What’s one race/class combo you would add to the game?


I’ve seen some people call for an end to class-race restrictions, and it made me wonder what specifically you guys wish you could play, and why. Is it lore? General aesthetic? Goofiness?

I want Forsaken druids, mostly to see those sweet sweet rotting animal forms. (But honestly just because I love playing resto and I wish I could do it on my favorite race.) I’m excited about the Kul Tiran wicker forms; I think that’s the closest we’ll ever get to something like an undead druid.

Alternatively, are there any existing race-class combos you simply can’t wrap your head around?

(Dangerjosh) #2

Panda paladin. It’s really all I’ve wanted since I found out Pandas were no longer an April Fool’s joke

(Sarestha) #3

Ever since Cata I’ve wondered why Human Shamans aren’t a thing. They existed, or at least appeared to, in the Twilight’s Hammer.

That said, Kul Tirans will be shaman. So wish granted!

(Nethielle) #4

Draenei Rogue. For the thousandth time. They’re Rangari. We saw them in WoD. Blizzard why are you keeping your doors closed to us?

(Varor) #5

Orc paladin.

(Lupar) #6

Zandalari troll demon hunters

(Enyetof) #7

I have this concept for an Ogre Tinker. He has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, but somehow it just works.

(Hafren) #8

I want gnome druids because they’d be adorably bad-[word-that-rhymes-with-bass].

And maybe also pandaren DKs. Mainly so Gravewalker Gie won’t feel so alone. :panda_face::skull:

(Shadesinger) #9

Pandaren warlocks. I’d be happy.

(Thulnir) #10


Who wouldn’t want to play a bear with tribal tattoos and an awesome beard?

(Ursuola) #11


Pandaren warlocks would be nice.

(Enekie) #12

I unironically agree.

I would love to see Orcs navigating their way through something like the Light while trying to balance it with their warlike culture.

(Laurensa) #13

My old answer would have been Night Elf Paladin, but the upcoming Night Warrior developments cast all of the wrathful crusader elements in the wrong color scheme. It’d still be neat, but doesn’t seem as obvious a fit.

I would genuinely enjoy an Orc Paladin, though, either allied or regular.

(Karanga) #14

Oh gosh, I could say way more than just one. Uhhh… I guess first of all, tauren mage. I know the arcane and such can make tauren sick, but, well, troll druids approach druidism differently than the traditional Cenarion Circle folks, so why can’t tauren approach being a mage differently? The frost and fire specs are related to shamanism, and then arcane is actually connected to Mu’sha. We could make this work, c’mon!

Also, tauren rogue. There’s already tauren rogues. Lots of Grimtotem are tauren rogues. Not that I really like rogues – it’s amongst my least favorite classes to play. But still.

And thirdly, dwarf druids. Doesn’t seem too unreasonable, I think. Wildhammer could totally pass for druids, right? Not that I know a ton about dwarves.

Oh, also pandaren druids. If I could just play as a giant angry panda tank my life would be complete.

(Versca) #15

I would love to play a rogue Draenei :open_mouth:

I would also love to play a Lightforged Draenei monk so I can play my dumb concept of a converted Eredar that had no idea Sargeras and the Legion were bad guys until the Lightforge found him and was like, dude are you dense or what???


Night Elf Warlock. Not sure why they weren’t added with the Mages–if NE mages are Shendralar, well… the Shen’dralar spent thousands of years siphoning fel energy from a demon. They are more warlocks than mages anyway.

Or Draenei Demon Hunter. Bit out there, but Illidan had some Draenei followers and it could happen.

(Halflan) #17

Meme Answer: Undead Shaman. Only because their totems could be headstones.

Real Answer: Tauren Mages. It is absolutely insane to me that Tauren cannot be Mages. They worship the Earthmother after all, and it’s pretty damn likely that the Earthmother is actually the World Soul at this point, so why wouldn’t they be able to use the power of the deity they worship? Even if the Earthmother isn’t literally the World Soul, the Ley Lines are an important part of Azeroth, and the Tauren should/would absolutely have cause to be interested in them.

(Thulnir) #18

That’s actually non-canon RPG lore. I’m pretty sure it’s never been mentioned in a canon source, so there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t have mages.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, tauren were the iconic runemasters in the RPG. That class was about tattooing yourself with arcane sigils, so the ridiculous “tauren are allergic to the arcane” thing isn’t even consistent in the RPG.

(Azhaar) #19

Draenei warlock. With the new narrative themes Blizzard is establishing around the Light and especially after the Mag’har scenario it only makes sense for the draenei to enslave their mortal enemies instead of just destroying them outright.

(Ursuola) #20

“Woah, those nasty filthy disgusting Alliance pig-animal draenei are using fel magic! Better genocide them again!”

“…but Commander Thog, we have warlocks. You had dinner with Netherlord Guz just last week.”

“Yes, but what you fail to understand, Peon Kuk, is that we’re a misunderstood race who struggles with our inner rage and warrior culture, and we’re just doing what it takes to survive, and Taurajo, and…”