What's the deal with overwolf

again, you are just looking to buy a bridge arent you

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Says every employee of the company they work for until they become a disgruntled employee that is.


I don’t work for Overwolf. Maybe I just think Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand is dreamy.

Or maybe I just don’t want to jump on the hate train for Overwolf when there is no proof they’ve done anything wrong.

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See its posts like this that make me think you might just BE Uri Marchand…


Sure you don’t.

They have done things that are wrong on more than a few occasions but i understand you got to earn that paycheck and Christmas Bonus.

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Uh huh. From last nights thread.

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You can use Overwolf if you want. As for me and my house, we’re using:


I’ve installed Overwolf in the past, and it’s nothing but a convoluted mess with ads.


you do realize overwolf went to them and said integrate overwolf or lose api access right?


The download client is a part of their main client. You get the whole thing.

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Our hopes are that wowup and ajour will put together their own API list.

  • Ajour - https://github.com/casperstorm/ajour
  • WoWUP - https://wowup.io

Literally nothing new, that is capitalism and that is what almost all corporations have been doing the past few decades when they could get away with it.

Maybe you would know that too if you actually cared about politics and the world around you, all those are nothing surprising, enjoy capitalism.

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You misspelled “corporatism”.

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Same thing rly, or maybe just the inevitable conclusion.

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Someone mind explaining this to me…? Also way to have addons without twitch?

O.o WUT?

Did you just fall off a truck?

You said you looked. You didn’t. I showed you some of the concerning links we must show that we are not going to lay down and let them roll over us.

Your personal data may not matter to you, and that is your choice, but bro? What are you even saying in your second paragraph? ROFLOL

Curse was terrible. Amazon/Twitch buying them made them a little bit better, but still terrible. Overwolf is just all sorts of terrible and deploys multiple predatory practices and has been for years. THAT is what many of our concerned about.

You are free to do what you want. But please don’t put us down for having serious and thought out reservations.

I will always support the addon author and users. . Not a company.

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I use cursebreaker

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Not a surprising reaction at all, thanks for proving my previous post’s point.

its not the addons thats at issue, its the clients we use to update them without having to manually download and copy the folders over.

to put it simply: overwolf is a company known for riddling their client with ads and malware and is telling small dev teams that make the aforementioned addon updaters to integrate their nonsense or lose api access

Nnno. Capitalism and corporatism are two totally different things, sir. In fact, if what everyone is saying is true, it’s much worse than corporatism, to be honest. It’s a monopolistic practice using coercion. That’s illegal.


Is there an alternative? Some addons are a must have. Manually doing it sounds painful.