyone to accept the Man’ari and that people who play characters who do are terrible people IRL and people who accuse other people of trying to push people out of city RP OOC because they don’t agree with it OOC using IC as a front, and that’s generally pretty uncalled for all around.

Characters are all going to react in different ways. All of the ways that characters react IC are fine as long as it makes sense in the player of that character’s head given the character’s history and personality. But it’s generally a valid thing for the sake of character developments and story arcs to let new experiences that a character might have change their views over time too. Given that I’ve seen Man’ari characters standing up to defend Niklos against the Harbingers in both of the planned events that you guys had in the city that I cruised by, I imagine Niklos might not hold on to “zealot” views that he might have forever!

See… That story was planned just so the RPers in our sphere have an easier time with the current situation with the manari. And even then right now for our storyline there is an extremely clean line between the manari that are actually penitent (thus given leeway and not kill on sight) and those who are still ‘yar har har I slew millions bite me’ and just taking advantage of the situation so they can walk around in Stormwind while still saying they are torturing people for breakfast… But will duck and turn tail and hide behind Velen the moment somebody takes a sword to them.

Blizzard wasn’t exactly good with the storyline, the man’ari weren’t given the Ebon Blade, illidari, or void elf treatment and their status is still… Something. At the end of the day, having what are successful genocidal universal bad guys since Warcraft III suddenly walking around in your capital city wanting to chill in your tavern because… Reasons. And everyone just has to shut up and accept it That’s really hard to handle.

My character will still slay man’ari or declare them all kill fodder if they aren’t penitent. He still believes there are zero reasons why these world destroyers NEED to be in Stormwind to ‘repent’ when honestly they can stay on some far off planet and live in peace for another 10000 years before even thinking about saying hello to perhaps the only survivors of their deeds. Let time heal the wounds a bit.

But hey, Rpers do what RPers do so we all have to make adjustments, pivot or shut up and deal.


It’s called “Stormweird” for reasons :rofl::rofl: