What’s one race/class combo you would add to the game?

(Zenrao) #83

I don’t even know that this is unpopular. It’s just one of those things that people ask for a lot, and Blizzard’s response is “No. We don’t need a reason. Just no.”

(Ellivara) #84

I think the reason I’ve seen quoted most is that Paladin’s don’t just use the Light, but are a conduit for it. It’s constantly part of who they are. If this is the case, while one of the living might not notice the difference…

One of the Forsaken -definitely- would, to the degree that it’d be impossible for a majority of them to manage. Considering Zielek’s will wasn’t entirely his own, that may have contributed to his ability to continue on despite immense pain he would’ve been undergoing -constantly-, were this the case.

And no, don’t ask for proof I don’t have any. That’s just what I’ve heard quoted most when people explain why they think Forsaken Paladin’s are implausible.

(Zandrae) #85

But that’s also what makes the concept relentlessly cool.

To suffer nobly through the constant pain by sheer force of will. That’s metal.

(Ellivara) #86

Considering that Forsaken who endure contact with the Light for extended periods of time supposedly begin to feel sensations again, (the taste of their mouth rotting, the sensation of maggots under their skin) it’d indeed be very metal.

I cannot imagine the suffering one of the Undead would be under, nor the absurd amount of willpower it’d take to remain sane and functional. It might just be enough to dethrone Demon Hunters off their edge ledge.


I personally think it doesn’t make sense that Pandaren can’t be Druids since the other animal/half-animal races can be Druids. I know they weren’t raised around it but for them it’s possible because if they can go around the world and teach other races how to be Monks, then they can learn from other races how to be Druids. I also don’t agree with Gnome Priests because they don’t believe in a higher power. And lastly, I think that if Undead can be Priests then they should be able to be Paladins cause if they can be Priests then that means the Light isn’t racist, so why the hell not?

What would I like to see? Either Human Shamans or Undead Demonhunters. I’d play a Human Shaman the day it was released and I’d never change to another class/race again.


Blood elf Druid. I think the Belf aethstetic would look great with a druid. I will never be happy until I can use a lynx feral form!

(Zenrao) #89

Dragonhawk flight form, bby.


it seem’s to me that no one on this forum likes undead :disappointed_relieved: but i think an undead druid would be awesome, it could be undead beasts as the druid forms, also i want this because i love druid but dont like troll druids or tauren.
also it would be awesome for an undead elf allied race, like Sylvanus (it’s already a thing just let be play an undead Blood Elf!)

(Sarestha) #91

So this is why I don’t have any friends :open_mouth:

(Distàréé) #92

Night elf paladins. I’m sure anyone who remembers the Paladin class hall quests in Legion remembers that a night elf became a paladin.

Forsaken paladins. I believe there is one who currently (or has) worked for the Argent Dawn. Although, I think it would be hard to implement under Sylvannas’ Reign.

Azeroth needs more light bulbs.

(Elliistra) #93

From my best knowledge, they are priests.

I would be against undead paladins for the sake of their nature. The undead maintain a spiritual/ephermal tether to the land of shadows, and although occasional light use would conflict and cause pain, being a constant conduit for light would eventaully tear apart an undead, I would imagine.

(Netala) #94

Tauren mages. As someone mentioned, the Earthmother has leylines all through her. This might be leaning headcanon, but the last wound in the world soul was arcane-based, so if azerite is the same, arcane may become a bit less side-eyed in tauren culture if a tauren studies the blood of the Earthmother. All this on top of how many years tauren have been in contact and directly working with arcane-using people.

(Windcharger) #95

Mag’har Warlocks.

All the Fel with none of the Corrupted Calories.


Let the legion allied races be Death Knights! I love Death Knights, and they were raising the dead in legion so…

I’d really like if they just did away with all class-race restrictions, but that’s not gonna happen.

(Karmas) #97

Grummles, and they bring the new hero classes Luckydomancer and Yak Hunter.


Goblin monks. Green hands of fury, when?!

(Distàréé) #99

I would imagine you’re probably right. But hey, look at the last boss we have to kill in the Darkshore Warfront. That makes perfect sense speaking in terms of Blizz logic.
So I would imagine Forsaken paladins could be a thing in this game, if one were to ask me what race / class combo I would like to add.

(Ocmulgee) #100

Woooooo! Brown fire quest!


It could absolutely work. The notion that tauren are repulsed or sickened by arcane magic 1) seems to be purely RPG book info that’s been non-canon for a while now, 2) virtually unheard of in much of the game’s narrative even IF it’s true. If tauren were truly sickened by it, they would have a difficult time fighting alongside mages, making use of portals, etc.

I very much want tauren mages. I would make my mage one in a new york minute if it ever became available. But honestly I’d like to see all class/race restrictions done away with. I feel that games like GW2 prove you can apply all classes to all races without violating some sense of racial identity.

(Leileran) #102

Everyone sitting here going ‘Belf druids’ and yet they sleeping on Suramar smh

Consider Nightborne Druids with Mana-Sabers, giant arcane bears, magical glowing stags and the like. By extension, Void Elf Druids would have the BEST kind of aesthetic, mixing spooky all consuming void and the natural world.