What the 9.1.5 news means for warlocks + feedback (new Kala video)

Tbf not giving a brief overview of the video’s contents is just laziness on your part.

I dedicate a lot of my time to this community and nothing I can summarize is to superior to Kalamazi’s takes on warlock design and balance actually.

But if you got time to whine and moan you got time to help the warlock community!

Feel free to like kala’s video or bump this thread :smiley:


Man, I desperately need Kalamazi’s pvp counterpart, but I haven’t found anybody except maybe Chanimal.
Know anybody like Kala for pvp?

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I have been looking for someone since beta when I made the enormous compilation thread for us :frowning:

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Was that the thread that was thoroughly ignored?

No that was the thread that contained the majority of every single change we eventually got over the course of development. :kissing_heart:

Remember to bump the demon stables thread!

Be better, not bitter :slight_smile:

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Would you be able to link some of these forum threads plz?

warlock stables thread was posted above!

ye olde beta thread was this one, and I’ve been told folks used it to have Kalamazi’s and Thd’s feedback readily available and jointly summarized:

Everything we got was shifted to the third post uwu

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