What's the deal with overwolf

Twitch sold curse forge to overwolf. Curse forge is where all the add-ons are. Overwolf is going to make their own client similar to how the curse client was in the past that has ads on it. Overwolf has said that they will have an option to download add-ons without the ads or you can still directly download them from the curse forge website.


if you believe that then id like to sell you some beachfront property in arizona


I don’t want to move to Arizona.

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So usual realistic capitalism

except theyre not allowed to monetize ads like theyre going to do

Oh yeah cuz we know for sure companies care much about the rules, this is capitalism, companies rule and half of them have lobbyists changing the “rules” in their favor.

This is absolutely nothing new if you were actually following what is going on the world.

Anyone know the exact date this will start? Def not going to use overwolf.

I knew this part but I didn’t know about all the drama with them, Twitch and Overwolf. I just download my addons manually.

Thank you for explaining.


Ok, now Wasselin, you know why the topic has come up recently.

They have pushed the conversion from later next year to October 20th. That is why it’s getting attention and the light of day is being put on it.

We know you love them. But let’s be honest. Many of us have great concerns that are not new and not a bandwagon.

Thank you and take care.


I believe overwolf will have its new add-on client ready on October 20th. So we will be able to see then if it’s a malware spreading personal information harvesting horrible horrible program that reaches through the screen and spills your water all over your keyboard so that you have to buy a new keyboard from Overwolf.

Or more likely we’ll download the Overwolf client and update our addons and maybe see an ad.

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You’re really working hard for that Christmas bonus this year aren’t you?


https:// medal. tv/clips/3317393/4V3V5Hjdh4kt

cant post links so just fix it to see, your witness

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I also tried to make a few searches out if curiosity and have yet to find anything that is actually malicious and not a false positive.

I feel this might be the usual "I heard that this installs malware"by some clueless friend of theirs and spread it around because they unironically trust people more than actual sources. And Gamers TM do love to blame and think they are not tricked so if overworld even had implications of tricking people into installing malware then more than likely they ll jump on the anti ow bandwagon to feel smart.

If people have any links to actual stories of PROVEN malware instead of AV alerts which anyone that has “downloaded” stuff knows there are a ton false positive, most likely to scare people of that activity.


See that is an overlay for hearthstone that someone got through Overwolf that has an in-game ad in it. That’s not what the overwolf add-on downloader is supposed to be like according to overwolf.

point is that do you honestly believe stuff like this wont happen with the addon client or, god help us, in the overlay when playing wow?

I really think that is what’s happening here. people used to say the same thing about the old curse client and I used it for years and never got any malware. People said the same thing about wowhead that it had malware ads on it and I never got malware from Wowhead.

I have no reason to believe that overwolf isn’t telling the truth when they say there will be no in game ads. If there are I won’t use it either.

However I like the idea of supporting addon authors because I want them to keep developing the add ons I use to play.


again, you are just looking to buy a bridge arent you

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Says every employee of the company they work for until they become a disgruntled employee that is.


I don’t work for Overwolf. Maybe I just think Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand is dreamy.

Or maybe I just don’t want to jump on the hate train for Overwolf when there is no proof they’ve done anything wrong.

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