What’s one race/class combo you would add to the game?

(Taran) #63

As two others mentioned I as well would love Pandaren Paladins, shoot I even RP this character as a type of Pandaren Paladin. If it became a reality I would never say anything bad about Blizzard again lol. But it would be neat if from their interactions with the Alliance, some of the Tushui Pandaren Warriors or Priests? Became Paladins. You could then say some of the Huojin Pandaren Mages became Warlocks from their interactions with the Horde. You could go with Shamans but that is already part of their culture to begin with and I would be heartbroke to lose my Alliance Pandaren Shaman.

(Balthezar) #64

Take away paladin from everyone not a human dwarf goat or elf.

(Versca) #65

Dwarf druids!

Their animal form is just their beards growing wildly out of control and then taking on an animal form. Flight form is just their beard growing into two large wings to carry them off into the sunset.

(Opherial) #66


/slams pans together while chanting

(Balthezar) #67

Tradition is guarding the flame. It is our duty.

(Lyzettie) #68

What do you have against holy cows?

They have the best paladin lore


I think undead druids would be awesome. Their druid forms would look so scary.

(Jodaar) #70

Worgen Paladins.


Worgen paladins and monks (+ Goblin monks) are a couple I’m genuinely surprised haven’t been added yet. Monks are one of the classes with the lowest barriers for entry, lore wise.

So many people calling out for Pandaren paladins, too. Generally if a race can be both warrior and priest already, I don’t see why not paladin as well?


I basically think every Alliance race should be Paladin.


I really loved the animations of the female night elf disguise as a paladin in the Well of Eternity dungeon.

(Ocmulgee) #74

Orc Demon Hunter. They were members of Illidans forces at Black Temple, no reason they couldn’t have trained alongside the elves. They could have fel orc skins instead of the demonic spikes and cracks the elves have.

Google “draenor orc demon hunter” and art for one pops up that’s pretty amazing.


Blood Elf Druids, hands down. They built the original Runestones, for crying outloud, before they retconned them into Mages.


I’d actually work on unlocking and making a Mag’har if they could be paladins. Then again I love the idea of the Lightbound.


I thought therazane in deepholm was the earthmother


Pandaren Warlock or Ethereal Mage.

(Bathildis) #79

Unpopular opinion, but Forsaken paladin. The combo even fits imo! Zielek shouldn’t be the only undead pally anymore. Undead that are in touch with the light experience horrible pain and basically experience their own rot, right? Tell me that willingly doing that isn’t totally on par with your traditional self-sacrifice for the greater good paladin archtype?


This opinion is extremely popular with me. For the exact reason you put up. If some Forsaken can suffer through the agony of using light to heal or destroy, why can’t they do it in plate armor?

Although there is something kinda cool about having a single NPC as a unique class representation.

(Elliistra) #81

Night Elf Paladin. But with silver light effects.

In lieu of that, just give Night Elf priests silver light effects. And Starshards.

(Zandrae) #82

Knights of Elune. Make it happen.