What’s one race/class combo you would add to the game?

(Zenrao) #41

Druid and paladin should both be a thing for pandaren.

(Eledriss) #42

Druid I think I can see, but paladin wouldn’t have occurred to me, so this is interesting. What interpretation of the class do you think would fit?

(Zenrao) #43

I’ve taken small pieces of lore from across MoP and kind of formed my own interpretation of pandaren Light-worship. Which is more about healing than it is offensive use.

I also take Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel dog as a little nod toward the fact that pandaren, even if they’re not entirely aware, are at direct odds with the Void (most pandaren, calm down, Ji). The Golden Lotus is, in belief and values, a paladin-esque order, but one we don’t explicitly see use the Light.

I think an order of pandaren “paladins”, fighting against the sha remnants and all creatures like them, would fit pretty well into lore. Certainly better than some combos already existing, anyway… worgen death knights, looking at you.

(Eledriss) #44

I think I see what you mean! This could be an interesting race/class combo, then, and I do rather like to see paladins that vary from the human-esque standard.

(Zenrao) #45

Yeah! I mean transitioning the Golden Lotus into the pandaren paladin “branch” or whatever you wanna call all these guys now, would work perfectly imo.

(Rykadiel) #46

I’ve always thought it was a weird choice on Blizz’s part that Pandaren got mage instead of druid. A faction neutral nature/peace loving race seems like such an obvious choice; it could have been very lore plausible and neither faction would have been denied an additional race to roll druids. Arcane magic seems too chaotic and corrupting, though it feels like Blizz has kinda retconned or softened on that over the years.

(Zenrao) #47

Arcane magic started as chaotic, destructive, addictive, and dangerous as all hell. But then it seems like around Cataclysm, they just… changed their minds.

(Mahoodle) #48

Draenei Demon Hunter.

I want to be those Doommaidens so badly.

(Xephirus) #51

I haven’t really played one recently so maybe this has been fixed, but my only gripe with Paladins was they use the same spell graphics for every race. Never sat right.

Mostly because the graphics make reference to holy stuff and the Silver Hand, which doesn’t make sense for anything but a human or dwarf.

Like if there were some unique spell graphics for blood knights or sunwalkers, I would be more drawn toward playing one.


I support draenei warlocks. They would look baller as all get out.

Then I can RP as an eredar and start fights in the Blue Recluse with demon hunters.


(Sef) #53

Sorry in advance, I can’t do just 1.

  • Belf Druid
  • Belf Shaman

That would just be fun.

  • Draenei Rogue

Probably what I want the most just for my Rogue collection.


Worgen monks! Give me dat sweet inner struggle - the wolf’s ferociousness and the monkish teachings of ‘calm dowwwwn and chill’. I’m being cheeky, but still, I think if there was ever a race that could use the Monkish philosophy…

Gobbo monks just because worgen got 'em, it’d feel unfair to give one cata race the monk options nd ignore the other.

Tauren should be mages, because of the whole leylines in the Earth Mother thing…

I’d also like to see Paladin lore expand beyond what it is in-game. To me I always saw Paladins as just ‘holy warriors’. (Yes, they have the light flavor because humans, but you can have Night Elves be priest and aren’t forced to claim they’re using the Light instead of Elune).

So I think a lot of other races would have ‘holy warriors’. Night Elves, Zen made a good argument for Pandaren…Forsaken, because they do exist, even if it’s rare. I’d also like to see Sunwalkers talked about more, and basically Light worship beyond the human interpretation.

Shamans are interesting. I think KT Shamans are the first ‘real different’ interpretation of Shaman out there, barring perhaps Troll Witch Doctors, but I’d like to see more ‘different interpretations due to culture’ going forward. Makes for more fun RP.

(Thokk) #55

Orc paladin.
Just to the ire of everyone and so I don’t have to play other races.

(Zandrae) #56

I support Orcadins.


Give me worgen monks, let me go with invisible fist weapons, and let me claw my enemies like the well-intentioned high fives dogs always try to give me

(Gentarn) #58

Just the one? Bleh.

I would have to say Orc Druids. Embracing their own inherent savagery and the wild potential of the Loa, Orcs adopting their own Loa based on Lo’gosh, Agamaggan and other Wild Gods who align with the more noble principles of the Orcish mindset, Orc Druids, working with Shamans, could be an interesting force to pull back against the conquest-at-all-costs that seems to dominate the Orc Warrior/Rogue/Hunter NPCs.

Going off topic? I want to see Orc, Human, Blood Elf and Draenei Druids. Orc and Human just make a lot of sense given the ties to the Tauren and the Gilneans, while Blood Elves have had enough time with the Darkspear and Tauren to adopt their own unique take on the Wild Arts to restore Quel’thalas and fortify themselves against further Night Elf aggression, while Draenei could easily have been exposed to Druidism while attempting to restore the ecological balance to their islands and, given how the Light seems to be hellbent on sticking its metaphorical fingers into as many pies as it can, Draenei Druids seeking to mingle the Light with the Emerald Dream to further the Prophet’s vision could be an interesting wrinkle for the Cenarion Circle to deal with.

I want to see Night Elf and Forsaken Paladins. Night Elves adopting the role not to avenge Teldrassil, but to police their own who have taken on the Night Warrior spirit and need … help … controlling their new bloodlust, while Forsaken in the inevitable Sylvanas-has-betrayed-us-all rising to the challenge under Calia Menethil as both her honor-guard and the evangelists of the new world order amongst the Forsaken.

I want to see Void Elves and Nightborne able to pick up the Demon Hunter class at a later date, just close your eyes to the time-skip issues and embrace the roleplay of donning the mantle sometime during the Legion invasion and now having to deal with a Demon-less Azeroth after sacrificing everything.

(Bruticus) #59

Well Mag’har do get Priests, so you kind of have that avenue if you want it. Their NPCs certainly make no qualms about striking down Draenei, so warlike is definitely part of the equation.

As for what I would add, I dunno. Death Knight for all Allied Races would be killer.

(Conjurus) #60

Adorably bad-ace?

You should be ashamed.

Uhh, as for me, I’d be okay with just completely doing away with race/class restrictions. I think the lore is pretty clear as to what’s common, and if like 300 people want to do the same “unique” combination and population looks weird, I say whatever.

Failing that, I’d like to see DKs for the pandaren and allied races, monks for the Cata races, belf druids, draenei warlocks, orc and nelf and gnome paladins, tauren rogues, and perhaps undead druids.

I think if they’re saving dwarf druids for any particular reason, it should be that there’s going to be a Wildhammer AR, which I only hope for so they have an excuse to give female Wildhammers beard options.

And I want gnomes and goblins to get a Tinker class. And I want them to get it all to themselves, at least for an expansion or two.

Edit: Yeah, I don’t have a one unless you count the tinker as one.

(Käyn) #61

I would love to see blood elf druids personally. I feel like they would have some pretty neat animal forms and honestly? A lot of druid gear looks pretty smashing on the belf models.

(Hafren) #62


I’m kinda upset with myself for defaulting to that version of the word though. I don’t even like fish. :fish:

And I agree with you on race-class restrictions-- especially in a post-Class Hall world. Most classes were training new recruits so most combos would be plausible these days.