What's the deal with overwolf

I keep seeing posts pop up about how bad they are and so forth, heck even my guild mates have discussed how bad they are, Yet when ever I look them up its nothing but positive things or literally customer service Q and A’s to issues. I can’t find anything damming against them like everyone seems to claim they are and its odd. Can anyone direct me to recent things that they’ve done wrong, right now personally I don’t trust them. Given what the majority of my guild has said about them I don’t see myself downloading the client unless I absolutely have to in order to update and install my addons.

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I see absolutely no reason to compromise my computer’s security over the convenience of having an add-on manager.

I’ll be uninstalling twitch from my computer as soon as I get home.


the deal with overwolf is that they are taking/trying a monopoly on the add ons for wow and eliminating any other add-on managers sites by “force”
there is a page about them on wowhead


Front page, 2 huge topics already started. Each has a lot of information.


twitch app has nothing to do with overwolf. the mods are just leaving the twitch app in november. so relax.


Is that true? Huh. Guess I’ll be uninstalling Twitch in November then. WoW addons were literally the only reason I have Twitch installed.


Instead of building a client that is highly functional and likable, they must eliminate all of the third party clients that are for the sake of ad revenue


TLDR their clients are ad riddled, malware injecting nonsense you dont want anywhere near your rig. what they doing is telling 3rd party addon managers like wowup to integrate overwolfs malware or lose api access IE no more automatically updating mods. i also wouldnt be surprised if they dont allow manual downloads anymore and force you to go through the client to get them.


I really hope that wouldn’t be the case. Though, I have to admit once I became aware of this, it was the first thing I feared.

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while it wouldnt surprise me im also sure they dont want to get legally f------- by blizz since that would be directly monetizing addons

Time to drop Curse, and any addon that still continues to update on it.

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For those who don’t know;

What’s going to happen to mods management in the Twitch client?

Over the next few months CurseForge will transition out of the Twitch client and into a new dedicated app on Overwolf. Until then, mod management will still be available via the Twitch client

I’ve tried Overwolf before. It does as it advertises basically it just connected your to the platform you are after. Want to download a game? Just click on the link. The advertisements that do exist on their platform are in the same layout as the applications you browse.

But what concerns people is likely a mix of a few things;

  • Movement from Twitch which previously had addon management as a free offering. It’s understandable why this worked - more people to download the client and tying updating their own game into a platform that lets them see others. Twitch on it’s own is very large and likely doesn’t need this anymore. Very different situation for OW.

  • Overwolf isn’t big enough or have an offering that would let them just purely be an addon company without having advertisements. As they have bought the platform they are now looking to clamp down on other addon updaters that capture information from curseforge and provide a direct download link - from a company PoV this makes sense. They are hosting the platform after all.

I don’t want to use Overwolf- it’s not that I personally have had any bad experiences but it means I have to install another program onto my computer that makes even less sense than having twitch installed.


for those who dont know overwolf is an ad infested malware injecting load of nonsense you dont want


Well see here on the forums once a bandwagon starts everyone jumps on and starts piling on whatever the topic is at hand.

This week for some reason it’s how overwolf is a horrible horrible company that’s trying to destroy wow by creating an add-on client for the website they bought that makes money by showing people ads and then give some of that money to the add-on authors.


no theyre a horrible company because of the ads and malware in their client and threatening small devs


I was wondering when one of their employee’s would stop by the WoW forums.


I don’t even know what Overwolf is.

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imagine the bloatware that was the twitch client but worse


Huh… please don’t think I’m a stupid but I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I don’t use that either.

So… Overwolf has something to do with Twitch?

For now my addons are still being updated by twitch. I’ll be leaving it on mine for as long as that lasts.