When a healer thinks they're dps


“My man!” wink finger gun


As a healer it is my job to make the tank panic as much as possible. 1 Hit Point is a perfectly fine time to stop dps and heal.


The only HP that matters is the last one.

In both your party, and the boss.
If you die and the boss has 5% health or less, your healer could have potentially turned the tide by doing some damage.


But that in kind if the healer so trying to do damage but not healing when there supposed to your going to expect a wipe. I understand when there’s not alot going on but if people are taking stuff in the face that’s more work for the healer.


Oh yeah, of course.
Simple flow chart

Does group need heals?
Yes ==> Do the heals
No ==> Do the unheals


That’s like mythic plus the higher you go the more the healer has to be on there game to keep everyone alive so there’s not alot of downtime. It also depends alot on the people you group with especially those that go ham and pull more there supposed to. Also if dps can’t make sure not to be taking damage consistently and staying out of stuff.

Holy moly! It’s almost as if there’s no one size fits all answer and there’s decision making involved!


I love Epic NPC Man!


Nah, people learn to avoid bad, so less booboos to fix, cause you don’t get booboos, you get dead.


Tanks make me panic….

“What’s mitigation?”

Leveling up my healer is scary right now.

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Let them die! It will make them realize they need to improve!

If you want to pull 8+ mobs in a leveling dungeon, you should be able to survive it even without a healer. Otherwise, pull less.


I’ve had a worse time healing 10-14 keys than +18s. In lower keys people will take unnecessary damage all the time and not use their defensives properly, which leads to the healer not being able to do a lot of damage throughout the dungeon since instead we’re forced to heal people who aren’t paying attention/don’t really know what’s going on.


no no no, on this forum they think:

Does the group need heals?
Yes > Heal them
No > Stand still, tab out, complain on forums about being asked to dps in downtime.


Fistweaving for life

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I’ve done the opposite before, using my Word of Glory to help the healers who are low on health. In fact, the first time I beat Arthas, one of our two healers (10 man group) went down, and I instinctively started using that spell to keep as many people alive as I could, until we eventually won.

My 233 Holy Healing Priest does twice the DPS my 236 Arcane Mage does but no one will let me use it. I got kicked from LFR because of it and I even Q’ed as DPS and waited about 45 minutes for the queue to pop. I was kicked after the first trash pull.

Holy is also a great leveling spec.

My healing HPS really sucks. I refuse to heal anything anymore.

I should be allowed to play my characters the way I want to play them.


It’s true. Healers do pretty good single target but not nearly as much as DPS specs should be able to. But beating DPS players as a healer in LFR isn’t too hard

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When a healer have to deal mandatory damage on every fight without being forced to heal I call that a design issue.
I did 2 dungeons with this very Holy-Priest in SL, as much as I liked to heal in Legion that I don’t do PvE instances in SL.

I mean it’s simple, when I feel to deal damage I log on a damage class/spec, when I feel to heal I log on my Priest, if I’m forced to deal damage with my Priest it’s like to log on my Rogue to bandage a party… imo there’s few dead brain cells lurking in Blizz studios

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I totally agree you shouldn’t feel that your healer was meant to dps to cause there healer for a reason. And also that’s why people play different specs thats saying oh healer can you tank for me for abit you wouldn’t last long. That’s reasons like that we have different specs that do different things and roles.